I could really use some Venus tonight,
walking down Bell Rock Blvd these cars
tryna run me over. But all I see is Mars
staring at me, glaring low on the horizon.
Where are you, Orion? Pleiades?
What time of year is it anyways…
it’s not oven season, it’s not the rains so
I guess we’re in some in-between phase.
It all looks the same.
The cactuses bloom and rot, the
rocks stand still. I pad through
the night in the blackness staring up
at the milky way, startled hissing
in the bushes. I shrug and carry on.
Mars glares through the tall cypress (my friends)
…or whatever they’re called. I make up names.
I’ve no one to ask. I see the
humans are trying to kill Leroy, my 8-legged friend.
I don’t like it at all, watching the true ones go.
Mars simmers in the distance. I understand
you quite well. People want pretty and peace,
they want sweet and nice.
They don’t want what’s real.


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