New Moon in Scorpio

Tonight is mischief night, and there’s a new moon in Scorpio (7º). New moons are new beginnings, and this one is a subtle, secretive one…yet determined. What you are starting to develop will be kept close to the chest, as Scorpio’s top priority is self-protection.

Mercury is close to the sun/moon at 9º Scorpio, so information is key right now. Perhaps a new insight will prompt your transformation process (Mercury in Scorpio probes into the deepest recesses of the human psyche!). This could be brought on by a conversation, or while doing research, but the “aha!” moment will involve your intuition. Meditation or using tarot/oracle cards can be helpful right now.

Neptune makes a harmonious trine from 9º Pisces, upping the psychic factor during this new moon. It also increases your powers of visualization and faith. Scorpio can dip into the underworld easily, given that its ruling planet is Pluto. But with Neptune’s aid, you are better able to remain positively focused! Trust whatever intel you receive at the emotional level, because not everything can be logically explained when Water signs are dominant.

Whatever steps you decide to take over the next week, know that they are moving you in the right direction. The Lunar Nodes are in the mix, at 11º Virgo (North Node) and Pisces (South Node). Their rulers Mercury and Neptune are part of this new moon as explained above, and they are trine one another. Use this new moon to release what needs to be let go, in order to move on (SN) and propel you into the future (NN)!

The natal house this new moon occurs in, and any aspects to natal planets/angles/nodes, will better explain what is beginning for you. In general, this moon will be felt strongest by those with anything from 6º – 9º of the Fixed or Water signs.

November’s full moon will occur on November 14th at 22º Taurus.


Tomorrow’s New Moon

Confused about which option to choose? Tomorrow’s new Moon may pick it for you! The new Moon in Gemini accompanies a Grand Mutable Cross, which is a pattern of planets at odds with one another (like a cross). The Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces – usually represent juggling choices, however, buzzkill Saturn’s involvement means most of them will fall through, if they haven’t already 😦

The new Moon occurs on Saturday, June 4th (at 14º Gemini). New Moons are beginnings, and Gemini represents information. Mars represents going out to get what you want, and Venus is attracting your desires. So this new Moon can bring appealing choices, but with Gemini, their beauty pretty much lies on the surface!

Saturn opposes the Gemini trio (from Sagittarius). Gemini is a light, airy sign that can’t stand to be weighed down by Saturn’s depressing energy. But Saturn also anchors Gemini, who can be unrealistic. This new Moon may be frustrating as you explore options only to have them dissolve, or make a decision and then come up against an immediate obstacle. But the options that weren’t realistic are falling away, and the right ones will be left standing. In the end, that’s a good thing!

Let’s finish out the Grand Cross. The new Moon-Saturn stand off is squared by another standoff: Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. Think of it like a boxing match, but instead of just two opponents in opposite corners, there are four opponents in each corner, staring each other down. In one corner, we have the Gemini trio, staring at mopey Saturn, and on the sides we’ve got massive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune.

Jupiter and Neptune don’t exactly work at odds with one another, even in opposition: they are just too friendly and similar. Both dislike boundaries, and try to expand or dissolve them. When the two are in aspect, they just egg each other on. Jupiter is a traveling party, and even in critical Virgo he’s pointing out all the positive details. Jupiter’s role in this new Moon is to present even more practical options to you. Neptune is a dreamer, and an idealist. In Pisces (her natural home), she’s oozing a rosy mist to fog over any harsh realities. Her role in this new Moon is to pump up your imagination and help you visualize a perfect situation.

Jupiter + Neptune are a little bothersome, because they are coming at you from the sides, multiplying choices and making reality hazy. They definitely work as a distracting team, but they also lend you some hope in the face of Saturn’s discouragement. So let yourself brainstorm this new Moon, because the less-than-stellar options will fall away by themselves. If you have to let go of a dream, maybe that dream wasn’t the best possible outcome for you in the long run?

New Moon in Aries

April 7th
, there is a New Moon in Aries (18º). This brand new Lunar phase is the fresh start many of you have been waiting for, because it bursts forth with the energy of the Ram. There is much emphasis on action and independence during an Aries New Moon, but this particular one is complicated by several aspects with the outer planets; specifically, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn.

Although Aries season technically began back in March, there were a plethora of planets, asteroids, and nodes still in Pisces, which somewhat dampened the fiery energy of the first days of spring. However, with Venus entering Aries earlier in the week (on the 5th), initiating Cardinal energy is stronger, and this New Moon can be your first step towards the new you. Hopefully during Pisces season you released some emotional pain from the past, and your load is lighter.

Aspects the Aries Sun makes this week are involved in the New Moon, particularly, a conjunction with Uranus (at 20º Aries) accompanies this transit. This means unexpected disruptions, sudden ideas and developments, and aggressive action. If you don’t embrace this radical, against-the-grain energy by marching to your own beat, you’ll still experience it via chaos in your surroundings. The violence of this New Moon in Aries is exaggerated by a square with Pluto (at 17º Capricorn). Pluto represents survival, power, and revolution, and butted up against Aries, things get primal; there is an instinctual drive towards what you feel you need to do. Not much thinking involved!

Luckily, a trine with Saturn Rx (at 16º Sagittarius) helps out the unstable Ram Moon by providing support and structure from pre-existing rules, that you can lean back on when things get crazy. This is also a good focal point for all that raw energy: is there a limitation or restriction you’d like to remove? Now may be the chance you’ve been waiting for. Assistance from those who are wiser helps, too.

Those with natal or progressed planets, angles, or nodes between 16º – 20º of the Cardinal and Fire signs will feel this New Moon the strongest.

March Solar Eclipse

March 8th there is a solar eclipse, at 18º Pisces. This is a supercharged New Moon. You have the opportunity to begin something, but may lack the clarity to define it. This is one transit you’ll do best trusting your gut, because Pisces is jam-packed right now, and operates best on the intuitive level. Have faith in your vision.

Chiron, Ceres, and the Lunar South Node are close to the eclipse. Chiron activates vulnerability, and Ceres represents feelings of loss. The South Node is that which you are moving away from, so ironically, this New Moon may accompany an ending of some sort, like giving up an old addiction, or ending a dysfunctional relationship. You have to say goodbye to start the new, and quit the victim/martyr behavior.

Optimistic Jupiter Rx opposes the eclipse from 18º Virgo, magnifies it, and ups your desire to crystalize boundaries you can’t quite define. Jupiter is with the Lunar North Node, so you may feel that the faster you can clarify details, the sooner you can take the next substantial step on your journey. You’d be right. But first, Pisces requires a sacrifice: it’s the release of the old thing that will propel you forward.

Saturn squares the eclipse from 16º Sagittarius. This is a somber influence; Saturn lists the obstacles to your dream, and it asks for a concrete outline. Your faith may waiver when you can’t provide one just yet. But Saturn also provides some much-needed structure to Pisces, closing doors that aren’t viable options, leading it to realistic choices.

This eclipse is a powerful one, but it won’t be tangible until you give in to the current. Once you trust the tide, you’ll find your feet on the sand. The eclipse is strongest for those with natal planets/angles from 16º – 22º of the Mutable (or Water) signs.

The Lunar Transit

The transiting Moon in astrology rules over emotions and the general public. It takes about 28 days to complete the Lunar transit, therefore the Moon changes Zodiac signs every 2.5 days. Because it moves so fast, the aspects it makes to other planets are fleeting and only applicable for a few hours. Understanding Moon signs, phases, aspects, and void of course times can help you plan events more efficiently, because you’ll be working with the general emotional atmosphere.

  • Sign: Describes the way emotions are being universally experienced. During Aries Moon, people tend to be more impatient and brash. During Aquarius Moon people are emotionally detached and scientific-minded. This article provides appropriate activities to plan for each Moon sign.
  • Phase: New Moon is best for initiating, waxing Moon for growing, Full Moon for culminations/going public, and waning Moon for edits and revisions. Here’s a Moon Phase Calendar with full phase descriptions.
  • Aspects: Trines and sextiles to other planets are helpful, squares and oppositions are challenging, conjunctions work as one with the Moon, and inconjuncts require compromise.
  • Void of Course: When a Moon is preparing to leave a sign and enter a new one after all major aspects have been made, it is said that things you begin will come to nothing. Your time is better spent working on existing projects and relationships, via edits, revisions, etc. This period can last from a few minutes to daysThis article is excellent for understanding/planning with VoC Moon.

Planning Examples

Sign use: You’re planning a party for the weekend after next, trying to choose between Friday or Saturday night. The Moon will be in brooding Scorpio on Friday, and moves into light-hearted Sagittarius on Saturday. If you want people to be in high spirits and have fun at your party, choose Saturday!

Phase use: You need a hair trim, but would like to grow it out. The Moon is waxing until the middle of the month, so choose a day during the first or second week; new hair grows faster if trimmed during the waxing phase (so do plants).

Aspect use: You choose a morning during the Capricorn Moon to hold a business meeting, but see the Moon squares Neptune at 10:30am. You’d be best moving it to the afternoon when the Moon is clear of Neptune’s influence; people may daydream or be unable to understand you clearly, in the morning.

VoC use: You’re going on a date Friday night, but the Moon will be void of course all evening. If you go out that night, the relationship will likely come to nothing, so choose another night if you want it to last. If you just want some fun, by all means, go during the void of course Moon!

Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon on June 16th is conjunct Mars (24º). New Moons are beginnings, and Gemini means juggling choices and information. With Mars in the mix, the energy is given a fiery boost: a just do it attitude.

In addition to the Sun, Moon, and Mars, Mercury retrograde is in Gemini; that’s a lot of mental activity, and your energy may be scattered as you figure out which seeds to plant. 25º Gemini in your chart is where new endeavors begin, possibly with a kick of sudden decisiveness. Ask yourself, “What do I need to communicate?” “How can I multi-task?” “What information do I need to organize and share?”

Same day as the New Moon, Venus in Leo forms an inconjunct with Neptune. A relationship compromise may be necessary, during this New Moon. Neptune comes into play again at the July 1st Capricorn Full Moon, forming a harmonious aspect to ease the tension between the Cancer Sun and Cappy Moon.

You may attempt many different things this New Moon. The Capricorn Full Moon will hone in on the few avenues that are realistic, and discard the rest.