Image by 9883074 from Pixabay

I grew up near Sleepy Hollow in NY where Halloween is rather creepy, and winter is gross. Here in the desert the temps are still over 90ºF daily! It doesn’t feel like fall at all. The season changes are a funny thing.

I am feeling autumn urges to get fat and prepare for hibernation. I am trying to remind myself I am not a bear. It took a lot of willpower to not go buy brownies last night!

It occurred to me that celebrating the passage of time is not good. We look forward to special occasions but in doing so, the ordinary day is overlooked. Weekends, holidays, birthdays, day trips, vacations. New moons, new years, new months.

Could you imagine never celebrating a single holiday or birthday, weekend, vacation, numerology change… it would be so liberating. There’s nothing to wait for, there is only now. There will be no acceptable time of year to act gluttonous, selfish, vain, wasteful, destructive to the environment. We wouldn’t have the luxury of ignoring basic needs like sleep, nutrition, water, exercise, because there would be no weekend to catch up on all that. No vacation to go crazy on, no holiday to stuff our faces. No moon cycles to wait for to start a good habit or quit a bad one.

Only now.


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