Upcoming Transits and the U.S. Presidential Election

There are three ingresses this week, leading up to the Full Moon next Monday (Nov 14th). All these planets will be changing signs within a four-day period, starting the day after the U.S. presidential election…which is quite the energy shift!

Mars enters Aquarius on Wednesday, Nov 9th (EST). This is an innovative and go-against-the-grain energy for Mars, planet of initiation and action. But it’s more about concepts than doing, so there’s that. Aquarius is emotionally detached and objective, so it may be easier to think before you make a rash decision. I said maybe: Aquarius is known for its unpredictability and rule-breaking. Mars enters Pisces on Dec 19th.

Venus enters Capricorn on Friday, Nov 11th. This puts the focus for love and friendship on practical, achievable goals, and new connections that double as resources. Sounds a little cold and calculated, but Capricorn is actually a warm earth sign, just the most ambitious one. Venus also rules material things, and Capricorn loves status, so you may be drawn to name-brands (and quality over quantity). Venus enters Aquarius on Dec 7th.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday, Nov 12th. This opens up communication and puts emphasis on the bigger picture (with much potential for flaws in the details!). Sag is all about ideas and beliefs, so this can also be a time for arguments, all of which will have holes. An excellent time to learn anything new and exciting, or peruse faith and spirituality texts. Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec 2nd.

With the U.S. presidential election in two days, this week ushers in a time of change! I’ve been trying to do the astrology of Clinton and Trump, and unfortunately there’s a lot of argument over Hillary’s birth time, which throws houses and angles out the window. But at poll closing time, the sky favors a female energy; the sun and moon are in Scorpio and Pisces, both water signs. In fact, they are in Hillary’s natal sun and moon signs, which bodes well for her…and the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus is conjunct her Lunar North Node, which represents her destiny.

Donald also has some transits happening, specifically planets entering his natal and progressed 4th house (assuming his birth time is correct)…this indicates a renewed focus on home and family. He also has Jupiter conjunct Chiron, which represents a major flare up of an old emotional pain, and he will soon have his Jupiter return which is the start of a new 12-year cycle. That could be the start of his presidency, or it could indicate he’s packing it in and headed for something new. I guess we’ll see!

I checked the U.S.’s progressed chart, and our country’s ascendant just entered Virgo, a feminine sign. Could we actually see the first female president of the United States get elected this week? What a long-awaited historical moment that will be!


Mercury and Venus in Aquarius

On Feb 13, transiting Mercury re-enters Aquarius. Mercury works well in this ingenious sign: clarity on issues comes suddenly and unexpectedly. (You may have had a taste of this when Mercury briefly entered Aquarius from Jan 1 – 8, before backing into Capricorn during its retrograde period last month.) Following suit, Venus will move into Aquarius on Feb 16, where it embraces diversity, originality in others, and gets a bit eccentric in romance!

Aquarius values novelty, because there’s nothing it hates more than tradition. Because Aquarius is an air sign, it’s highly intellectual/social. But unlike its fellow air signs, Aquarius doesn’t form personal connections. It’s concerns with humanity as a whole, especially those who are marginalized in society. Think of looking down at the world from a rocketship, and you’ll understand the Aquarius mentality. Think of lightning, and you’ll understand its sudden insights.

This is the cutting-edge sign, lonely on the fringe of society. Aquarius enjoys detachment because not only can it stand out as being a true individual this way (thumbing its nose at convention), it can also stay open to receiving those lightning-quick innovations. Aquarians are drawn to the latest technology (especially communication devices, which allow them to share from afar). The shadow side of Aquarius is embracing perversion just to provoke others, or alienating itself from society.

Mercury in this sign can give you answers, but you may need to embrace unorthodoxy in order to get them. What about you is different? Consider it, because once Venus enters Aquarius, it will really be time to let your freak flag fly! You may be a lone wolf while you seek out what makes you unique, but don’t be surprised if you’re drawn to those who are edgy or offbeat when Venus enters Aquarius. This sign appreciates diversity, and people who embrace their differences.

Mercury is in Aquarius until March 5, and Venus through March 12. During this time people may say shocking things (Mercury), make wild changes to their appearance (Venus), and focus on humanitarian issues, science, and technology. However, don’t forget that Aquarius is a fixed sign: staunch in ideas and opinions, and obstinate in its quest for individuality.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Full Moon July 31st: Leo vs Aquarius

Photo credit: Brigitte Werner

Next week’s Full Moon (the second in July) at 7º Aquarius is accompanied by Venus Rx’s ingress back into Leo. The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are all in Leo on this day, actually; that’s a lot of dramatic energy. But Full Moon in Aquarius is emotionally detached; while Leo seeks the spotlight, Aquarius backs away, and points towards the underdog in the room.

Leo/Aquarius polarity can feel so strained for someone on either side of the stick because Leo seeks recognition, and Aquarius wants distribute the attention to those that are underrepresented. It’s frustrating on both sides.

The issue of me vs. you is at the heart of every opposition (which is what a Full Moon is: Sun opposite Moon). Think of Aries vs. Libra when you want to capture the energy, because this is the quintessential opposition. It’s a balancing act, but also an objective eye-opener.

In the case of Leo Sun vs. Aquarius Moon, one has an interesting dynamic. In Leo Sun’s corner, there’s personal pride, warmth, and open expression of ego. In Aquarius Moon’s corner, there’s detached/cold emotion, and an intellectualization of feelings.

The key to all, psychologically, is Venus Rx. She is returning to Leo, traveling back in time, forcing you to re-examine who and what you attract, where you seek recognition, what kind of attention you generate. This Full Moon is a culmination of an issue that’s been brewing since Venus stepped into Virgo (July 18th) and began scrutinizing, coming up with doubts. It is a serious look at your past (there are six planets retrograde right now!) and something may go public or come to a head.

Lucky for all of us, this Full Moon dynamic may be what releases us from the darkness of the past several years: Saturn stations direct only two days later, and we will all soon be released from Scorpio’s hawk-like grip.