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I sleep on a mat on the floor so my “bed” disappears during the day, and I love that. What a perfect symbol of how easy manifestation and demanifestation can be.

I own very little, as you know, and I often feel up in the air. I can travel very easily, uproot in about 30 minutes. I learned to release emotion pretty easily out of necessity. Sleeping on the ground and regularly going out in nature has been a life saver, to remind me I am here on earth and I am having a human experience.

I have been aware of law of attraction since around 2003, a long time, and much of it was spent practicing manifestation. Now I have discovered the joy of demanifestation, letting go. It is so satisfying, literally enlightening! The joy of having the ability to manifest and then not desiring to do so is another interesting side effect. To realize I am already the essence of whatever I desire. Then often manifesting it anyway, in surprisingly delightful ways. And letting it go when the time is right. What a fun and wild ride this is!

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