Soul Perspective

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Shifting from human to soul perspective is pretty much the answer, regardless of the question. By “human perspective” I mean ego, mind, thinking.

Soul perspective is just being, existing, experiencing the present moment. It’s awareness.

Spiritual bypass is when we try to take a shortcut down a side street to presence and wind up circling round a cul de sac called mind.

The body allows us to let go of all resistance by releasing emotion.

To get present we first have to let go of the mental gymnastics and the second we do that, the body starts to process the emotions behind all those gymnastics.

An emotion that comes up in the body during any detox process is just a necessary release of something we were holding on to.

There is something different called an emotional pattern, which is when the body gets addicted to a chemical feeling and basically demands the mind to deliver it over and over again … our ascension “work” is to see these patterns, and then let them go.

Soul = nothing. Soul is lack of everything else. So the less we have to distract us from who we actually are – not the mind, not our possessions, not our body – the more in alignment we become. We have no control or power in the mind or body.

WE are souls, little drops of source flowing in the ocean of source, and as souls we exist beyond the time space continuum which means we are everywhere and nowhere, we are nothing and everything.

All resources of the material plane are available to us here and now. We are endlessly powerful and the only thing that blocks this power and flow is our human minds created to keep us existing as ONE HUMAN and we are so much more than that.

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