The Jupiter-Pluto Square

The Jupiter-Pluto SquareThere is a major square coming up that will hit three times between now and 2017: Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. The first one will be exact on November 24th at 15º (so you can feel it building already), and the other two will happen on March 30th and August 4th of 2017, respectively.

Jupiter is all about expansion, and in Libra, it’s currently magnifying relationship goals and social ideals. The house it’s riding through in your chart represents what life areas are taking larger significance for you at any given time. For example, Jupiter is currently transiting my 7th house (on the heels of a Jupiter Return), which is Libra’s natural house, representing committed partnerships. So for me, there’s a double-whammy of focus on idealistic relationships, at the moment. For you, it might be your 5th house, so your relationship with your children or lover would take significance, a creative partner, or idealistic self-expression. If it’s in your 10th house, you’ll be focusing on business partnerships, social contacts that help your profession, or projecting an ideal image to the world.

Pluto is about transformation, and in Capricorn (where it’s been for eight years), it’s examining and breaking down traditional power structures. On an individual level, this could be a slow but permanent change in your professional life, hierarchies like your family or employer, and how you view/interact with your government. Pluto is just entering my 11th house (it’s been teeter-tottering on the cusp for a while now), but while it was in my 10th house, it transformed my career. If Pluto is in your 2nd house, your self-worth and personal finances are going through permanent changes. If it’s transiting your 4th house, family and home hierarchy is being transformed.

So what happens when these two clash in a 90º square? Jupiter is the applying planet because it’s the faster mover, so just remember that it always wants to enlarge whatever it comes into contact with. A square means tension, crisis, and/or a conflict of interest. So in this case, the Libra idealism/hyper-focus on partnerships clashes with Capricorn power structures. Don’t forget that Capricorn’s natural ruler is Saturn, Jupiter’s foil: where Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts. So this square could play out something like this: you have a vision of an idealistic, balanced, harmonious society but the man is getting you down. Or perhaps the cold, harsh rules of someone in power prevent you from enjoying a beautiful partnership.

Globally, Jupiter’s strong ideals and high hopes are being stymied by those in power. I’ve already talked about the U.S. election on this blog, and this square would certainly apply to those who oppose our current president elect. Like Jupiter ramming itself against Pluto’s iron fist, people may attempt to push their ideals even more strongly when told, “no.” It would also apply to his supporters who have high hopes .. perhaps too high, and he won’t be able to live up to them due to the powers that be.

On a personal level, remember to check the natal houses and planets, angles, or nodes it affects for you. These are indicators as to how and where it will play out in your life. I wish I could tell you I was in some ideal relationship that will be challenged by my career during this square (because then I could give you a personal example), but nooo I’m not, lmao. But if you have personal planets/angles/nodes from 14 – 19 degrees of the Cardinal signs, then you will be the most affected by this series of upcoming squares. Just try to remember that if you find yourself thwarted, and attempt to fix that by pushing your ideals even further down people’s throats….you’re not handling this well.

Make use of this energy by allowing yourself to compromise and work with any restrictions that come up, not against them, especially if this transit manifests for you via a person in a position of power limiting you in some way. You’ll be surprised at how much it can help you in the end, and even empower your own success.


Life Path 6

Life Path 6Your Life Path number in numerology is the most significant number, and represents the essence of who you are and why you are here. You’ll spend a lifetime learning about it (much like in astrology, you spend a lifetime coming into your sun sign). To calculate your Life Path number, just add up the day, month, and year of your birth, then reduce. For example, if you were born on November 25th, 1992, you would add: (1+1) + (2+5) + (1+9+9+2) = 2 + 7 + (2+1) = 2 + 7 + 3 = 12. Then reduce: 1 + 2 = 3. You are a Life Path 3!

If you have a 6 Life Path, then congratulations, because you have the most attractive number. You also have the most responsibility on your hands, so…there’s that too! 6 is the number of family and home, different from the way 4 is about the physical structure of your house, but because home is where the heart is. 6 is the number of the heart, and of love. That’s why it’s so attractive! Love is the strongest force we have. When you open up your heart you send out that power, and people naturally want to return it. The trick is, letting love in can be difficult, too!

The number 6 is a lot like the zodiac sign Libra. Aside from the love thing, 6s are always trying to seek justice for all. But there’s a little Capricorn (or Cancer) thrown into the mix, because Life Path 6s are often the family patriarchs or matriarchs, and tend towards leadership in any setting. They are often worried about everyone else, too. I think of LP 6s like perpetual eldest children…they shoulder a lot of responsibility and have to worry about their younger siblings, have the most chores, but in a way enjoy being the one their parents look to, to help things run smoothly. Then they grow up and recreate the whole thing by marrying, buying a house, and having kids. They just need people and responsibility!

I said above that this sign is a bit Capricorn-y, then went on to describe all the things that sound more like Cancer. But here’s where the Goat comes in: Life Path 6s tend to be control freaks, and they like running things in business too. These people find it hard to let go and let others live their lives. If you are a 6 and you don’t have a family, you’ll make a family of your friends, or if you don’t have a spouse you’ll uber-focus on your kids. You can easily become a helicopter parent, or that person that is always trying to rescue or “fix” others. Careful, that’s not sexy! Get yourself a creative project to focus on instead, because on top of being the most attractive number, you’re also good at art and music and stuff (because life is so fair!). The payment for your many gifts is, of course, that you’re a judge-y perfectionist.

Life path 6s care a lot. When people don’t let your love in, however, you can get very annoying to be around. You have high expectations of yourself and others, and people just can’t live up to that. You also (like Libra) blow icy cold when you aren’t happy, which is just another form of trying to control the people around you. Try letting go instead of tightening your grip when you get disappointed or stressed out, and remember that the ones you love are only human! If you must control something, let it be your business or hobby, and watch it flourish. I like 6s because I’m a Life Path 9 and we’re compatible energy (plus I just like being fussed over, I have a Leo moon!)…but they can be some of the most smothering people when they get on a binge. Kind of like a bored 3 who decides to make you their pet project! There’s something about 3, 6, and 9 that resonates (because they are multiples of 3, I guess).

I think there’s also something Neptunian in the 6 energy because of the idealism and creative energy. You can use this to be really compassionate to others and successful in creative endeavors, or like Neptune/Pisces, you can let yourself become disappointed over and over when reality doesn’t live up to your high ideals. Or, you don’t take action – in typical Libra fashion – because circumstances aren’t perfect. Don’t let your life be ruined. As my mom always says, “perfection is the enemy of done.” When you embrace the messiness of life and realize that you can’t see it from your small human perspective, but life is perfect, then nothing can stop you. Listen to me, I know these things, I’m a 9. 😛

Progressed Moon in Libra or 7th House

Progressed Moon in Libra or 7th HouseThe Progressed Moon represents your evolving needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When your PR Moon sign or house changes, your current needs change, and therefore so does your life. During the shift from Virgo to Libra (or natal 6th house to 7th house), partnerships become your greatest priority. You are entering a relationship-oriented phase, which lasts about 2.5 years for the Libra progression and anywhere from 1-4 years for the 7th house progression, depending on your H7’s size.

When your PR Moon was in Virgo or your 6th house, you were focused on work, school, health, daily routines, personal habits, and may have suffered from stress-related illness if things weren’t running like clockwork every day. But primarily, you were keeping very busy and focused on practicalities (including money), learning new things, and being useful. Those days are over, as are the relationships you had, which were likely focused on co-workers or student peers, and an employee-to-boss or student-to-mentor. There is something subservient about Virgo/H6, and you will not be comfortable with that inequality when your PR Moon enters Libra or H7. You may initiate a change right off the bat, to reinstate balance within a personal or work relationship.

Libra’s primary objective in life is balance. It is constantly seeking equality and harmony, and does so through one-to-one relationships, because although often accused of vanity or narcissism, Libra only sees itself clearly when it is reflected in the eyes of another person. Have you ever had a friend that can’t stop looking at themselves in the reflection of your sunglasses? That’s Libra! Only, it goes deeper than that. Libra needs someone else’s feedback and objectivity. Otherwise, they are like one half of a whole, and something is constantly missing. It’s kind of sad, when you think about it, because Libra is not a sign that can do “alone time” very well. Likewise, you may consistently feel like you need a partner with every activity during this Moon progression!

Whether you are currently in a partnership or not, you may feel an increased need for one. If you are in one that has become imbalanced, you’ll seek to either reinstate equality or end it for a better, more balanced partnership. You will likely become more social and enjoy conversations – especially those that argue two sides of a point, in a civil and objective manner – and will become more tactful and diplomatic in your communicating. Social graces become important to you, and selfish or rude behavior from others becomes abhorrent. In fact, Venus-ruled Libra is often accused of superficiality because ugliness or vulgarity of any kind is simply intolerable. You need beauty and aesthetically pleasing environments in which to engage in polite conversation.

A major factor of this PR Moon phase is indecision; Libra has a terrible time trying to decide between one side of an issue or another. You may find yourself hesitating to act until you have discussed all the pros and cons of an issue, often using someone else to bounce ideas off of. On the one hand (in true Libra fashion), you are more likely to make an informed and intelligent decision. On the other, you may have a hell of a time taking action on anything at all during this PR Moon phase!

Here comes the bipolar side of Libra: confrontation and projecting. Libra is striving for balance, but often misses the mark; think of a see-saw. How often is it perfectly horizontal? Practically never. Similarly, Libra swings wildly from one side to another in life; when your PR Moon enters this sign or H7, you become increasingly bipolar in your emotions and will express it in an intellectual way (Libra is a detached Air sign), by starting arguments or playing devil’s advocate. If you have a natal Water or Fire Moon sign, you can experience an increase in your mood swings (fun!). As an Air sign, Libra seeks to communicate with others, and as a Cardinal sign (representing the start of Autumn) it wants to initiate conversations and relationships. This means during your PR Libra/H7 Moon, you will start arguments with people, and project your worst qualities onto others…which means they’ll get blamed for your confrontations!

Libra is a conceptual sign, so it enjoys the idea and discussion of things rather than the doing of them. When your PR Moon was in Virgo, you were active and pragmatic; that time is over. Your efforts will go into convincing others to do things for you, because that’s the Libra way. Unfortunately you may not see this about yourself, and will vehemently deny using ugly manipulation tactics when called out on it. You may even see all your own faults in others with no awareness of your own, because Libra puts on blinders when it comes to self-criticism. You’re not lazy, other people are! Why won’t they do these things you want them to do?? You’re not argumentative, others are! Why won’t they concede that your point is right??

In general, you’ll only resort to the ugly side of Libra when your needs aren’t being met, and when life feels too hard or brutal. Surrounding yourself with pleasant aesthetics and lovely atmosphere helps tremendously, as does having harmonious friends and acquaintances, but above all having a partner that you feel equality with. People often take a partnership to the next level during their PR Moon in Libra or H7… legal commitment in personal and business partnerships is an important need. It will help you to take action when you feel stuck in indecision, from time to time.

The Libra lunar progression is easiest for people with natal Moon in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn). For both Libra/H7 lunar progressions, it’s a good time for addressing personal and business partnership commitment/equality issues. Be as aware as you can about a propensity towards argumentation/confrontation, projecting onto others, indecision, bipolar mood swings, and indecision. This is a difficult time for seeing yourself clearly, but easier if you’re open to feedback.

March Lunar Eclipse

March Lunar EclipseOn the 23rd, the March Lunar eclipse occurs when Full Moon in Libra opposes Sun/Mercury in Aries. This is a culmination that involves finding equal ground with someone – me vs you, my goals vs your needs – or being pushed by somebody else to finally make a decision. On the same day, Jupiter squares Saturn, adding a broader backdrop to this personal tug-of-war; do you feel restricted by a partner? Or are you the one bringing realistic expectations to the table?

The March Lunar eclipse occurs at 3º Libra; if you have any natal or progressed planets/angles/nodes at this spot (or another Cardinal sign), you will feel this eclipse strongest. Keep in mind that eclipses burn a mark at the degree they occur, and transits that follow from 6 months to up to 2 years can rehash the life events corresponding with the eclipse, like an echo.

This particular eclipse may involve fighting or harsh words, because Mercury is traveling with the Sun in impatient, impulsive Aries. People can get a bit righteous during this Full Moon: Mars in Sagittarius aspects both Sun and Moon. Libra projects its own ugly, unrefined qualities (like anger, instigation, narcissism), and also allows the scales to become quite imbalanced before swinging violently the other way. Be cautious of too much finger-pointing and too little ownership.

You can build something constructive out of this. You can further a relationship by airing things out, because it’s likely that one of you has felt victimized or has been taken advantage of during this emotionally heavy Pisces season. Or, you can make a necessary, personal decision with grace and objective judgement.

The Jupiter-Saturn square means this interpersonal dynamic represents a larger issue. There are limits to your possibilities, says Saturn. You have to choose what details to focus on, and be realistic. If you are projecting this restriction onto somebody else (or being the voice of reason for someone), then the Libra “It’s not fair!” rally isn’t about them, it’s about you. But when is it not, ultimately?

Blessed Mabon

It’s officially Fall!  “Mabon” is the traditional Pagan celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. I had to look it up (got the next one down: Halloween is called Samhain). It’s officially time to purchase a completely unnecessary hay bale for the porch, and some gourds and pumpkins. Also, I got those bad boys pictured above, for carving!

Blessed Mabon

really look forward to Fall, and not just for the pumpkin carve-o-rama that ensues. I love every minute of it, the leaves, the brisk weather, plus it’s a great time to bake!

Today is the start of Libra season, and Mercury retrograde in Libra is causing some miscommunication in one-on-one relationships and excessive waffling on decisions. Bipolar Libra in full effect! In addition, Sun is sextile Saturn at 0º Sagittarius. This is a beneficial relationship between the two, where time, wisdom, and experience assist in the achievement of personal goals.

Tomorrow Mars enters Virgo, accompanied by two transits. The first is Sun conjunct North Node at 1º Libra: personal goals are in line with your forward path. The second is Mercury square Pluto: communication is challenged by authority. These two only last the day.

Happy Fall!