Rahu in Sagittarius, Ketu in Gemini

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay


Rahu in Sag wants to be a guru, teaching and preaching and sharing higher knowledge and philosophy with the masses. But not for free. Rahu desires material gains and Sag is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Sag wants bigger, better, faster, more of anything and everything. So, although there is a massive drive to raise the consciousness of the masses, this is an egotistical drive to be seen and heard.

The best expression of this Rahu placement is taking the old and making it new, fresh, exciting, and accessible to the general public, and affordable which will then lead to material gains. The other great thing about Sag being a fire sign is optimism and hope. Rahu here can ignite alignment in the masses, but only when the individual stays aligned. In order to stay aligned we must look at Ketu.

Ketu is what we easily manifest but don’t want (and that’s why it comes so easily!), and Gemini is the sign of communication. This sign is the juggler, able to multitask communication like no other. On 10 different social media apps at once, and doing it effortlessly.

Because Ketu = detachment, when this placement has natural ideas it doesn’t feel the need to share them. There is a sense of jadedness about the natural Gemini talents for this individual, and they don’t follow through with communicating ideas and information. Remember that Gemini is general/useful information, opposed to the esoteric ideologies of Sagittarius (“What does it all mean? What are we here for?”). So this Ketu placement will have the ability and information needed to help people in the little things in their daily life and immediate environment, but not want to!

The key to balancing this axis is to accept Ketu in Gemini and share the knowledge and information that comes naturally. Also, this individual will likely be very good with their hands so natural talents can include playing musical instruments, writing, crafts and hobbies performed with the hands, sign language, etc. All of these talents can help people on an individual level with their daily lives, even though Rahu in Sag is calling you to help uplift the masses through larger philosophical concepts.

Learn to communicate and share on the small, immediate, basic level. Get out of your ego and be of service. This will make people trust and accept you and see you as an enlightening individual, because you are literally lightening their daily burdens. This will lead to the larger platform and reach you crave, because it will no longer be sought for egotistical reasons.


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