Consciousness Levels

Image by Maike und Björn Bröskamp from Pixabay

There are four levels of human consciousness:

  1. Less is Less: This is victimhood/unconsciousness. If you are experiencing a feeling below neutral you are here.
  2. More is More: If you are doing or thinking you are here.
  3. Less is More: If you are experiencing a feeling above neutral you are here.
  4. Less/More aren’t Real: If you are detached from thought and emotion (form) entirely, you are here.

I made up those names, but the concept is nothing new. All levels are available to us and as we level up our human frequency increases. We still dip down to lower levels but it is always a choice where we want to remain.

Most of humanity stays in level 1, although we are evolving collectively. Hallmarks of someone who is primarily in level 1 are blame and negativity/fear, as well as attachment to the past. This is disempowerment (negative ego) and limitation. We ALL go back to level 1 every time we experience contrast. The moment we do something to shift out of fear we move up to level 2.

Level 2 is moving matter with matter. It is logic and action (positive ego). Hallmarks of someone who is primarily in level 2 are rational thinking, practicality, list making, action oriented, goal oriented, critical, matter-of-fact, lack of emotional expression (positive or negative), self-reliance. The moment we shift from thought to feeling we move up to level 3.

Level 3 is alchemy of energy into matter (and vice-versa). It is emotional mastery and magnetism. Hallmarks of someone who is primarily in level 3 are feeling good, positive/future-oriented thoughts, attractiveness, imagination, abundance, ease of living, creativity, flexibility, faith/trust in a higher power, playfulness/lightness of being, and cultivating a support network. Closer to level 4, hallmarks include increased detachment, a mastery of demanifestation/minimalism, and less preference or specification of outcomes. The moment we let go of emotion and experience the present moment without judgment we move to level 4.

Level 4 is non-attachment to form. This is the highest level of awareness we can access as humans, and is accessed through the present moment. Hallmarks of someone who is primarily at level 4 are a deep inner sense of calm/peace/zen, non-judgement, lack of preferences, non-resistance, lack of focus on past/future (thought).

Remember, we can move up and down the levels in a few seconds. Time isn’t the issue. It’s practice of a frequency. Someone who is practiced at level 1 frequency just won’t be able to hold the frequency of level 4 for more than a few moments. We can maintain a certain level, or transition between two levels, for decades.

Most humans aim for level 3 without knowing it, because everything they desire is here (it’s the level of attraction so it attracts us!). As humans we naturally want the best of the physical world, not to detach from it (which is what level 4 looks like from lower levels). The irony is that level 4 is instant manifestation.

Really, there isn’t a lot of “incentive” for someone to rise into level 4 unless the lower levels become intolerable, like if they lost a close loved one, have a serious illness, a complete psychological breakdown, etc. They risk serious harm and death at level 1 (addiction, suicide, severe pain). They do not have the stamina to exert in level 2 for long. They have lost the desire needed to remain at level 3. Level 4 is the only one they can maintain without suffering.

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