Numerology Life Path 6

This article is part of a numerology series about the Life Path number and what it represents.(the essence of who you are, and your purpose). To calculate your Life Path, add up the day, month, and year of your birth, then keep reducing until you get to one number. For example, if you were born on November 25th, 1992 (11-25-1992), you would add: (1+1) + (2+5) + (1+9+9+2). This reduces to 2 + 7 + 3 = 12. Twelve reduces as follows: 1 + 2 = 3. You would be a Life Path 3.


If you have a 6 Life Path, then congratulations, because you have the most attractive number! This is the number of love, and your purpose – and challenge – throughout your life will be opening your heart to give and receive love freely. You also have the most responsibility on your hands, and duties/obligations will be your biggest stress point throughout your life. The number 6 is centered around the family unit, and as a 6 you tend to be the matriarch. Even if you are a man, there is less of the stark traditional father figure in you and more of the loving (but forever worrying) family leader.

As a life path 6, you are constantly seeking justice/balance (think Libra) and are often thrown into positions of leadership, because you are naturally like a sheep dog, trying to herd others to safety. As a result, you can also be a bit overly controlling and condescending, because you think you know what’s best for everyone. I think of LP 6s like perpetual eldest children…they shoulder a lot of responsibility and have to worry about their younger siblings, have the most chores, but in a way enjoy being the one their parents rely on to make things run smoothly.

6’s find it hard to let go and let others live their lives, and as a result can get a bit too judgmental at times. They don’t seem to realize how much their good opinion affects others, and how words of criticism can tear down those who look up to them. If you are a 6 and you don’t have a family, you’ll make a family of your friends, or if you don’t have a spouse you’ll uber-focus on your kids. You can easily become a helicopter parent, or that person that is always trying to rescue or “fix” others. Careful, that’s not love! Get yourself a creative project to focus on because on top of being the most attractive number, you’re also good at art and music and anything aesthetic (because life is fair). The payment for your many gifts is, of course, that you’re a perfectionist and are just as critical of yourself as you are of others.

Life path 6s care a lot. When people don’t let your love in, however, you can get very annoying to be around. You have high expectations of yourself and others, and people just can’t live up to that. You also (like Libra) blow icy cold when you aren’t happy, which is just another form of trying to control the people around you. Try letting go instead of tightening your grip when you get disappointed or stressed out, and remember that the ones you love are only human! If you must control something, let it be your business or hobby, and watch it flourish. I like 6s (I’m a 9) but they can be some of the most smothering people.

I think there’s also something Neptunian in the 6 energy because of the idealism and creative energy. You can use this to be really compassionate to others and successful in creative endeavors, or like Neptune/Pisces, you can let yourself become disappointed over and over when reality doesn’t live up to your high ideals. Or, you don’t take any action at all – in typical Libra fashion – because circumstances aren’t perfect. When you embrace the messiness of life and realize that on a larger scale it is perfect that way, you’ll be able to let the love flow more easily.


Progressed Moon in Cancer or 4th House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When your PR Moon sign or house changes, your needs evolve. During the shift from Gemini to Cancer (or 3rd house to 4th house), your feelings become more important, as does home and family. You switch from needing information to needing comfort. You are entering a nurturing phase (about 2.5 years for the sign progression and 1-4 years for the house, depending on its size).

Cancer is the 4th sign, and is like the moody preteen of the Zodiac, who hides in a shell when life gets too tough. As a Water sign, Cancer feels her way through the world, and is very intuitive. When your Progressed Moon enters this sign or her house (the 4th), you will become more sensitive to your environment; particularly, how the people around you feel and what their needs are. Unlike during your Gemini PR Moon phase (which was all about communication), you will be more concerned with making sure things are comfortable around you, and that everyone is taken care of.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign (and H4 an “Angular” house) representing the beginning of Summer, so you will initiate many things during this phase, particularly those having to do with home and family. You may buy and settle into a new home during this time, or start a family. Because your relationships change with your PR Moon, you will likely seek out deeper, more nurturing relationships than you had in the Gemini/H3 progressions. If you had lots of acquaintances, you may let the more superficial ones fall away and give your attention to a few close friends and family. You’ll want to spend time with people who are in line with your current needs: nurturing, intuitive, caring, and family-oriented.

During the Cancer Moon progression, you can become overly sensitive and crabby (Cancer’s animal is the crab!). This is a moody sign because it is naturally ruled by the Moon, which fluctuates the tides. You, too, have your own cyclical ups and downs. If people hurt you – even unintentionally – you crawl back into your shell rather than address it directly. The crab moves side-to-side, and you will scuttle around issues rather than deal with them head on. This is one of the most passive aggressive signs, more comfortable communicating in an unspoken way with innuendos and the silent treatment!

The Cancer lunar progression is easiest for people with natal Moon in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Cardinal sign (Aries, Libra, Capricorn). The 4th house progression is a time of focus on home and family, as well as exploring your past, including ancestry, and your own inherited traits/behaviors. This is a house of endings, so it can be a hard time as you deal with family issues and your own unconscious behaviors you learned from them, and then let these things go so you can move on.

An Erratic Teenager: Sun Square Uranus


This past week has been an interesting mix of tense and flowing aspects: Monday saw the Sun square Pluto: a face-off between personal power and external authority. Wednesday, Mercury entered Cancer.

Sunday, the Cancer Sun will square Uranus in Aries. This is like driving home to enjoy the comforts of family and a nice meal, and getting T-boned by an erratic teenager!

Hopefully that situation won’t actually happen to you, but it gives you an idea of what it’s like to clash with the planet of rebellion. Uranus in Aries is a lot like a teenager, refusing to obey rules of society, demanding to do his own thing. To sensitive (yet matriarchal) Sun in Cancer, it’s like a self-absorbed teenager who won’t listen! But you can’t do the smother-mother thing.

Squares are crises, but a transit like this can “spur” you into action, so if you look at it as an immediate opportunity to grow (rather than issues or people that foil your plans), it takes on new meaning. Squares involving the Sun and another planet can manifest in the form of a quarrel between you and someone else. It helps to recognize that the other person is just an outer projection of your own issues, in those cases!

Mercury’s Path to the Crab

On July 8th, Mercury enters Cancer. But before it gets there, it makes six major aspects from Gemini, hitting nearly every other planet. Because it moves so fast, aspects only last about a day:

Sunday, June 28: An uncomfortable inconjunct with Pluto; your multifaceted ideas and quick words don’t jive with a restrictive overlord (your boss? Company? Government?). Luckily, it’s the weekend!

Thursday, July 2: A workable sextile with Uranus in Aries. Ideas are lit up with originality, and possibly a bit of genius. Yes!

Friday, July 3: A painful square to Chiron Rx, followed by an opportunistic sextile with Jupiter. The first leaves you (or someone else) reeling when information or gossip strikes a nerve. The second provides a chance for ideas to expand/multiply, and a good time for creative writing.

Sunday, July 5: A lovely sextile to Venus gives you the benefit of charming words. Great time for loving conversations with friends and family, or writing poetic love notes…

Tuesday, July 7: The final aspect: an uncomfortable inconjunct to SaturnYou want to talk about things Saturn is sussing up in the Scorpio part of your chart, but your words sound trite and glib. Gemini isn’t on par with Scorpio’s need for deep intimacy.

Wednesday, July 8: Mercury joins Sun in Cancer, and begins a time of thinking subjectively/domestically, and expressing yourself with sensitivity. (This is a great time to talk to your mom, btw!)

Capricorn Full Moon: Goat vs. Crab

The dichotomy of Cancer/Capricorn is mother vs. father, home vs. career, child vs. adult. During the July 1st Full Moon, there is a culmination in Capricorn, or the patriarchal side of the axis. Capricorn is about responsibility, material success, and ambition. The bad side? Cold calculation. Control issues. Cutting off growth.

What you sowed during the Summer Solstice is what you will reap, now, and the key is balance; Cancer needs Capricorn’s structure and seriousness, and with Mars close by, creative growth is supercharged. Capricorn trims it down to an appropriate, shapely thing, and Pluto adds power. The threat here is a tug-of-war, if they can’t work together: Sun/Mars say “We want to create life,” and Moon/Pluto argue, “You’re out of control.”

Neptune Rx smooths things over, assisting from 9ª Pisces: it forms an exact trine/sextile with Sun/Moon. This adds a healthy dose of empathy to Capricorn so that it can find common ground with Cancer. Neptune ups your powers of visualization as well, so use it to take your endeavor to the next level. Think big, and find ways to bring your vision into a reality.

Now is when those Gemini New Moon ideas become real-world possibilities, or they are discarded. Capricorn can be pretty cutthroat. The nice thing here is that a few of those Gemini seeds will actually be taken seriously, so consider which ones you’ve been nurturing under Cancer’s influence.

Orbs (Natal/Progressed planets/angles/nodes):

8º – 14º of the Cardinal signs + Pisces will feel this strongest.

Mars enters Cancer

woman-641528_1280On June 24th, Mars enters Cancer immediately following an uncomfortable aspect with Saturn Rx in Scorpio. Also on the 24th, Chiron stations retrograde at 21º Pisces. That’s a whole lot of watery sensitivity!

Mars is passive-aggressive in Cancer; directness is just too scary for the crab. However, it also acts with sensitivity and consideration. This is a Cardinal sign that initiates on an emotional level. Mars will remain in Cancer through August 8th.

What about the Wounded Healer, Chiron? It stations retrograde in the most empathetic of signs, Pisces. We explore old wounds in the vulnerable waters of the fish (look at 21º-16º Pisces in your chart). Chiron in Pisces remembers that it sacrificed for the greater good, and felt like a doormat. Or, it provided free therapy to everyone, but got nothing in return. This is martyrdom at its finest. Chiron stations retrograde for a five-month reassessment period of how it can heal from these old wounds: it will station direct November 28th.

The upcoming weekend of June 26 – 28 may be a quiet, solitary one, with Moon in Scorpio for you to contemplate emotional issues in your life. Sensitivities continue through the July 1st Full Moon in Capricorn, accompanied by various Chiron/Neptune Rx aspects: more about that to come.

The Summer Solstice

Photo credit: Js J

On June 21st, the Sun enters Cancer, marking the Summer Solstice (and longest day of the year). Fresh off the heels of the Gemini New Moon, you can now look to 0º Cancer in your chart for a new beginning.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign, and it likes to initiate nurturing. It is domestically oriented, and connected with the past: Cancer remembers and cherishes history, ancestry, and roots. With the Sun shining bright at this point in your chart, it’s a good idea to look at what you have created over the last year, what roots you have watered and nurtured, and take a moment to appreciate them. Cancer doesn’t shy from labor pains, so this birth may not have been easy.

Just before the Cancer Sun ingress, the Gemini Sun inconjuncts Saturn at 29º Scorpio. This is an uncomfortable aspect at an urgent degree; a hurry-up feeling that requires compromise between two signs that don’t have anything in common. Gemini Sun is superficial, it dances on the surface, like light shimmering on water. At 29º it’s even more A.D.D. than usual. Saturn Rx in Scorpio is a different animal: the severe taskmaster, plunging into the depths of the ocean. At 29º, this excavation project is desperate to reach the bottom. The key is adjustment and compromise; you don’t have to sink to the ocean floor, but meet somewhere in the middle.

The inconjunct is fleeting, and once the Sun moves into Cancer there is a sense of relief, as Cancer understands Scorpio’s needs much better than Gemini does. Remember the past (Saturn Rx in Scorpio), but nurture the future.