Progressed Moon in Leo or 5th House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When your PR Moon sign or house changes, your needs evolve. During the shift from Cancer to Leo, or 4th to 5th house, self-expression becomes your greatest need. You are entering a creative and exciting phase (about 2.5 years for the Leo progression and 1-4 years for H5). During this time, you will feel happier, and like getting out of the house more and having fun!

Leo is the self-centered teenager of the Zodiac… strutting, primping, and being dramatic! As a Fire sign, Leo is creative, passionate, and self-involved. It is naturally ruled by the Sun, which represents ego, so Leo’s sense of self and confidence levels are well-developed. When your Progressed Moon enters Leo or H5, you become concerned with expressing yourself and living in the moment. This includes all kinds of creative endeavors, performance, hobbies, gambling, fun, and even romance! Remember during this phase that Leo’s biggest fall is pride. You are more likely to be embarrassed by slights to your ego during this time. You can also act a bit self-centered, because you are reveling in yourself right now. Your hair (mane) might also become a big focus!

Leo is in touch with her inner child, so children and pregnancy become more appealing (especially during the H5 progression). Your children are a representation of your creativity – the ultimate creation – and during this PR Moon phase, people often conceive or give birth. If you already have kids or grandkids, you become more involved with them in a fun way. You may have more lovers during these progressions, but not necessarily long-term relationships. It’s all about living in the moment for Leo! 😎 Be cautious about overspending: especially on gambling, picking up the group tab, and expensive or flashy clothes, jewelry, and cars to show off in!

Unlike during your Cancer PR Moon phase (which was all about nurturing), you will be more self-involved. The H4 phase especially is not a joyful one, so when your PR Moon transitions to H5, you feel a lot lighter, happier, and more optimistic. During Leo/H5 phases you’ll want to have good times, and tend to be more generous to your loved ones, but can become emotional and dramatic if you aren’t receiving love and appreciation in return. It takes a lot to ruffle Leo’s mane, but once that happens, you may act very immature!

Leo is a Fixed sign (and H5 a “Succedent” house) representing the middle of Summer, and during this PR Moon phase, you need more constance in your life. You can become strong-willed and a bit stubborn during this phase, because you are digging in your heels to fulfill your need for self-expression. Leo is very reasonable, and can be swayed by appealing to her sense of right and wrong, however you will become irritated when people change things up without consulting you first. This is a regal sign, and you may be especially sensitive to people bossing you around right now (even your actual boss, which can pose a problem…). Leo’s motto is that the creative process happens in its own good time, and you may become rather uncompromising about this idea.

During this phase, you can cut out people from your life that were manipulative and co-dependent (relationships that may have developed during your Cancer/H4 phase). Leo is an honest and direct sign, and you want more consistency and openness in your friends and family. You also want respect and loyalty, and will give it 100% in return. If someone slights or wrongs you during this time, you could potentially cut them out of your life forever. Although you are loyal, if there are people in your life that are too depressed or negative and dragging you down, you can cut them out of your life and make room for more fun, optimistic, and confident types. You may meet new friends through hobbies, and new romances as well.

The Leo lunar progression is easiest for people with natal Moon in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Fixed sign (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius). The 5th house progression is a time of focus on creativity, and tends to be a more exciting, passionate, and self-expressive time for everyone. Children and pregnancy are emphasized at this time, and in general, enjoyment of life.


Full Moon July 31st: Leo vs Aquarius

Photo credit: Brigitte Werner

Next week’s Full Moon (the second in July) at 7º Aquarius is accompanied by Venus Rx’s ingress back into Leo. The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are all in Leo on this day, actually; that’s a lot of dramatic energy. But Full Moon in Aquarius is emotionally detached; while Leo seeks the spotlight, Aquarius backs away, and points towards the underdog in the room.

Leo/Aquarius polarity can feel so strained for someone on either side of the stick because Leo seeks recognition, and Aquarius wants distribute the attention to those that are underrepresented. It’s frustrating on both sides.

The issue of me vs. you is at the heart of every opposition (which is what a Full Moon is: Sun opposite Moon). Think of Aries vs. Libra when you want to capture the energy, because this is the quintessential opposition. It’s a balancing act, but also an objective eye-opener.

In the case of Leo Sun vs. Aquarius Moon, one has an interesting dynamic. In Leo Sun’s corner, there’s personal pride, warmth, and open expression of ego. In Aquarius Moon’s corner, there’s detached/cold emotion, and an intellectualization of feelings.

The key to all, psychologically, is Venus Rx. She is returning to Leo, traveling back in time, forcing you to re-examine who and what you attract, where you seek recognition, what kind of attention you generate. This Full Moon is a culmination of an issue that’s been brewing since Venus stepped into Virgo (July 18th) and began scrutinizing, coming up with doubts. It is a serious look at your past (there are six planets retrograde right now!) and something may go public or come to a head.

Lucky for all of us, this Full Moon dynamic may be what releases us from the darkness of the past several years: Saturn stations direct only two days later, and we will all soon be released from Scorpio’s hawk-like grip.

Venus Rx 2015

Photo credit: bertvthul

This Saturday, Venus stations retrograde at 0º Virgo. Venus will be retrograde from July 25 – September 6.

So what typically occurs during the (approximate) 40 days of Venus Rx?

  • Review of your relationship/financial issues
  • Old relationships rear their heads/old lovers come find you (yikes)
  • Revisiting self worth/love issues
  • Reconciling with old loves, or getting closure
  • Reconsidering your appearance and who/what you attract to yourself

There’s a lot of “re-s” in there, because planetary retrograde is: 1) an internalization of its energy, 2) an intensification of energy, and 3) a review of that planet’s issues. Venus represents how you give and receive love, your material things, your appearance, and what you are attracted to. Venus retrograde isn’t a good time for new relationships or drastic changes in appearance; you’re better off taking stock of what’s already in your life.

Venus entered Virgo on July 18th, where she began to doubt, scrutinize/analyze relationships and finances, and she got more practical and humble about displaying love and affection. If you paid attention to the questions that started popping into your head, you have an idea about what will require revisiting during her retrograde period. On Friday, July 31st, Venus will re-enter Leo and may lead you to the following questions:

  • What am I attracting/attracted to, and why?
  • What do others notice me for?  Is this what I want?
  • Are my relationships true, or are they just for show?
  • Am I using my finances/buying property for the right reasons (a.k.a. because it’s good for me and my family), or because I want to appear a certain way to others?
  • Do I get respect in my relationships with others?  If not, why?

As you can see, there are a lot of pride/image issues here, and that’s because of Leo’s inherent ego. Anything you have started or been working on in love, pride, appearance, relationships, and finances since June 21st will likely require another look, so keep that in mind.

Whatever you do, don’t fear the retrograde! A lot of bad publicity goes into them, and they needn’t be so bad, if you can trust your gut and express yourself with authenticity and self-respect. That’s what Leo is all about, and this is an opportunity to tell it like it is, should any old flames come a-knockin’!  But be prepared to learn the lesson, if you’ve been overly concerned with appearances:  All that is gold does not glitter.

The Season of the Lion

Photo credit: Brin Weins

Although Venus is about to take a two-week tour of Virgo starting tomorrow (7/18), the Sun and Mercury will both be joining Jupiter in Leo, next week.  This is a time for honoring the self, stroking the ego, enjoying the limelight, and creative self-expression.

The Sun loves Leo. It rules the sign and there is no better place for it to shine: Leo is proud and loves the spotlight. The Sun’s heat is at its peak here in the Northern Hemisphere, and schools are closed because kids (and adults) just want to have fun! The Sun lights up that special part of your chart ruled by Leo, which is where you want to be noticed and loved for who you are.

Mercury, on the other hand, isn’t at its best here. Mercury is intellectual and logical, and in Leo it can rub people the wrong way: arrogant, boastful, know-it-all, bossy, and of course dramatic. Yet Leo Mercury has its merit when it comes to thinking creatively, and dramatic speech (excellent for public speaking or stage work).

On 7/31, Venus will re-enter Leo, making a total of four planets transiting this sign. That’s a lot of fire! There may be too many chefs in the kitchen, but try not to focus on what others are doing, and check your pride when things get tense.

Look at the area of your chart Leo rules to see where you’re focused. Jupiter has been in Leo since last July, encouraging growth and expansion in this area. Venus in Leo has been attracting attention/focusing on relationships and finances, and will go through a period of re-assessment here during the retrograde (7/25 – 9/6).

Enjoy the summer heat!

The Lion, the Fish, and the Liberator

Photo credit: Christine Sponchia

There are some interesting aspects from June 29 – July 1st (leading up to the Capricorn Full Moon). Venus joins Jupiter in Leo, and they trine the Liberator Uranus, and inconjunct Chiron in Pisces. See what happens when the Lion, the Fish, and the Liberator come together:

(Venus + Jupiter) in Leo = Expanding friendships, magnanimous love, extravagant spending, emphasis on self-pride, going all out in appearance, extreme feelings of self-worth.

6/29 – Trine to Uranus in Aries = Flow with your desire for freedom, self-expression, and originality. Uranus adds the element of surprise.

6/30 – Inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces = Chiron just went retrograde, and this doesn’t jive with the Venus/Jupiter agenda: the fish and the lion don’t have much in common. Examining old hurts, and at the same time, want to have an extravagant celebration about yourself? The key is adjustment. Allow your sensitive side to keep your larger-than-life affections in check. Maybe Chiron is projected onto someone you’re attempting to charm, and it’s uncomfortable for that person!

Jupiter Trine Uranus

Photo credit: Bess Hamiti

Jupiter trines Uranus exact on June 22nd. This harmonious connection between the two slow-moving planets has been building for weeks, encouraging us to explore and expand in unchartered territory. This is the last of three times they trine (the first was September 25, 2014, the second March 3, 2015).

Jupiter entered Leo in July 2014, and has encouraged expansion of creativity, self-expression, the inner child, romance, generosity, pride, and drama. Jupiter magnifies the ego in Leo.

Uranus in Aries is a slow transit (2012-2018) that demands freedom via independence, pioneering, sudden changes, and doing-your-own-thing. Aries is impatient and Uranus tends to burn bridges in pursuit of liberation, via sudden upheavals. Aries is identity, and Uranus wants you to cut all that is old, stale, and conventional.

The two planets harmoniously trine each other at 20º Aries/Leo, creating positive expansion of originality and innovation. This aspect lacks tension, but there may still be growing pains: Jupiter inflates what it touches (good or bad) and Uranus violently shakes the dust off. But the two open new avenues, and encourage you to leave the past behind.

Trines can be taken for granted. If has been difficult to leave your old, comfy, safe way of life, remember that this is a chance to become liberated from what shackles you. Settling for less than you truly desire, all to meet status-quo or other’s expectations, is a self-imposed prison.

Will you stay in your cell, or step outside and face the unknown?

19º – 24º of the Fire signs will feel this strongest.

Venus in the Shadow Zone

Photo credit: Lisa Runnels

On June 21st, Venus enters the shadow zone at 14º Leo, for her upcoming retrograde period.

Venus goes retrograde once every 18 months. It is a time for reassessing your existing relationships and finances. People from your past can resurface, you may reminisce about old partnerships, and issues in your finances come up. Generally, Venus retrograde is not a good time to start new relationships, major changes to your appearance, or large financial investments.

Venus in Leo is proud and demands attention. Her current transit will reach 0º Virgo, where she stations retrograde on July 25, and moves back into Leo through September 6. Something involving your pride will need to be reassessed, or perhaps something that glitters in your life is not truly gold, and you need to uncover this false idol before you can move on.

Here is a list of key events for Venus:

6/5: Venus entered Leo
6/6: Venus trine Saturn Rx (0º Leo)
6/16: Venus inconjunct Neptune Rx (9º Leo)
6/21: Venus reaches 14º Leo (retrograde zone)
7/1: Venus conjunct Jupiter (21º Leo)
7/18: Venus enters Virgo
7/25: Venus stations retrograde 0º Virgo
7/31: Venus Rx re-enters Leo
8/15: Sun conjunct Venus Rx (22º Leo)
9/1: Venus Rx conjunct Mars (14º Leo)
9/6: Venus stations Direct (14º Leo)
10/8: Venus re-enters Virgo
10/9: Venus leaves retrograde zone (0º Virgo)