Rahu in Virgo, Ketu in Pisces

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Rahu tends to do well in earth signs because it can achieve material success in this element. In the logical sign of Virgo, it can do this in a methodical, intelligent and practical way. However, Rahu enjoys taking shortcuts at every turn, and Virgo is not a shortcut kind of sign. It is a sign of perfectionism. So this can be quite a frustrating placement, and the individual will fall back on Ketu in Pisces (intuition, creativity, spirituality).

Virgo crosses T’s and dots i’s. And then it checks 29842 times to make sure it did so, properly, if anything could be revised in the crossing of that T, perhaps it should dot that i again, it was a little crooked, it could be improved. Rahu is not happy with this zoomed-in approach to literally EVERYTHING, being a natural consumer, not a problem solver. This position is kind of like a tech guy stuck in a sales position. A potential customer comes in and he winds up talking to her for an hour about how to improve her internet connection and sells nothing. Then he’s frustrated with himself for not doing his actual job, his boss isn’t happy, and the customer goes to a different store!

Rahu wants to get that bread, always. In Virgo he is exceptionally smart, and has the potential to be criminally intelligent because Virgo understands systems and has no ethics about how to use them. This can be an unscrupulous combo! But Rahu can get impatient with all the Virgo OCD tendencies and painstaking perfectionism, and can become argumentative and hyper critical of others here, then give up and fall back on Ketu in Pisces. It can also be genius when it comes to health/medical things (Virgo’s realm).

Ketu in Pisces is the person who was at the end of a spiritual cycle, last incarnation. The meditating guru on the mountaintop, the creative artist, the intuitive psychic. It’s a bit of a redundancy: letting go of… the sign that represents letting go? Yes, because now this person must learn how to go from the macro to the micro. In this life Ketu is pushing the meditating guru off the mountaintop, and Rahu is calling him into the marketplace to become immersed in common folk life. No more sitting and thinking about the divine! No more creating art! No more relying on your intuition! Time to use that brain! Solve human problems like budgets and diet! Organize!

But the guru gets frustrated trying to count money and use his brain to figure out all this human bullshit and wanders back up the mountain, wanting to just blend into the universe and stop thinking. Then he gets lost in the bushes and can’t remember the way, and then realizes how to solve that human problem he was working on back in the marketplace, so he goes back down to finish it. This is the little game that this Rahu/Ketu person plays.

Ketu in Pisces must accept that intuition and spirituality will no longer do, and that success will come only with logic, pragmatism and intelligence. To serve mankind in this life, immersion in human life must occur. But remembering the connection with all that is helps to keep this person honest and heart-centered, when Virgo threatens to take over and criticize everything to death.


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