Rahu in Scorpio, Ketu in Taurus

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Rahu in Scorpio can be a difficult placement, because Rahu desires material gain, and Scorpio is the opposite of material gain…it’s more about destruction! Also, both Rahu and Scorpio have a tenacious nature, so there’s double of that. The key is to know how to capitalize on this placement, and what its strengths truly are.

Ketu in Taurus doesn’t make the situation any easier, because Ketu is what we want to let go of and Taurus is the material stuff! So this placement actually manifests luxury and wealth rather effortlessly (we EASILY attract what we couldn’t care less about!) but it’s unsatisfying. In fact, these individuals have a desire to live a sort of minimalist/humble existence, reason being that in a past incarnation you HAD all the luxury and prosperity and it didn’t provide spiritual enlightenment. So now you are seeking ascension by letting go of the material on your quest for enlightenment.

Of course, this pisses Rahu off. Rahu is that which we chase in the material world. So what does Rahu chase in Scorpio? Secrets. LOL ohhh Scorpio…

Scorpio is the sign of transformation. This is energetic stuff, psychology, occult, anything on the 4D astral plane. Rahu becomes obsessed with the underpinnings of everything in Scorpio. It wants to excavate, do the CSI work with everything. It gets a little stalkery and creepy sometimes! Really honing in on one thing to the exclusion of everything else (including physical needs). The 4D is the emotional level so Scorpio’s feelings run deep. Scorpio is also the relationship with in-laws and there may be a desire to have a deep relationship with one’s in-laws here. This is the intimacy we grow with a spouse/business partner (not the partnership itself which is Libra, but what is cultivated long-term). So there will likely be an obsession with intimacy, both physical and emotional.

Remember what we obsess over is that which we do not believe we already have/are and therefore it’s like a carrot on a stick, we never obtain it. The key to balancing out this Rahu/Ketu axis is to accept that material stuff and prosperity will naturally come to this Ketu, and it is not to be taken for granted and eschewed. Wealth and luxury do not make someone LESS spiritual. That will be a challenge for this person to comprehend because it is such a deep belief. Allowing personal wealth and abundance will allow Rahu to chill out a bit when it comes to the obsession over power and control through occult knowledge, secrets, psychological profiling, human lie detecting, in an effort to manipulate others.

This position is great for actual excavation work, CSI stuff, surgery, occult workers, energy workers. Anything that requires looking under the surface. That will also feed Rahu while putting up much needed boundaries via using talents professionally to serve others (do it ethically!!) rather than in your personal life.


One thought on “Rahu in Scorpio, Ketu in Taurus

  1. I really appreciate your insight! I can relate to the creepiness of this placement and energy lol… The desire to excavate mysteries is so intense. Learning from secrets is preferred in all arenas for me. It can run from the very mundane (obsessing over celebrity gossip to learn their secrets and psychological profiling) to very advanced (personal transformative spiritual experiences). I even studied and practiced as a surgical technologist. Amazing work!

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