A Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Today (Friday, September 16th), there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24º Pisces. It will be happening in the afternoon in EST, so don’t expect to see the eclipse in the US. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you, astrologically! (In fact, if you are reading this today, it likely already started affecting you weeks ago…and this is the culmination of whatever was set in motion during the September 1st Solar Eclipse at 9º Virgo).

The degree an eclipse occurs makes a mark in your chart that can affect you anywhere from the next six months to the next two years. It all depends on how significant that degree is, to you. For example, this eclipse is happening conjunct my 22º Pisces ascendant, which is a significant point (see below – transits are outside the wheel in green). The Sun and Moon are aligned with my AC-DC line.

A Lunar Eclipse in PiscesIf the eclipse is falling on one of your personal (or progressed) planets or angles, then it’s a more significant eclipse for you. The energy of the eclipse will be activated each time another planet passes 24º Pisces. You will experience an echo of whatever happens on or before this eclipse each time. It may be a while…the next planets to reach this point are both Venus and Mars in January 2017, and then the Sun, Mercury, and Chiron in February 2017.

More about Chiron, the “Wounded Healer”: it plays a big part in this eclipse, conjunct the Moon at 22º Pisces. Thus, part of the release during this Full Moon eclipse will be about old wounds and letting go of the past, or better yet, using your past as a tool for moving forward. How do you do this without backpedaling into painful memories or regressing? Through compassion. Pisces rides a fine line between understanding and self-sacrifice, so make sure you know the difference between compassion for others and empathy. Hint: it has to do with having strong emotional boundaries. Chiron will be retrograde for much of next year, but it will station direct in December 2017 on 24º Pisces. Whatever starts around this time will see a huge move forward, at that point!

Another component of this eclipse is that Mars squares the Sun and Moon from 23º Sagittarius. (You can see it in the image above of my chart that Mars is right at the top, on my Neptune/Midheaven.) Mars in this tense, dynamic aspect to the eclipse means there is an impetus to take action, and that can be a good thing for the Pisces-Virgo axis, which tends towards inaction. Especially because Mars is in fiery Sagittarius, dreams are big and the urge to reach for them is driving you. This is an expansive influence, and your boundaries are going to be pushed. But you may have to do something outside your comfort zone for this one, like a leap of faith, because Pisces Full Moon blurs the end zone and forces you to use intuition rather than facts or logic. Sorry!

Uranus at 23º Aries makes a helpful trine to Mars in Sag. The Awakener can sometimes be a chaotic influence, with a harsh aspect. But in this case, being original and celebrating what makes you different and unique will be beneficial. Fly your freak flag! Aries is the sign of independence, and while the Pisces Moon dissolves any aggressive or direct actions (rendering them useless), it promotes acceptance. Acceptance of others, and acceptance of yourself….so be confident in who you are, be honest and authentic, and don’t be afraid to break away from the pack!

One caveat: Venus at 21º Libra opposes Uranus and inconjuncts the Moon, adding some social discomfort to the mix. A partnership may be involved, or you may simply have to close your mouth rather than sticking your foot in it! Libra Venus wants more than anything to meet status quo and have everything go smoothly with others, but that may not be possible. Just do the best you can and be as civil as possible in awkward or uncomfortable situations. If you make a choice that others oppose, don’t forget that you have to live your life, not them!


Saturn squares Neptune

This Friday (June 17th), transiting *Saturn at 12º Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. This is a “big deal” transit, because these two planets are slow movers, and it takes a long time for them to get where they’re going. In fact, you may have started to feel this influence a month ago!

*The last time Saturn squared Neptune was November 26th, 2015 – the first of three squares, and the last will be in September 2016 – so this square is a continuation of issues from last November.

Saturn is the planet of restrictions, and it has been in the sign of possibilities – Sagittarius – since 2014. Your potentials are being pared down to only realistic ones. But what happens when Saturn butts heads with the planet of illusion, Neptune? What you thought was a viable option may have been smoke and mirrors. OR, what you thought was clear-cut has many shades of grey. OR, your vision is being tested. Because both of these planets will be retrograde on June 17th, this is an inner faith crisis.

Neptune in Pisces is a double-dose of rosy fog, because she’s in her natural home. But her bad qualities (brought out by the tense square) are exaggerated, too: escapism, disillusionment, and sacrifice. All three Saturn-Neptune squares are asking you, are you truly dedicated to your dream? Is this dream even a possibility? This particular one (the second square) is the internal part of the journey: your inner skeptic is questioning a long-standing dream, and asking if it’s even worth pursuing anymore.

So, who wins in Saturn vs Neptune? Outer planets usually trump ones closer to the Sun. How does the dreamer beat the realist? Faith, acceptance, and unwavering belief in her own vision. Neptune, and its natural sign Pisces, are not often thought of for their “strength.” But this is the strength of water, and water erodes everything over time (see: Grand Canyon).

Remember how water wins over rock: it absorbs a stone thrown into it, and continues flowing. It doesn’t resist or fight back, but it still triumphs. It allows itself to change form, at least temporarily, and in nature if you cannot bend then you break. So allow your dreams to shift and alter needed in the face of limitations, but don’t just give up on them. 😎


Chiron conjunct South Node

March 24 will see the culmination of Chiron conjunct South Node, at 21º Pisces. This aspect, which has been slowly and quietly building all month, may be hard to distinguish from the rest of the fish soup, but is likely at the heart of the discomfort you can’t put your finger on. It is a call to let go of something painful in your past.

Chiron represents an old wound, and in Pisces it often indicates victim mentality or martyr behavior. The Lunar South Node represents what you need to release so that you can move forward on your journey. Coming together for the first time since 2001, Chiron conjunct South Node is dredging up any vulnerability you still carry, opening old wounds so you can finally transcend the pain.

The asteroid Ceres, which represents the death/birth cycle, is also at 21º Pisces. Ceres adds mothering issues to the mix: nurturing, loss, and trauma. Past pain that involved your mother or children, or any relationship in which you felt abandoned, rise to the surface. In Pisces, you play the victim and the martyr, and seek escape from the harshness of reality, whether you felt abused or were the abuser.

This trio – South Node, Chiron, and Ceres – was involved in the Solar Eclipse on the 8th, and this is a push to release what was brought to the surface at that time. If you felt ambiguity about what to begin, now it’s becoming clear what needs to end. Because we are coming off the heels of the Lunar Eclipse in Libra (today), an imbalanced relationship may be involved: either one in your present, or one from your past that continues to hold shackles around you. It could be the poor relationship you have with yourself, if you suffer from addiction or guilt.

If you have anything around 21º Pisces (or the Mutable signs) this is a pivotal point, where something major will be dissolved. As subtle and strange as this Pisces-heavy time has been, do not underestimate its power; you may not logically understand the subconscious changes at work, but they are still having a major affect. Pisces is frustratingly intangible – like water slipping through your fingers – but it’s also the ultimate finality. Remember, eventually the ocean erodes everything.

Venus enters Pisces

March 12th, Venus enters Pisces, joining the throng of transits. Venus is particularly romantic and feminine here, and it infuses this area of your chart with charm and attraction all month. Pisces operates via intuition and divine inspiration; think about that while tending to personal finance matters, during this transit.

Venus in Pisces is dreamy, soft, and creative. This is an excellent transit for artists and musicians, because your imagination is off the charts right now. Pisces has a connection with the unseen, and operates by going with the flow. This is also a great time for idealistic romance, because you’re willing to give yourself completely.

Venus in Pisces is compassionate and empathetic, which on the upside means you can play therapist to your loved ones during this transit, but on the downside you may get pulled into other people’s drama too easily. There’s a lot of Mutable influence right now; great for flexibility, poor for setting boundaries. Swim on.

Venus will be in Pisces until April 5th.

March Solar Eclipse

March 8th there is a solar eclipse, at 18º Pisces. This is a supercharged New Moon. You have the opportunity to begin something, but may lack the clarity to define it. This is one transit you’ll do best trusting your gut, because Pisces is jam-packed right now, and operates best on the intuitive level. Have faith in your vision.

Chiron, Ceres, and the Lunar South Node are close to the eclipse. Chiron activates vulnerability, and Ceres represents feelings of loss. The South Node is that which you are moving away from, so ironically, this New Moon may accompany an ending of some sort, like giving up an old addiction, or ending a dysfunctional relationship. You have to say goodbye to start the new, and quit the victim/martyr behavior.

Optimistic Jupiter Rx opposes the eclipse from 18º Virgo, magnifies it, and ups your desire to crystalize boundaries you can’t quite define. Jupiter is with the Lunar North Node, so you may feel that the faster you can clarify details, the sooner you can take the next substantial step on your journey. You’d be right. But first, Pisces requires a sacrifice: it’s the release of the old thing that will propel you forward.

Saturn squares the eclipse from 16º Sagittarius. This is a somber influence; Saturn lists the obstacles to your dream, and it asks for a concrete outline. Your faith may waiver when you can’t provide one just yet. But Saturn also provides some much-needed structure to Pisces, closing doors that aren’t viable options, leading it to realistic choices.

This eclipse is a powerful one, but it won’t be tangible until you give in to the current. Once you trust the tide, you’ll find your feet on the sand. The eclipse is strongest for those with natal planets/angles from 16º – 22º of the Mutable (or Water) signs.

Mercury enters Pisces

March 5th, Mercury joins the Sun, Neptune, Chiron, and the Lunar South Node in Pisces. Mercury is a bit spacey in Pisces, and traditionally in its detriment. Mental processes don’t follow a direct route; Pisces is a stream of consciousness, insight comes via symbols, intuition, dreams, and divine inspiration. Mercury in Pisces can understand without words, communicates through art, and sees the bigger picture.

The Pisces area of your chart is a hotbed right now. Pisces represents the transcendence of the self to become one with the whole. But because of the South Node’s presence, be cautious of negative Pisces traits this season: evasion, complacency, martyrdom. Pisces can’t always handle the real world, and may escape via fantasy and art, or negatively through substance abuse and other vices. It also gets sucked into other people’s negativity like a riptide, and loses its sense of identity.

You can take advantage of Mercury in Pisces through the powers of visualization and inspired creativity. No one can dream up an ideal situation better than this sign, nor has the ability to ignore a less-than-stellar environment. If there is something you would like to see improve, rather than taking the Virgo approach, why not let yourself get lost in the fantasy of what you would rather have and see where those good feelings take you? Pisces goes with the flow, because it somehow knows that ultimately, everything is happening for a reason.

Mercury will be in Pisces through March 21st.

Full Moon in Virgo

February 22 is the Full Moon in Virgo (at 3º). This phase represents a culmination where it occurs in your chart, but you can also ask yourself what you have been working on since the New Moon in Aquarius (Feb 8). Health and work are Virgo’s territory, and a stressful situation or growing health issue may come to a head at the Full Moon. Virgo scrutinizes, identifying what needs adjustment in a situation. This is your opportunity to clean up and organize.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun is at 3º Pisces, loosely conjunct Neptune and Ceres (both at 9º). Neptune adds emotion/illusion. While Full Moons tend to be peak emotional times, Virgo is a practical Earth sign that channels emotion into work (or hyper criticism and subsequent illness). Neptune is an idealist, and if Virgo cannot get the precise details right, it will give up. If you feel your faith wavering, instead of throwing in the towel, let yourself be inspired by the bigger picture. Virgo often can’t see the forest for the trees, and can benefit from some imagination.

Ceres is an asteroid representing nurturing, loss, and the birth-death cycle. It can bring up mother issues or past abandonment. Opposing the Virgo Full Moon, you may become aware of a personal habit that no longer serves you. The bad news is extra anxiety (watch for stomach/digestive tract irritation). The good news is if you work on it now, you have an opportunity to heal.

Neptune and Ceres together can be emotionally overwhelming, so remember to stay in the present and just do what you can. For some, this Full Moon will accompany recognition for hard work/attention to detail. Enjoy it!

Those with natal planets or angles from 2º – 9º of the mutable signs will feel this Full Moon strongest, but anyone can tap into the productivity and efficiency of Virgo at this time, especially for self-improvement.