Progressed Moon in Aries or 1st House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When you experience a PR Moon sign or house transition, your needs evolve accordingly, and the shift from Pisces to Aries or 12th house to 1st house is a major one – the most significant in the Zodiac – because you’re ending a long cycle, going back to the start. In a sense, you are reborn. Pisces to Aries ushers in a new dawn of self-confidence and independence, and 12H to 1H (over the Ascendant) triggers a time of change and emotional honesty.

Aries is the first Zodiac sign, and like a new infant, it is entirely self-oriented. This isn’t a bad thing, after the confusion and self-destruction of Pisces. For example, you may have been drinking a lot, or participating in really unhealthy relationships when your progressed Moon was in Pisces. When it shifts to Aries, you no longer feel the need to escape. You realize it’s better to be alone than with people who take advantage of you, and end all bad relationships. Whatever your situation was before, you feel fresh and new, and you want to explore who you are.

Aries and the 1st house are ruled by Mars (planet of action) so you have more drive, impatience, and impulsivity. Mars is also the planet of war, so you’re more assertive about your needs and aggressive with others during this time frame (2.5 years for the Aries phase, 1-4 years for 1st house depending on its size). It helps to participate in healthy competition, such as sports or debate, so you’re less likely to start fights due to pent up energy. Mars also rules over raw sexuality, so your sex drive will increase, and you could have new partners or even one night stands.

Aries is a Fire sign meaning your creativity, optimism, confidence, and passion all blossom during these phases. There is a daring to the Ram that makes you rush in where others fear to go! Fire signs lack tact, however, so be prepared to accidentally say and do things that hurt others. Speaking of accidents, be especially careful during the Aries phase, because the Ram is accident-prone, and head injuries/issues are common. Fire signs are leaders, so your independence will be tested; Aries especially likes getting ahead of the pack. Honesty is important, and you’ll abruptly end shady relationships (or at least be more blunt and direct) and become drawn to people with Aries qualities during this time.

Aries is a Cardinal sign (and 1H is an Angular house) meaning this is a time of initiation and taking charge. You’ll be more autonomous, make decisions, and start many things: new relationships, hobbies, careers, and body/appearance related stuff (especially in 1H). You may not realize it, but the things you begin now are themes you’ll work on for the next 30-year cycle. I entered my first serious relationship during this phase, turned 18, and went away to college to start my freshman year. Because of the way my natal chart is set up, I had progressed Moon in Aries and 1st house at the same time. It was a whirlwind of changes and beginnings!

As your Moon progresses, you advance in your independence, autonomy, and honest self-expression. The Aries phase feels easiest for those with natal Moon in a Fire sign, and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Cardinal sign (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra). The 1st house phase is pretty great for everyone, although be cautious of weight gain.


New Moon in Aries

April 7th
, there is a New Moon in Aries (18º). This brand new Lunar phase is the fresh start many of you have been waiting for, because it bursts forth with the energy of the Ram. There is much emphasis on action and independence during an Aries New Moon, but this particular one is complicated by several aspects with the outer planets; specifically, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn.

Although Aries season technically began back in March, there were a plethora of planets, asteroids, and nodes still in Pisces, which somewhat dampened the fiery energy of the first days of spring. However, with Venus entering Aries earlier in the week (on the 5th), initiating Cardinal energy is stronger, and this New Moon can be your first step towards the new you. Hopefully during Pisces season you released some emotional pain from the past, and your load is lighter.

Aspects the Aries Sun makes this week are involved in the New Moon, particularly, a conjunction with Uranus (at 20º Aries) accompanies this transit. This means unexpected disruptions, sudden ideas and developments, and aggressive action. If you don’t embrace this radical, against-the-grain energy by marching to your own beat, you’ll still experience it via chaos in your surroundings. The violence of this New Moon in Aries is exaggerated by a square with Pluto (at 17º Capricorn). Pluto represents survival, power, and revolution, and butted up against Aries, things get primal; there is an instinctual drive towards what you feel you need to do. Not much thinking involved!

Luckily, a trine with Saturn Rx (at 16º Sagittarius) helps out the unstable Ram Moon by providing support and structure from pre-existing rules, that you can lean back on when things get crazy. This is also a good focal point for all that raw energy: is there a limitation or restriction you’d like to remove? Now may be the chance you’ve been waiting for. Assistance from those who are wiser helps, too.

Those with natal or progressed planets, angles, or nodes between 16º – 20º of the Cardinal and Fire signs will feel this New Moon the strongest.

Venus enters Aries

On April 5th, Venus joins the Sun in Aries, and things get feisty and impulsive when it comes to relationships. This ingress is great for those looking to make a fresh start in love or finances, and adds an element of daring that was missing during the Pisces season. Now is the time to take charge, go out on a limb, and make the first move…when Venus enters Aries, excitement is in the air!

Transiting Venus represents how we feel about relationships at the moment, and that includes the one with ourselves. Venus expresses herself in two ways, represented by the two zodiac signs she rules: personal needs (Taurus) and relationships with others (Libra). Your personal needs represent the relationship you have with you; how much you value yourself, and therefore what you attract into your life, including material things like money. Relationships with others are actually a direct reflection of this internal self-worth, because they represent how you treat others and allow yourself to be treated.

Aries is not a traditionally great placement for Venus, but that’s ok – every planet/sign combo has its perks – and this transit brings out a lot of positive qualities in people, along with some challenges. Aries love and friendship is a bit rough, because Mars (planet/God of war) is the ram’s natural ruler. This Venus expression is the “I love you so much I want to squeeze you to death!” kind of affection. Not for everyone! But it’s also very forthcoming, exciting, and honest. Aries Venus gets its charm from its open demeanor, positive outlook, and direct approach. It’s also a very physical, passionate expression of Venus.

During this transit, you can take initiative when it comes to relationships. If there’s someone you’ve been scoping out, but were too shy to approach during Pisces season, you’ll feel that Aries assertiveness. You can also use this time to establish new friendships. Take charge in finances, and be aggressive (but careful with impulsive purchases!). Do something bold with your look. Be honest and open with others. Aries is courageous, but can suffer from brashness and an inability to pick up on social cues. If you rush in headfirst before thinking, act overly selfish, or start battling people you care about…cool your jets!

Venus will be in Aries until April 29th, when it enters Taurus.

Aries Sun Aspects

From April 4th – 9th
, the Aries Sun aspects many outer planets, and joins the Moon for the new Lunar cycle. The hot spot is 15º – 20º Aries. If you have anything natal/progressed between these degrees of the Cardinal signs (or any signs mentioned below), big changes may be in store. Because the slow planets are in close range of one another, each Sun transit (including the New Moon) re-activates aspects between them. We have a big week ahead!

April 4th: Sun inconjunct Jupiter Rx in Virgo (15º). Jupiter is expanding and magnifying details of new projects and endeavors. This aspect asks hasty Aries Sun to slow down and get the small stuff perfect. Being an initiator who leaves the details to someone else, Aries Sun in uncomfortable with this process, yet somewhat enthusiastic once it has begun. Because Jupiter is retrograde, whatever’s under the magnifying glass may involve your past.

April 5th: Sun trine Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (16º). When Saturn and Sun work in tandem, you benefit from elders’ wisdom, and receive aid from traditional structures. It could involve the law, an educational institution, or someone foreign. You receive recognition for achievements, and gladly take on new responsibilities. Because Saturn is currently retrograde, you benefit from mentors from your past, or receive attention for old accomplishments.

Jupiter is in range of a square with Saturn, so the two aspects above can hit upon issues with work/health. You can take new action (Aries) towards them.

April 6th: Sun square Pluto in Capricorn (17º). Pluto represents the powers that be, and a square is a clash. Your personal objectives and ego needs (Sun in Aries) are at odds with authority figures in control (Pluto in Capricorn). Even if there isn’t any specific person suppressing you, such as your boss or a bureaucracy, you can find yourself up against a threatening situation. The ultimate goal is to take power back. This energy influences the April 7th New Moon, below.

April 7th: New Moon in Aries (18º). When Sun meets Moon, it represents a fresh start, because it’s the beginning of a new Lunar cycle. Aries is especially significant because the Ram is associated with conception, initiative, and inspired action. This is the first New Moon after the March eclipses, during which time we cleared out our energetic closets and released what has been stored in our subconscious over the last six months. This Aries New Moon is a time to think about yourself and your own, personal needs, and may involve sudden action (see aspect below).

April 9th: Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries (20º). Uranus adds originality and independence, two things the Ram already loves. When these two meet up, Aries creativity borders on genius, but its impulsivity and anger become unpredictable, as well. A conjunction is unified energy, so your conscious will takes on Uranian qualities; you are the eccentric, unstable factor. You can act on selfish needs suddenly, and break from the group or change your course in a single decisive moment.

March Lunar Eclipse

On the 23rd, the March Lunar eclipse occurs when Full Moon in Libra opposes Sun/Mercury in Aries. This is a culmination that involves finding equal ground with someone – me vs you, my goals vs your needs – or being pushed by somebody else to finally make a decision. On the same day, Jupiter squares Saturn, adding a broader backdrop to this personal tug-of-war; do you feel restricted by a partner? Or are you the one bringing realistic expectations to the table?

The March Lunar eclipse occurs at 3º Libra; if you have any natal or progressed planets/angles/nodes at this spot (or another Cardinal sign), you will feel this eclipse strongest. Keep in mind that eclipses burn a mark at the degree they occur, and transits that follow from 6 months to up to 2 years can rehash the life events corresponding with the eclipse, like an echo.

This particular eclipse may involve fighting or harsh words, because Mercury is traveling with the Sun in impatient, impulsive Aries. People can get a bit righteous during this Full Moon: Mars in Sagittarius aspects both Sun and Moon. Libra projects its own ugly, unrefined qualities (like anger, instigation, narcissism), and also allows the scales to become quite imbalanced before swinging violently the other way. Be cautious of too much finger-pointing and too little ownership.

You can build something constructive out of this. You can further a relationship by airing things out, because it’s likely that one of you has felt victimized or has been taken advantage of during this emotionally heavy Pisces season. Or, you can make a necessary, personal decision with grace and objective judgement.

The Jupiter-Saturn square means this interpersonal dynamic represents a larger issue. There are limits to your possibilities, says Saturn. You have to choose what details to focus on, and be realistic. If you are projecting this restriction onto somebody else (or being the voice of reason for someone), then the Libra “It’s not fair!” rally isn’t about them, it’s about you. But when is it not, ultimately?

Aries Season Begins!

March 20th, Aries season begins with the first day of spring. Mercury follows the next day, entering the sign of the ram on March 21st, and adding more initiative to the Sun’s energy. This is truly the fresh start we need to get going!

The Sun loves Aries. It’s like being at his best friend’s house, where he gets to eat junk food and stay up later than at home (Leo). This is because the Sun represents the ego and creative energy, and Aries the Ram is no-holds-barred. Quick to action, quick to anger, quick to move on and start something new. Aries is also quick to lust, and therefore an appropriate sign for this time of year, which always reminds me of this poem by E. E. Cummings. There’s a reason reproduction begins in spring! Mars-ruled Aries is rooted in animal instincts, and really, aren’t we all just animals?

Add Mercury to the equation. In Aries, the planet of intellect and communication is instinctual and immediate. Answers come fast, ideas come like gangbusters, and learning is done at a competitive rate. This is a battle-sign, so verbal confrontation is also more likely, because Aries is bold. Naive, absolutely, even gullible sometimes, but brave. It literally goes where no one has gone before, but mostly because it hasn’t thought of the potential dangers! This is an independent, pioneering sign, and creativity is instant (like a high-speed download from the universe).

You’ll do your best if you don’t overthink it. This Cardinal energy is just what we need to put some oomph and backbone into the mix; there’s been an imbalance of Mutable signs in the sky lately, making it hard to take the initiative. It may feel strange after swimming in a hazy Pisces fog, to get the sudden inspiration that you want to do something, and you must do it now. A little practice is all it takes, however. Aries loses its gusto if things take too long, so take advantage of this fresh spring energy and just do it!

John of God

John of God is a healer from Brazil, who performs blessings and psychic surgery (also called “spiritual intervention”) by channeling healing energies known as The Entities. He came to the Hudson Valley region last month and I had an opportunity to see him. Some people go because they have health problems and are looking for real healing; there’s stories of terminal illnesses going into remission.

This event was just after the Aries Lunar Eclipse so it was significantly timed, but I was slightly worried because the Moon was Void-of-Course until almost 3pm that day. It is said that anything began during a VoC Moon comes to nothing.

I received a blessing by John of God in the morning and was told to come back for a spiritual intervention at 2pm. This made me nervous, but there was a delay of about an hour before the interventions began. Apparently John of God’s energy wasn’t aligned until the Moon was no longer VoC and had changed into Taurus!

There are a few things about this sign difference. Aries is quick and violent, Taurus is calm and deliberate. People have been known to spontaneously bleed after John of God’s psychic surgeries, and in a Moon phase like Aries that would be possible. But in Taurus, healing energy integrates itself more slowly and deliberately.

Any alterations made by John of God under the Taurus Moon will take more time to reveal themselves. They require the long term dedication of the individual receiving them. After a spiritual intervention there are guidelines to follow: complete rest for 24 hours, no strenuous activity or heavy lifting for 8 days, no alcohol, spicy food, sexual arousal, or energy work for 40 days. They say half the work is done by John of God and the entities, and the other half is up to you.

During my spiritual intervention I felt a deep, calming energy. I didn’t feel anything drastic or physical (happily), but when I walked out of the tent it was almost like I couldn’t hear anything; sound was muffled. It was a serene feeling. Afterwards, I went home and slept on and off for a full 24 hours, as instructed. The first week I continued to follow instructions, not doing any of my normal exercise or yoga, and refrained from heavy lifting. Now I am waiting until November 8th (when the 40 days of healing is over), and following all the rules carefully, before drawing any conclusions. I have already seen some positive changes in my life.

There are three significant Astrological events occurring on November 8th as well, which is an auspicious end to the 40 John of God days!