Progressed Full Moon Phase

Progressed Full Moon PhaseI’m coming up on an interesting and rare astrological progression: my progressed Full Moon phase. I’m currently in the middle of writing a series on Lunar Progressions, in which I go into great depth on how your PR moon will affect you in each sign and house. But I haven’t talked about the PR moon phases. They are determined based on the relationship between your progressed Sun and Moon. For example, if your progressed sun is at 1º Virgo, and your progressed moon is at 1º Sagittarius, then they square one another and you are entering a 1st quarter phase which will last for the next several years. You will be experiencing themes of growth, crisis that clarifies what direction to pursue, etc. (I’ll write a future article that goes into more detail about the different phases, but this one focuses on my personal experience so far with the Full Moon phase.)

Just to clarify, progressions are entirely personal to you, unlike transits. They are calculated by speeding up your natal chart by one day for every year of your life. So if you are 40 years old, your progressed chart is the same as the sky 40 days after you were born. They are a predictive tool, and describe how you are currently using the potential of your natal chart. When your progressed planets (usually just the inner ones) change signs or houses, it’s a big deal because a) they move very slowly and b) they mark significant changes in your life.

Your sun, just like in your natal chart, is the most significant progressed planet, and represents your evolving identity and purpose. It changes signs only once every 30 years. The moon is also important, changing signs every 2.5 years, and describes your evolving needs and relationships as well as your general emotional “climate” for that time period. The relationship between the PR sun and moon is how you determine the phase you are in. The PR sun and moon join up once every 30 years, and this represents your “new moon” phase, or the start of a brand new 30-year cycle.

I am coming up on my Full Moon phase, because my PR sun is at 27º Taurus, and my PR moon is at 27º Scorpio (they will be exact on November 25th). This is a culmination, just like the regular Full Moon. It is a time where all your efforts – over the last 15 years – come together, and you can see great success and recognition, or significant loss and the crumbling of everything you’ve worked for. It begins about a 4-year period of picking up the pieces and starting in a new direction, either in the wake of success or the wake of failure. They say the “action” happens right at the beginning, and then the next few years are pretty smooth, because whatever happened happened and you can go from there. It’s kind of like Christmas: you’ve been anticipating it a while, then it’s finally here and you get to open your presents. After that, whether you got what you wanted and are satisfied, or you didn’t and are disappointed, at least it’s over and you are certain either way!

Progressed Full Moon Phase

As an astrologer, I’ve obviously known this was coming. But I have been terrified of it, because up until really the beginning of this month, I wasn’t sure which way my life would go: success or ruin. Over the last few years in my PR Scorpio moon phase, things have been particularly challenging. I really didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for a while, but I had to just hope and keep faith that everything would work out, even when it repeatedly looked like it wasn’t. But it looks (knock on wood) like I am going to be okay. I have a great new job that I love, I managed to maintain my home through a very difficult financial struggle, and I am still alive!

I think it’s so interesting that the U.S. election has coincided with my own personal culmination. There was such anticipation and emotional investment nationwide (worldwide, actually), and now that we all know the outcome, we have to pick up the pieces and move on from here. At least we know…right? The Taurus Full Moon today (a supermoon!) has been extremely emotionally taxing, and I didn’t realize it, but it falls close to my PR Ascendant and sextile my natal Ascendant. I think I was too tied up in the events of my nation, and now I have to go back to minding my own business!

On an interesting note, the element of surprise in this election is also clearly present in my own chart; my PR moon at 27º Scorpio is conjunct Uranus (see my progressed chart above). Surprise, surprise, indeed! In addition, transiting Uranus is conjunct my natal Sun in Aries. I don’t particularly enjoy having my life and emotions so tied up in what is going on globally, but I do enjoy a bit of the unexpected to keep life fresh and interesting. It’s also strange that as my life takes a turn for the better on a personal level, it seems like everything else is crumbling. I hope that’s not the case, but at the moment, my country seems to be in turmoil.

In a few months, my PR moon will move into Sagittarius, and then my natal 9th house. I am looking forward to the change, expansion, hopefulness, and adventure of that phase, which will also resonate very well with all my natal Aries planets and Leo moon. After the storm is indeed the calm, and even though this is obvious in my chart, I think that can be said for anyone who is going through their progressed Lunar Full Moon phase.


Full Moon in Taurus, and the Feminine Standoff

Full Moon in Taurus, and the Feminine StandoffThere is a Full Moon coming up on the Monday the 14th, at 22º Taurus. There’s also a lot going on worldwide, right now, but especially in the U.S. Our election didn’t go as anticipated, people are hurt and angry, and minorities are terrified about what this government means to their personal safety. Other people – who were hurt and angry – are ecstatic that a new regime has begun in Washington.

This full moon falls on Hillary Clinton’s Lunar North Node (aka her karmic path forward), and at the time I – as many others, no doubt – was fairly certain she was a shoe in for the presidency. Well, her destiny is pointing in another direction, but this moon phase is a significant step. First of all, Black Moon Lilith will be conjunct the sun at 19º Scorpio, and therefore opposes the full moon. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about Lilith before on this blog, but she is the apogee of the moon’s orbit (a point in space, not a celestial body), and in Judaism, represents Adam’s first wife before he made Eve. Lilith was wild and refused to submit to him, insisting upon being treated as an equal; when Adam tried to dominate her, she left Eden.

So in astrology, she pretty much represents the same thing; the wild, sexual, untamable female energy, which often becomes angry over being ostracized for refusing to conform to acceptable gender roles. In Scorpio, she’s essentially in her element, but fits into the “scapegoat” role too well. Lilith’s anger is dangerous in Scorpio, simmering under the surface with one finger on the trigger to a nuke. When she opposes the Taurus full moon this Monday, she represents a standoff between traditional female roles (Taurus moon) and the scapegoat female who threatened to destroy the sanctity of the establishment (Lilith in Scorpio).

I’d like to address it on a global level, however. Hillary certainly fits the description of the woman who threatened to take down the country, in the eyes of many. But from the viewpoint of others, women on the whole have been ostracized by the establishment once again, by not being allowed to take part in yet another male-dominated arena: the presidency. This full moon is a culmination of the outpouring of emotion that women around the world are feeling and sharing, the pain of – as Hillary said in her concession speech – not yet breaking that final glass ceiling. There is a lot of fear, as I said, for many minorities, but for women it means someone who unapologetically speaks about sexual predation is now their leader. It is intolerable and they, like Lilith, are refusing to submit and are angry at the injustice of not being accepted for who they are.

On a positive note, Chiron will be giving a little aid via a sextile to the full moon from Pisces, which always promotes healing, compassion, and empathy. It’s not just women that are hurting right now, nor all women (many will be on the Taurus side of this polarity and welcome a return to traditional values). But if those that are hurting and those that have compassion for their fellow Americans and global neighbors who are in pain can come together, we can find a resolution for all of this. I didn’t watch it, but I heard that Trump’s acceptance speech was filled with a lot more humility and inclusion for all citizens than anything he said in his campaign. Hopefully that’s true, and we can start to rebuild a more loving and inclusive country.

A Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

A Lunar Eclipse in PiscesToday (Friday, September 16th), there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24º Pisces. It will be happening in the afternoon in EST, so don’t expect to see the eclipse in the US. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you, astrologically! (In fact, if you are reading this today, it likely already started affecting you weeks ago…and this is the culmination of whatever was set in motion during the September 1st Solar Eclipse at 9º Virgo).

The degree an eclipse occurs makes a mark in your chart that can affect you anywhere from the next six months to the next two years. It all depends on how significant that degree is, to you. For example, this eclipse is happening conjunct my 22º Pisces ascendant, which is a significant point (see below – transits are outside the wheel in green). The Sun and Moon are aligned with my AC-DC line.

A Lunar Eclipse in PiscesIf the eclipse is falling on one of your personal (or progressed) planets or angles, then it’s a more significant eclipse for you. The energy of the eclipse will be activated each time another planet passes 24º Pisces. You will experience an echo of whatever happens on or before this eclipse each time. It may be a while…the next planets to reach this point are both Venus and Mars in January 2017, and then the Sun, Mercury, and Chiron in February 2017.

More about Chiron, the “Wounded Healer”: it plays a big part in this eclipse, conjunct the Moon at 22º Pisces. Thus, part of the release during this Full Moon eclipse will be about old wounds and letting go of the past, or better yet, using your past as a tool for moving forward. How do you do this without backpedaling into painful memories or regressing? Through compassion. Pisces rides a fine line between understanding and self-sacrifice, so make sure you know the difference between compassion for others and empathy. Hint: it has to do with having strong emotional boundaries. Chiron will be retrograde for much of next year, but it will station direct in December 2017 on 24º Pisces. Whatever starts around this time will see a huge move forward, at that point!

Another component of this eclipse is that Mars squares the Sun and Moon from 23º Sagittarius. (You can see it in the image above of my chart that Mars is right at the top, on my Neptune/Midheaven.) Mars in this tense, dynamic aspect to the eclipse means there is an impetus to take action, and that can be a good thing for the Pisces-Virgo axis, which tends towards inaction. Especially because Mars is in fiery Sagittarius, dreams are big and the urge to reach for them is driving you. This is an expansive influence, and your boundaries are going to be pushed. But you may have to do something outside your comfort zone for this one, like a leap of faith, because Pisces Full Moon blurs the end zone and forces you to use intuition rather than facts or logic. Sorry!

Uranus at 23º Aries makes a helpful trine to Mars in Sag. The Awakener can sometimes be a chaotic influence, with a harsh aspect. But in this case, being original and celebrating what makes you different and unique will be beneficial. Fly your freak flag! Aries is the sign of independence, and while the Pisces Moon dissolves any aggressive or direct actions (rendering them useless), it promotes acceptance. Acceptance of others, and acceptance of yourself….so be confident in who you are, be honest and authentic, and don’t be afraid to break away from the pack!

One caveat: Venus at 21º Libra opposes Uranus and inconjuncts the Moon, adding some social discomfort to the mix. A partnership may be involved, or you may simply have to close your mouth rather than sticking your foot in it! Libra Venus wants more than anything to meet status quo and have everything go smoothly with others, but that may not be possible. Just do the best you can and be as civil as possible in awkward or uncomfortable situations. If you make a choice that others oppose, don’t forget that you have to live your life, not them!

Another Sag Full Moon

Another Sag Full MoonThe Sun enters Cancer tomorrow evening (Monday, June 20th), but about 12 hours prior, a Full Moon will occur at 29º Sagittarius. This is the second Sag Full Moon this Gemini season, and will finish out some stuff begun last month. Ultimately, this is a positive Full Moon that will help you move into summer on the right path. 😎

When something occurs at 29º of a sign, there is a frantic energy about it, because this degree represents finishing up the themes of that sign. There is a distinct change of energy when a planet transitions from 29º of a sign to 0º of the next one. During the few hours leading up to this Full Moon, both Gemini Sun and Sag Moon will be reaching the end of their respective signs, and the “wrap-it-up” vibe is strong with these two in Mutable signs. Once they switch to Cancer and Capricorn, the energy becomes about initiating new things…the next chapter begins.

So, what is it you need to finish up? The clue may lie in Sag’s and Gemini’s rulers, Jupiter and Mercury. Same day as the Full Moon, Jupiter joins Lunar North Node in Virgo. The NN represents the path forward in our individual journeys, and Jupiter is expansion/good fortune. So, you can be released from your issues this past month (or longer) through clarity on what your next ideal step should be, and a little luck in hopping onto that path.

Mercury in Gemini, which represents communication, makes two aspects (to Saturn and Neptune). A bit of information can come your way to prompt you onto the right path mentioned above. They are challenging aspects (an opposition and square), so that prompt might be a shove onto the pavement…or a stumble out of the bushes…but at least you’ll wind up where you need to be!

A Sagittarius Full Moon: Truth vs Lies

A Sagittarius Full Moon: Truth vs Lies*A Mercury retrograde-related notice: After some evaluation, I will no longer be posting The Week Ahead or Weekly Horoscopes (archives are still available for old ones). Instead, more natal/progressive astrology and numerology material will be published, as I’m steering this blog away from just transits. Thank you!

Gemini season is coming up, starting on Friday, May 20th, so Happy Birthday to all you (crazy) Geminis! This sign’s symbol is the Twins, because you are very dualistic: happy face-sad face. You can change in the snap of a finger, and others never really know what a Gemini is thinking or feeling, because you don’t show the inner “twin”. What is under that mischievous exterior? (My mom would say nothing, but she – like most of the internet – loves to hate on Geminis!)

Geminis are like cats. They are endlessly curious (sometimes to their demise), cause lots of trouble, and yet seem to evade the consequences without much effort! Life is a game, and you really have to admire their ability to not take anything too seriously 😎 Although Geminis can drive other signs crazy, perhaps the one that handles it worst is Sagittarius (the Archer).

Sag is on a quest for the ultimate TRUTH of the universe – its arrow aims for the stars – and therefore, they have strong convictions about ethics. Gemini sees truth as an arbitrary concept, one that can easily bend and shape to any given situation. Where Gemini sees shades of grey, Sag sees black and white.

I bring up this polarity between the opposing signs because one day after the Sun moves into Gemini, there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius (Saturday, May 21st). The themes for this full moon are truth vs lies, and the bigger picture vs your daily life. Gemini represents the world around you and how you interact with it on a daily basis (a very microscopic view of the world), and Sag represents the opposite side of the world you’ve never seen, foreign cultures and concepts, and larger issues that put your own tiny life in perspective. Issues that may be revealed during this full moon include the consequences of gossip or lies, but also the bigger picture your own life and what you are aiming for.

The full moon is accompanied by an exact conjunction to Mars Rx at 1º Sag, which adds a spark to it. Sagittarius is an inspirational sign, and on the whole very optimistic, so follow your instincts during this full moon and take action when your gut tells you to. Gemini can intellectualize things too much (Air sign), but Sag is a Fire sign and it must feel its way through. One caveat: Sag can really put its foot in its mouth and blurt out hurtful things in the name of “honesty,” so if you get hot-headed, remember that your truth is not everyone’s truth.

Incidentally, the asteroid Vesta will be conjunct the Gemini Sun at 1º during this full moon, as well. Vesta represents devotion and sacrifice, and in Gemini, may involve a verbal or written project to which you are committed. Also, Gemini rules over siblings, so be cautious of blow-ups with your brothers or sisters this weekend!

March Lunar Eclipse

March Lunar EclipseOn the 23rd, the March Lunar eclipse occurs when Full Moon in Libra opposes Sun/Mercury in Aries. This is a culmination that involves finding equal ground with someone – me vs you, my goals vs your needs – or being pushed by somebody else to finally make a decision. On the same day, Jupiter squares Saturn, adding a broader backdrop to this personal tug-of-war; do you feel restricted by a partner? Or are you the one bringing realistic expectations to the table?

The March Lunar eclipse occurs at 3º Libra; if you have any natal or progressed planets/angles/nodes at this spot (or another Cardinal sign), you will feel this eclipse strongest. Keep in mind that eclipses burn a mark at the degree they occur, and transits that follow from 6 months to up to 2 years can rehash the life events corresponding with the eclipse, like an echo.

This particular eclipse may involve fighting or harsh words, because Mercury is traveling with the Sun in impatient, impulsive Aries. People can get a bit righteous during this Full Moon: Mars in Sagittarius aspects both Sun and Moon. Libra projects its own ugly, unrefined qualities (like anger, instigation, narcissism), and also allows the scales to become quite imbalanced before swinging violently the other way. Be cautious of too much finger-pointing and too little ownership.

You can build something constructive out of this. You can further a relationship by airing things out, because it’s likely that one of you has felt victimized or has been taken advantage of during this emotionally heavy Pisces season. Or, you can make a necessary, personal decision with grace and objective judgement.

The Jupiter-Saturn square means this interpersonal dynamic represents a larger issue. There are limits to your possibilities, says Saturn. You have to choose what details to focus on, and be realistic. If you are projecting this restriction onto somebody else (or being the voice of reason for someone), then the Libra “It’s not fair!” rally isn’t about them, it’s about you. But when is it not, ultimately?

Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in VirgoFebruary 22 is the Full Moon in Virgo (at 3º). This phase represents a culmination where it occurs in your chart, but you can also ask yourself what you have been working on since the New Moon in Aquarius (Feb 8). Health and work are Virgo’s territory, and a stressful situation or growing health issue may come to a head at the Full Moon. Virgo scrutinizes, identifying what needs adjustment in a situation. This is your opportunity to clean up and organize.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun is at 3º Pisces, loosely conjunct Neptune and Ceres (both at 9º). Neptune adds emotion/illusion. While Full Moons tend to be peak emotional times, Virgo is a practical Earth sign that channels emotion into work (or hyper criticism and subsequent illness). Neptune is an idealist, and if Virgo cannot get the precise details right, it will give up. If you feel your faith wavering, instead of throwing in the towel, let yourself be inspired by the bigger picture. Virgo often can’t see the forest for the trees, and can benefit from some imagination.

Ceres is an asteroid representing nurturing, loss, and the birth-death cycle. It can bring up mother issues or past abandonment. Opposing the Virgo Full Moon, you may become aware of a personal habit that no longer serves you. The bad news is extra anxiety (watch for stomach/digestive tract irritation). The good news is if you work on it now, you have an opportunity to heal.

Neptune and Ceres together can be emotionally overwhelming, so remember to stay in the present and just do what you can. For some, this Full Moon will accompany recognition for hard work/attention to detail. Enjoy it!

Those with natal planets or angles from 2º – 9º of the mutable signs will feel this Full Moon strongest, but anyone can tap into the productivity and efficiency of Virgo at this time, especially for self-improvement.