Image by John Hain from Pixabay

The “human” frequency we hold determines our outer experience, and we have complete control over it. We are eternal souls, drops of pure source perpetually holding a unique frequency. But our “human” selves waiver. That means our physical (3D) and astral (4D) bodies. These are temporary and therefore not truly us.

For clarification, our astral bodies are our energetic field, which we experience through thought and feeling, and it can move through time and space. Our physical bodies are the portion of the astral body that is “solidified” to participate in physical reality and operates within the confines of time and space.

Contrary to this, the soul exists in 5D and therefore can collapse time and space. The more we can detach from the human self and align with the soul, the more power we have over our experience. This does take practice, because we are not trained (especially in Western culture) to hold the frequency of pure consciousness/awareness. We are almost entirely aligned with ego (mind, 4D).

So how to align? Meditation and mindfulness trains us in alignment with 5D. The more time we dedicate to being present, the more power we have to collapse time. This is a good investment! Also practicing keeping the astral energy centered inside the physical body is a very effective practice, which is something I teach my students how to do. Finally, taking care of the physical body via hydration, nutrition, and exercise.

These things do not sound like they will help our financial situations or relationships or whatever the problem du jour is, but that is the irony. They bring us to a frequency as close to soul as possible. This solves every problem our human selves can have!

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