Taking Care of your Basic Human Needs

Image by Shahariar Lenin from Pixabay

As some of you already know I’ve been following certain channelers for years (like Abraham Hicks) and learned about the basic human needs, and it has really helped simplify my life and give focus to what I actively appreciate every day.

They are, in the order of which lack of them will kill you quickest: air, water, sleep, food, shelter, connection, expression.

We die in minutes without air, and a few days without water. We will (apparently) go insane and die in like 11 days without sleep, and about 14 days without food. We need rudimentary shelter from the elements. We need connection with something outside of ourselves (to reflect back to ourselves), it doesn’t have to be humans, it can be animals or trees or even a rock. We need some way of expressing our true selves, aka soul frequency. It doesn’t have to be a specific avenue, just something we love, because love is the expression of our soul frequency. (In fact, if we focus on this last need, synchronicity will take care of the first 6 needs.)

I learned all these specifically from Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka. The reason I love this so much is because again, it simplifies everything. The first 5 needs take care of our 3D human, and facilitate alignment. When I neglect those physical needs I get moody and mental (4D goes haywire!) and drama ensues, all because I chose to eat poorly or didn’t get enough sleep. Personally, I also need a lot of physical activity and I’m not sure where it fits into the basic needs but everyone is different on that. I do get cranky without it!

People on the particular journey that I coach are mentally/emotionally addicted to one specific person, and so that person essentially becomes the focus of everything. In fact, my coaching is mostly just making people aware of their moods and thought patterns (especially triggers) and how they have nothing to do with anyone else! Lack of proper nutrition leads to mood swings and triggers, lack of sleep leads to mental obsession which attracts “signs” of that person (which don’t really mean anything other than they can’t stop thinking about them!)… in fact, all humans project their own crap onto other people/situations/things, my clients just attribute everything to a specific person.

The reality is, it’s all within us. We are creating every single emotion and thought. We have full control over all of it. We have just created this illusion of not having power! And we feed that illusion through dehydration, eating poorly, lack of sleep, etc. So an easy fix to a lot of problems is to stop creating that drama and take care of ourselves!

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