Upcoming Transits and the U.S. Presidential Election

There are three ingresses this week, leading up to the Full Moon next Monday (Nov 14th). All these planets will be changing signs within a four-day period, starting the day after the U.S. presidential election…which is quite the energy shift!

Mars enters Aquarius on Wednesday, Nov 9th (EST). This is an innovative and go-against-the-grain energy for Mars, planet of initiation and action. But it’s more about concepts than doing, so there’s that. Aquarius is emotionally detached and objective, so it may be easier to think before you make a rash decision. I said maybe: Aquarius is known for its unpredictability and rule-breaking. Mars enters Pisces on Dec 19th.

Venus enters Capricorn on Friday, Nov 11th. This puts the focus for love and friendship on practical, achievable goals, and new connections that double as resources. Sounds a little cold and calculated, but Capricorn is actually a warm earth sign, just the most ambitious one. Venus also rules material things, and Capricorn loves status, so you may be drawn to name-brands (and quality over quantity). Venus enters Aquarius on Dec 7th.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday, Nov 12th. This opens up communication and puts emphasis on the bigger picture (with much potential for flaws in the details!). Sag is all about ideas and beliefs, so this can also be a time for arguments, all of which will have holes. An excellent time to learn anything new and exciting, or peruse faith and spirituality texts. Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec 2nd.

With the U.S. presidential election in two days, this week ushers in a time of change! I’ve been trying to do the astrology of Clinton and Trump, and unfortunately there’s a lot of argument over Hillary’s birth time, which throws houses and angles out the window. But at poll closing time, the sky favors a female energy; the sun and moon are in Scorpio and Pisces, both water signs. In fact, they are in Hillary’s natal sun and moon signs, which bodes well for her…and the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus is conjunct her Lunar North Node, which represents her destiny.

Donald also has some transits happening, specifically planets entering his natal and progressed 4th house (assuming his birth time is correct)…this indicates a renewed focus on home and family. He also has Jupiter conjunct Chiron, which represents a major flare up of an old emotional pain, and he will soon have his Jupiter return which is the start of a new 12-year cycle. That could be the start of his presidency, or it could indicate he’s packing it in and headed for something new. I guess we’ll see!

I checked the U.S.’s progressed chart, and our country’s ascendant just entered Virgo, a feminine sign. Could we actually see the first female president of the United States get elected this week? What a long-awaited historical moment that will be!


At Long Last, Mars Stations Direct

I’ve written a fair few posts about Mars retrograde, but finally on Wednesday, June 29th, Mars will station direct at 23º Scorpio. The planet of action stationed retrograde back on April 17th at 8º Sagittarius, and it’s been a wild ride (for some of us). Because the backwards movement began in the sign of the Archer, this reflective period was primarily to identify whether you are moving in the right direction. Hopefully, you’ve gained some clarity and can move forward with any adjustments necessary!

When Mars dipped back into Scorpio (on May 27th), actions/directions you had already begun to question went to a deeper place. Scorpio is the excavator, and digs right down into your psyche, your emotional base. If Mars Rx in Sag had you asking, “Am I moving in the wrong direction,” then Mars Rx in Scorpio asked, “Why?” Scorpio wants to know the psychological reasons behind everything. You may have even turned to astrology (hello there!) for answers!

A retrograde is a private, personal re-assessment, but it’s also an intensification of energy, which can turn to obsession in Scorpio. That sounds like an oxymoron: how can you get more intense about something if you are backing away to question it? Well, even if you’re questioning something, your energy is intense about it because you are focused on the subject. For this particular retrograde, it seems like the first part (Mars Rx in Sag) was a time to try and push the envelope, but end up stumbling. If you’re on the wrong path, you’ll encounter obstacles, because that’s the universe saying turn back! Wrong way! If you then try harder, you’ll encounter even more obstacles. The second part (Mars Rx in Scorpio) was the obsessive portion of this journey: If I’m on the wrong path, then what’s the right one? How’d I even get on this trajectory?

Hopefully, you’ve gotten your answers. Now comes the good part: retracing your steps and getting back on track. From June 29th – August 22nd Mars will be traveling for the final time through 23º Scorpio to 8º Sagittarius. This is your second chance to get it right, make a new choice, and gain clarity. One word of warning: if you started (or re-started) anything during the retrograde, such as a new or refurbished relationship/job/activity/etc., expect things to alter when Mars stations direct. It may not have to dry up entirely, but the course it takes will be a different one than when it began.

After August 22nd? It’s smooth sailing into the future.

A Mars Retrograde Rant

This blog entry is a bit off from what I normally write, because it’s about my personal views, not just what’s going on in the sky.

I don’t know if it’s Mars retrograde in Sag, but lately I’ve noticed that many people have lofty dreams in life that I personally can’t get excited about: the typical things like marriage, and kids, and money. I used to want to accomplish everything from writing a young adult dystopic novel, to buying a shower with a TV, but not anymore. Where did these aspirations go? What happens to a dream deferred? (That poem is actually about racial oppression, and it’s quite serious and way more significant than my current issues, I just really wanted to link it.)

Maybe a dream is just something to get us going that day, and every one doesn’t need to actualize. Plus, what good is it to keep at something – or someone – you no longer care about, just to stave away feelings of failure? You can always come back to it later. Or maybe that’s just my lazy, escapist Pisces rising talking.

Mars Stations Retrograde

April 17th, Mars stations retrograde at 8º Sagittarius, and will be moving backwards until June 29th. Mars represents action and initiative, which will be delayed during the retrograde. Actions taken in the past few months, specifically since Mars entered the shadow zone, will also have to be reviewed and revisited. Pay special attention to educational, travel, and legal matters (Sagittarius territory).

This retrograde has two parts. The first one is the journey from 8º – 0º Sagittarius (April 17th – May 26th). Mars in Sagittarius represents actions that expand your horizons, bring you to a greater truth, or come from a place of optimism and faith. These are also the areas that will be questioned during the Rx period: truth vs lies, faith vs false hope, and whether your arrow is aimed in the right direction, these days.

The second part is from 29º – 23º Scorpio (May 27th – June 29th), when you’ll have to take the truths that have been reevaluated during the first part, and apply them at a deeper level. Scorpio is darker, more intimate, and more emotional than Sag, so this last leg of the Rx will apply your newfound direction at the very core of who you are.

This is a lengthy retrograde, which will be accompanied by Pluto Rx (starting April 18th) and Mercury Rx (April 28th – May 22nd). Frustrations will arise if you attempt to push actions even though things are going slow or not lining up easily for you. The best bet is to lay off, because this retrograde period is happening to help you reevaluate the direction you’re taking. Why force something that isn’t in your best interest?

Some other things to note: retrograde periods are an internal process, hence the delay of progress in the outside world, but they are also an intensification of the planet’s energy. In this case, you may feel a push to drop all but one or two courses of action (Sag is a Mutable sign that likes to juggle several opportunities at once), when the retrograde begins, and funnel all your energy into the chosen avenue. Also, be aware that anything initiated during an Rx period is likely to change course once the planet stations direct. Actions begun or sexual relationships you initiate will either end or not be the same, come June 29th!

Mars retrograde is a great time to take action on old projects that were put on the back burner, at some point. You can make real headway, because you’ll be in a different frame of mind right now, and see other approaches. Don’t be surprised if you cross paths with old flames during this time, too, and now is a very good time to rekindle an old sexual relationship, if you are so inclined!

If you have natal/progressed planets or angles between 23º Scorpio – 8º Sagittarius, you’ll be affected by this retrograde strongest. Those with natal/progressed planets or angles that oppose Mars retrograde (23º Taurus – 8º Gemini) or square it (23º Leo/Aquarius – 8º Virgo/Pisces) will also feel tension, to a lesser extent.

Mars enters Sagittarius

March 5th (the same day Mercury enters Pisces), Mars enters Sagittarius. Its energy knows no bounds here, and seeks to broaden horizons. When Mars enters the sign of the archer, the motto is “bigger, better, faster, more.”

Sagittarius is a sign of optimism. Although Saturn is in Sag at the moment, this is the part of your chart you have undying faith that all will work out for the best. It is also where you shoot for the stars. Mars moving through this area promotes physical action: exploration, sport, expansion, sexual escapades. Sag is light and fun-loving sign, but also competitive (depicted by the archer, who has lofty aims). The challenge is to not spread yourself too thin over many possibilities, or become overly promiscuous; fidelity is low on the list of priorities. This transit can expand possibilities in the Sag area of your chart, if you have faith in your own actions.

Mars is in the shadow zone for its upcoming retrograde. It will station retrograde Apr 17 (at 8º SAG) and re-enter Scorpio May 27. That means what you act upon during the next six weeks may require backtracking during that time frame. You will be able to move forward for good once Mars re-enters Sagittarius on Aug 2, and transits 0º – 8º SAG for the third and final time.

Mars in the Rx Shadow

On Feb 17, Mars enters the retrograde shadow zone at 23º Scorpio for its upcoming Rx period. This is the degree it will reverse back to before stationing direct, so it warrants some attention. Retrogrades offer a second chance to learn a lesson. Mars has to do with actions. Mars Rx occurs between Apr 17 – Jun 29.

Mars in Scorpio is laser-like: concentrated and sustained. At its best, it represents transcendence of the self through complete dedication (to a person, passion, or cause). At its worst, it’s obsessive and destructive. Where it’s traveling in your chart is where your personal focus is aimed. Universally, Scorpio addresses death/rebirth, deep intimacy and truth. Mars is controlled and powerful here, and all about the long game, laying low until the right time to strike.

The lower vibration of Scorpio is the scorpion, seeking retaliation, using painful poison. Manipulation, revenge, compulsion, obsession, and destruction are its dark side. The higher vibration of Scorpio is represented by the stoic and sharp-eyed eagle, who sees all and flies above. My favorite Scorpio image is the Phoenix, who repeatedly dies and rises from her own ashes, reborn. Mars in Scorpio gives us all the opportunity to transcend deep pain and act with altruism rather than vengeance (living well is the best revenge, they say). It also gives us the chance to die to our old way of life in some area, and start fresh.

Look to the area of your chart from 23º SCO – 8º SAG (the full range of the retrograde) to understand what lessons you have an opportunity to learn. The first pass of this zone is between Feb 17 – Mar 5, the second between May 27 – Jun 29 (backwards), and the third between Jun 29 – Aug 2.

So, if you attack something (or someone!) full force in late February, it will likely come back for round 2 in June. I’d caution against insulting or hurting someone, because their opportunity for revenge will come (or vice-versa, if someone slights you). More altruistically, you may throw yourself into a project or relationship, and see some areas of opportunity that were missed the first time around when Mars goes retrograde. Regardless, you’ll be able to move forward on the third pass.

While this post focused purely on the Scorpio portion of Mars’ transit, there are some Sagittarius lessons to learn as 0º – 8º SAG will also be visited three times (I will explore this in a later post, as we get closer to the date).

Mars Retrograde Timeline

Feb 17: Mars enters “Rx zone” at 23º SCO

Mar 5:  Mars enters Sagittarius

Apr 17: Mars stations retrograde at 8º SAG

May 27: Mars Rx re-enters Scorpio

Jun 29: Mars stations direct at 23º SCO

Aug 2:  Mars re-enters Sagittarius

Aug 22: Mars leaves “Rx zone” at 8º SAG

This retrograde will have the greatest impact on those with natal or progressed planets/angles from 23º Scorpio – 8º Sagittarius.

Mars enters Cancer

woman-641528_1280On June 24th, Mars enters Cancer immediately following an uncomfortable aspect with Saturn Rx in Scorpio. Also on the 24th, Chiron stations retrograde at 21º Pisces. That’s a whole lot of watery sensitivity!

Mars is passive-aggressive in Cancer; directness is just too scary for the crab. However, it also acts with sensitivity and consideration. This is a Cardinal sign that initiates on an emotional level. Mars will remain in Cancer through August 8th.

What about the Wounded Healer, Chiron? It stations retrograde in the most empathetic of signs, Pisces. We explore old wounds in the vulnerable waters of the fish (look at 21º-16º Pisces in your chart). Chiron in Pisces remembers that it sacrificed for the greater good, and felt like a doormat. Or, it provided free therapy to everyone, but got nothing in return. This is martyrdom at its finest. Chiron stations retrograde for a five-month reassessment period of how it can heal from these old wounds: it will station direct November 28th.

The upcoming weekend of June 26 – 28 may be a quiet, solitary one, with Moon in Scorpio for you to contemplate emotional issues in your life. Sensitivities continue through the July 1st Full Moon in Capricorn, accompanied by various Chiron/Neptune Rx aspects: more about that to come.