Rahu in Sagittarius, Ketu in Gemini

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay


Rahu in Sag wants to be a guru, teaching and preaching and sharing higher knowledge and philosophy with the masses. But not for free. Rahu desires material gains and Sag is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Sag wants bigger, better, faster, more of anything and everything. So, although there is a massive drive to raise the consciousness of the masses, this is an egotistical drive to be seen and heard.

The best expression of this Rahu placement is taking the old and making it new, fresh, exciting, and accessible to the general public, and affordable which will then lead to material gains. The other great thing about Sag being a fire sign is optimism and hope. Rahu here can ignite alignment in the masses, but only when the individual stays aligned. In order to stay aligned we must look at Ketu.

Ketu is what we easily manifest but don’t want (and that’s why it comes so easily!), and Gemini is the sign of communication. This sign is the juggler, able to multitask communication like no other. On 10 different social media apps at once, and doing it effortlessly.

Because Ketu = detachment, when this placement has natural ideas it doesn’t feel the need to share them. There is a sense of jadedness about the natural Gemini talents for this individual, and they don’t follow through with communicating ideas and information. Remember that Gemini is general/useful information, opposed to the esoteric ideologies of Sagittarius (“What does it all mean? What are we here for?”). So this Ketu placement will have the ability and information needed to help people in the little things in their daily life and immediate environment, but not want to!

The key to balancing this axis is to accept Ketu in Gemini and share the knowledge and information that comes naturally. Also, this individual will likely be very good with their hands so natural talents can include playing musical instruments, writing, crafts and hobbies performed with the hands, sign language, etc. All of these talents can help people on an individual level with their daily lives, even though Rahu in Sag is calling you to help uplift the masses through larger philosophical concepts.

Learn to communicate and share on the small, immediate, basic level. Get out of your ego and be of service. This will make people trust and accept you and see you as an enlightening individual, because you are literally lightening their daily burdens. This will lead to the larger platform and reach you crave, because it will no longer be sought for egotistical reasons.


Rahu in Scorpio, Ketu in Taurus

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Rahu in Scorpio can be a difficult placement, because Rahu desires material gain, and Scorpio is the opposite of material gain…it’s more about destruction! Also, both Rahu and Scorpio have a tenacious nature, so there’s double of that. The key is to know how to capitalize on this placement, and what its strengths truly are.

Ketu in Taurus doesn’t make the situation any easier, because Ketu is what we want to let go of and Taurus is the material stuff! So this placement actually manifests luxury and wealth rather effortlessly (we EASILY attract what we couldn’t care less about!) but it’s unsatisfying. In fact, these individuals have a desire to live a sort of minimalist/humble existence, reason being that in a past incarnation you HAD all the luxury and prosperity and it didn’t provide spiritual enlightenment. So now you are seeking ascension by letting go of the material on your quest for enlightenment.

Of course, this pisses Rahu off. Rahu is that which we chase in the material world. So what does Rahu chase in Scorpio? Secrets. LOL ohhh Scorpio…

Scorpio is the sign of transformation. This is energetic stuff, psychology, occult, anything on the 4D astral plane. Rahu becomes obsessed with the underpinnings of everything in Scorpio. It wants to excavate, do the CSI work with everything. It gets a little stalkery and creepy sometimes! Really honing in on one thing to the exclusion of everything else (including physical needs). The 4D is the emotional level so Scorpio’s feelings run deep. Scorpio is also the relationship with in-laws and there may be a desire to have a deep relationship with one’s in-laws here. This is the intimacy we grow with a spouse/business partner (not the partnership itself which is Libra, but what is cultivated long-term). So there will likely be an obsession with intimacy, both physical and emotional.

Remember what we obsess over is that which we do not believe we already have/are and therefore it’s like a carrot on a stick, we never obtain it. The key to balancing out this Rahu/Ketu axis is to accept that material stuff and prosperity will naturally come to this Ketu, and it is not to be taken for granted and eschewed. Wealth and luxury do not make someone LESS spiritual. That will be a challenge for this person to comprehend because it is such a deep belief. Allowing personal wealth and abundance will allow Rahu to chill out a bit when it comes to the obsession over power and control through occult knowledge, secrets, psychological profiling, human lie detecting, in an effort to manipulate others.

This position is great for actual excavation work, CSI stuff, surgery, occult workers, energy workers. Anything that requires looking under the surface. That will also feed Rahu while putting up much needed boundaries via using talents professionally to serve others (do it ethically!!) rather than in your personal life.

Rahu in Libra, Ketu in Aries

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


Rahu in Libra is obsessed with relationships. Also peace and diplomacy, and we’ll get into that later. The primary desire of Libra is to be in (a perfect) union with another, and because Rahu is where we chase obsessively, this is someone who chases the ideal relationship depending on the house placement (3rd house is sibling relationships, 5th house is children, 7th house is marriage/business partners, etc.). Of course, continuously chasing something means we never have it, so these individuals never have “good enough” relationships even when they find the perfect partner.

Ketu in Aries means this person was a soldier in a past incarnation, and in this lifetime he or she is letting go of competition and aggression. If you have this placement, you are quite good at being direct, dealing with conflict, and winning, but you don’t WANT to (unless there are harsh aspects from Mars). You want to chill out! You prefer love, not war, and co-creation, not competition. But because this is your area of expertise, you naturally attract situations where you must lead, or use your considerable physical prowess to overcome odds. If you must, you must, and you are like a fish in water in these situations.

Rahu is the siren call for you, however. All you want is peace, diplomacy, beauty, art, and love. Relationships become an obsession as previously discussed, but the thing is, Libra is an idealist and often superficial because it is all about aesthetics. So you may wind up chasing the perfect, ideal partner, only to become disillusioned when that person turns out to be an actual human with flaws and other gross things Libra doesn’t want to look at. Then you’re off chasing someone else. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a player, or get married 5 times, but you may simply judge the hell out of the very person you idolized once you actually get to know them as a human being. Not so nice now, are you?

The key to balancing this Rahu/Ketu axis is to accept what Ketu brings and work with it, which will end up closing the gap between reality and your Rahu ideals. Ketu is our saving grace and our true route to heaven on earth, so to speak. Rahu is the illusion we use to escape reality, essentially.

So in the case of Libra/Aries, the key is to accept the Aries Ketu situations that keep coming up – the call to action, competition, assertion, leadership – and to do so gracefully rather than unwillingly. Don’t make a fuss, just deal with them because you are wonderful at immediate and embodied action with no deliberation. You are well practiced at following your instincts. The thing that prevents you from just DOING it is that you have this idealistic need for everyone to like and accept you (that’s the illusion of Rahu in Libra) which is not only not possible, but ironically everyone will only like you once you do what must be done!

Once you stop trying to wheedle your way out of the situations you don’t want to take action in, you will naturally create situations that are peaceful, co-creative, and harmonious! This is what you always wanted in the first place, what you chase. Peace, harmony, diplomacy. You can be a tactful and honest lawyer, a wonderful diplomat, an amazing mediator… if you accept that action and leadership must be taken on when required, and you must risk some people not “liking” you. Gotta break a few eggs to make a cake.

When it comes to relationships, your intense need for idealism is destroying things because you wind up becoming extremely codependent in your need for a perfect partner (or child, sibling, whatever the house placement indicates) to reflect back to you the perfect YOU. That’s quite a burden to place on anyone. No wonder no one is cutting it. You can’t make the mirror smile while you are frowning! They are also likely getting put off by your refusal to take action, lead, and be independent because that’s the Ketu you resist so strongly. Stand up and be your own person the way you know how, and the ideal relationships will follow!


I could really use some Venus tonight,
walking down Bell Rock Blvd these cars
tryna run me over. But all I see is Mars
staring at me, glaring low on the horizon.
Where are you, Orion? Pleiades?
What time of year is it anyways…
it’s not oven season, it’s not the rains so
I guess we’re in some in-between phase.
It all looks the same.
The cactuses bloom and rot, the
rocks stand still. I pad through
the night in the blackness staring up
at the milky way, startled hissing
in the bushes. I shrug and carry on.
Mars glares through the tall cypress (my friends)
…or whatever they’re called. I make up names.
I’ve no one to ask. I see the
humans are trying to kill Leroy, my 8-legged friend.
I don’t like it at all, watching the true ones go.
Mars simmers in the distance. I understand
you quite well. People want pretty and peace,
they want sweet and nice.
They don’t want what’s real.

Minimalism Online

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

I do see the irony of this post, being that it is an online blog, but want to address minimalism online. I am a little bit (A LOT) convinced that the internet is just an imaginary cure to all of our fear, that doesn’t really cure anything. Like, we have a fear so we take the online aspirin, but then it wears off and we need another one. Minimalism in any area is just stripping down the illusions we have created to see reality for what it is.

The reality is that we stare at screens most of the day, and when we are not staring at screens we are wanting to pick up our phone and stare at a screen. Sometimes we stare at a screen while watching another screen. This is (I think) what everyone is talking about with The Social Dilemma on Netflix which I did not see but from what I gather it’s specifically about the dangers of social media addiction. But we do this with other screens, internet in general and computers at work and phones and TV, video games, even Zoom is a screen, I mean we have become the humans in Wall-e (which I saw on a mighty screen).

I recently deactivated Facebook when I realized I checked it like 20 times a day, and I do feel calmer but also WAY more anxious now that I don’t have a reason to check my phone 20 times a day, to pretend I have a social life I do not actually have because I have been alone in the desert for a year. My social life, in reality, consists of a lot of lizards.

That has been difficult to accept, but easier when I realize… hey, at least I know where I stand. I check a hole in the driveway twice a day to see if my friend Leroy is out. Leroy is a tarantula.

What I was doing before was way worse than talking to lizards and tarantulas, getting emotionally hooked into stuff on a screen. Tears, anger, FOMO, paranoia, frustration over racism and politics, fake relationships and debates I wasn’t even participating in. Holy stromboli, that is a problem. I’d rather cry because I have PMS or something, and get angry because you know, a car almost hit me walking up Bell Rock Blvd. Not over a comment someone left on my YouTube channel, or a novel-sized DM (don’t actually read those, not into ego bukkake).

I still find myself wanting to check something that isn’t there. It’s like a ghost limb. Sometimes I try replacing it with IG or YouTube or Snapchat, but then I’m like….No. Go out and talk to the lizards. Maybe some day I’ll be back in the human race for real, but today, I am not and I’m not going to cover that up with an internet aspirin.

Rahu in Virgo, Ketu in Pisces

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Rahu tends to do well in earth signs because it can achieve material success in this element. In the logical sign of Virgo, it can do this in a methodical, intelligent and practical way. However, Rahu enjoys taking shortcuts at every turn, and Virgo is not a shortcut kind of sign. It is a sign of perfectionism. So this can be quite a frustrating placement, and the individual will fall back on Ketu in Pisces (intuition, creativity, spirituality).

Virgo crosses T’s and dots i’s. And then it checks 29842 times to make sure it did so, properly, if anything could be revised in the crossing of that T, perhaps it should dot that i again, it was a little crooked, it could be improved. Rahu is not happy with this zoomed-in approach to literally EVERYTHING, being a natural consumer, not a problem solver. This position is kind of like a tech guy stuck in a sales position. A potential customer comes in and he winds up talking to her for an hour about how to improve her internet connection and sells nothing. Then he’s frustrated with himself for not doing his actual job, his boss isn’t happy, and the customer goes to a different store!

Rahu wants to get that bread, always. In Virgo he is exceptionally smart, and has the potential to be criminally intelligent because Virgo understands systems and has no ethics about how to use them. This can be an unscrupulous combo! But Rahu can get impatient with all the Virgo OCD tendencies and painstaking perfectionism, and can become argumentative and hyper critical of others here, then give up and fall back on Ketu in Pisces. It can also be genius when it comes to health/medical things (Virgo’s realm).

Ketu in Pisces is the person who was at the end of a spiritual cycle, last incarnation. The meditating guru on the mountaintop, the creative artist, the intuitive psychic. It’s a bit of a redundancy: letting go of… the sign that represents letting go? Yes, because now this person must learn how to go from the macro to the micro. In this life Ketu is pushing the meditating guru off the mountaintop, and Rahu is calling him into the marketplace to become immersed in common folk life. No more sitting and thinking about the divine! No more creating art! No more relying on your intuition! Time to use that brain! Solve human problems like budgets and diet! Organize!

But the guru gets frustrated trying to count money and use his brain to figure out all this human bullshit and wanders back up the mountain, wanting to just blend into the universe and stop thinking. Then he gets lost in the bushes and can’t remember the way, and then realizes how to solve that human problem he was working on back in the marketplace, so he goes back down to finish it. This is the little game that this Rahu/Ketu person plays.

Ketu in Pisces must accept that intuition and spirituality will no longer do, and that success will come only with logic, pragmatism and intelligence. To serve mankind in this life, immersion in human life must occur. But remembering the connection with all that is helps to keep this person honest and heart-centered, when Virgo threatens to take over and criticize everything to death.

Rahu in Leo, Ketu in Aquarius

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Rahu’s placement in the natal chart is our white whale, and in Leo he chases royalty. Leo is King, ego, career, pride. Rahu here wants to shine. In modern society our royalty = celebrities, so Leo today is expressed via performance, and emotional expression. Drama. Rahu in Leo craves attention, whether that be applause or notoriety. The ruler of Leo is the sun, the center of the solar system. Literally the star. Stars shine only when there is darkness around them. Celebrities are our earthly representation of stars, and the darkness is everyone else. We MAKE celebrities special in our attention to every detail of their lives, praising every tissue they blow their nose into, just as we did with royalty for thousands of years. This is a creation we collectively construct and breathe life into, like Frankenstein’s monster… and then we become the mob that destroys it! Leo is a physical manifestation of the collective.

Ketu in Aquarius means the past life was one of being part of the mob. This is an individual that has not yet experienced any sense of being special, they have never stood out or been in the center of things. No one gave a rat’s ass about their used tissues. They have plenty of experience thinking about how to help the collective, however. Aquarius is the sign of genius, cutting edge science and technological advances, the future, as well as humanitarianism. Sorry if you are reading this and want to be a celebrity (or are one), but the future does not include traditional pyramid hierarchy of paupers at the bottom and royalty at the top. The future of humanity is invariably a flat structure where ego has been replaced with heart-centered service. Nobody will care about what goes into anyone’s tissues, so long as those tissues are biodegradable.

So this Ketu is often misunderstood when working with others. This is a person who knows exactly how to advance society, wayyyy before others do, and is considered a mad scientist. People are more inclined to laugh at this person and reject their ideas than appreciate them (until years later, of course). Ketu is our white elephant, what we get but don’t want, so this individual is pulled into thinking about the collective and working in groups and networks, but things always go awry. They are rejected for their contributions and therefore pushed towards Rahu in Leo – shining alone, as an individual. The thing about this Leo-Aquarius axis is that it has to do with emotional vs intellectual expression. Aquarius Ketu has done the intellectual thing to death, and now must embrace emotional expression and step into the limelight while doing so.

Rahu in Leo, barring other planetary conjunctions and certain house placements, is wonderful at performance but is rather shy due to the Aquarius comfort zone. Aquarius is the sign of shyness and feeling totally awkward in the limelight. Aquarius is the anti-ego. But to incarnate as a human, we must eventually have all human experiences and this time around, this individual is here to experience being in the spotlight. It’s uncomfortable, they get anxiety when they are called to it, and yet they have the gift. And if they try to fall back on that Aquarius help-humanity-together stuff and try to remain a wallflower, they will be ousted anyway.

The key to balancing this axis is to perform. That’s it. Just get accustomed to it, practice it, do it. Be in the spotlight. Accept everyone projecting their love – and hate – onto you. Do whatever it is you’re good at, whether it be acting or music or sports or expressing new ideas, whatever you shine at. Embrace emotional expression, the crowd demands it. People WILL project their own stuff onto you, good and bad. Use your Aquarius Ketu to not take it personally and realize you are helping the collective by doing what you’re great at, and being an example of not allowing the ego to be fed by other’s opinions (if you live for their praise you’ll die from their criticism). It’s counter intuitive because Leo is literally the ego, but it works for you. You must experience what it is like to be the token figure that people want to be and simultaneously despise. This is the whole reason celebrities exist, because most of humanity looks in the mirror and cannot see their own shadow. Leo is the token figure that – even if just for a fleeting performance – unites everyone in a satisfying emotional release.


Image by 9883074 from Pixabay

I grew up near Sleepy Hollow in NY where Halloween is rather creepy, and winter is gross. Here in the desert the temps are still over 90ºF daily! It doesn’t feel like fall at all. The season changes are a funny thing.

I am feeling autumn urges to get fat and prepare for hibernation. I am trying to remind myself I am not a bear. It took a lot of willpower to not go buy brownies last night!

It occurred to me that celebrating the passage of time is not good. We look forward to special occasions but in doing so, the ordinary day is overlooked. Weekends, holidays, birthdays, day trips, vacations. New moons, new years, new months.

Could you imagine never celebrating a single holiday or birthday, weekend, vacation, numerology change… it would be so liberating. There’s nothing to wait for, there is only now. There will be no acceptable time of year to act gluttonous, selfish, vain, wasteful, destructive to the environment. We wouldn’t have the luxury of ignoring basic needs like sleep, nutrition, water, exercise, because there would be no weekend to catch up on all that. No vacation to go crazy on, no holiday to stuff our faces. No moon cycles to wait for to start a good habit or quit a bad one.

Only now.

Rahu in Cancer, Ketu in Capricorn

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Rahu is the constructor, and Ketu is the destructor. As I explain in my YouTube lunar node series, Rahu is the white whale and Ketu is the white elephant. The Cancer-Capricorn axis is mother/father, child/parent, emotions/stoicism. The balance lessons these individuals are learning as with all Rahu/Ketu combinations are ones of ego: specifically, to fall back on the father role they know so well (having mastered it in a previous life incarnation), or to move into the mother (or child) role they crave. The ultimate lesson is that both are an illusion and they don’t have to choose either-or.

In Cancer, Rahu morphs into the NURTURER. Here Rahu gets confused as it tends to do in water signs, because Rahu wants material things and must create logic and order to acquire these things. But water means that logic goes out the window! Cancer is ruled by Moon which is subjective thinking (not Mercury which is logical thinking). This isn’t “how to scramble an egg” type of thought, it’s the “remember that fight I had with my sister 5 years ago?” mental activity that dominates 99% of human minds all day without them even knowing. That’s the power of the moon! It is constantly recalling the past (hence why Cancer is so attached to the past) and attempting to “predict” the future based on what happened in the past. Which is all a facade anyway. And that’s Rahu as well: the illusion we chase.

Rahu here makes the moon a HUGE influence on this individual, regardless of what sign it is in. If the person’s moon is in an earth or air sign, that’s a good thing to balance emotional reactivity. If the moon is in a water or fire sign, this will amp up the subjective mental activity. Regardless of moon placement, Rahu craves nurturing. To be nurtured, to do the nurturing. Food becomes a strong avenue for this as Cancer rules stomach. Being fed, feeding others. Caretaking becomes something this person craves, and can never seem to hold onto someone to nurture or to nurture them. The nurturing from the mother was often not there for these people, either they literally didn’t have a mother or the way the mother acted towards the child was not perceived as nurturing. Perhaps the mother had to take on a father role, for example a single mom, or perhaps she was emotionally unavailable due to mental health issues or other life situations. It could be she only provided nurturing selectively…. such as with food.

Then, we have Ketu in Capricorn, the father figure, the stoic taskmaster. This points to what comes naturally for this individual… order. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is father time, but not cyclical time (that’s moon), linear time. Which is the facade of the material world. But Capricorn has this on lock… it understands that linear time is a facade that represents mastery with hard work, lessons, practice, blood/sweat/tears. It is quite happy to do without today, for what will come tomorrow. That’s also the drawback of Capricorn (self-deprivation). Capricorn is a natural ruler because of its self discipline and Ketu here is an automatic leader in the eyes of others. But remember, Ketu doesn’t want what it manifests… so these people will often be put in positions of leadership they don’t want just because they are implementing order and discipline wherever they go, and it stands out in a sea of undisciplined, self-indulgent disorganization.

Ketu here can even self-sabotage leadership positions. They get promoted and then hate it because they just want to do their own thing, and there is little love for the boss. They are good at order and discipline and responsibility, but remember…they are preoccupied with Rahu in Cancer. They want to be the mother, and sometimes the CHILD, but definitely not the father. Yet society keeps placing them in “father” positions of manager, business, disciplinarian, the “responsible” one. So they make sure they get demoted, fired, they mess up the group project at school rather than be the one to lead it yet again. They end relationships when the partner starts to take on a childlike or feminine role, putting them in the “responsible” position. Yet again.

The key to balancing out this dichotomy is for these individuals to accept the responsibilities that naturally come their way due to their strengths, but not take on more. They are not required to let everyone else act like irresponsible children while they shoulder the entire burden. Ketu in Capricorn needs to accept that they do have skills that single them out as a leader in society, but learning to say “no thank you” or “I don’t know how to do that” will save them from the urge to self-sabotage later on, when everyone has piled ALL the responsibility onto them.

The other thing that makes Cappy Ketu stand out is stoicism. These people will not crumble easily, despite Rahu in Cancer… in fact, they must give themselves permission to be open about all the emotions that are raging under the surface, rather than holding it all in until they are at home and eat their feelings, or let it all come to a head and then have a rather public meltdown that shocks everyone. They often are used to bottling up emotions because they weren’t allowed emotional expression as children. They weren’t allowed to be children and never went through the natural progression of learning to experience and let go of emotion. It is stunted for them but this is falsely perceived by the rest of the world as emotional mastery.

Allowing emotional expression and softness to flow regularly will reveal that it is now safe and OK for them to do so. They will not be punished, rejected, shunned, or isolated for feeling. In fact, it will allow Rahu to get what it wants (nurturing). They can begin to learn what was stunted in childhood, and emotions will neutralize. They will put themselves in a position to attract nurturing and situations to nurture others. They will be a loved leader, one that balances nurturing and order internally and externally.