Progressed Moon in Cancer or 4th House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When your PR Moon sign or house changes, your needs evolve. During the shift from Gemini to Cancer (or 3rd house to 4th house), your feelings become more important, as does home and family. You switch from needing information to needing comfort. You are entering a nurturing phase (about 2.5 years for the sign progression and 1-4 years for the house, depending on its size).

Cancer is the 4th sign, and is like the moody preteen of the Zodiac, who hides in a shell when life gets too tough. As a Water sign, Cancer feels her way through the world, and is very intuitive. When your Progressed Moon enters this sign or her house (the 4th), you will become more sensitive to your environment; particularly, how the people around you feel and what their needs are. Unlike during your Gemini PR Moon phase (which was all about communication), you will be more concerned with making sure things are comfortable around you, and that everyone is taken care of.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign (and H4 an “Angular” house) representing the beginning of Summer, so you will initiate many things during this phase, particularly those having to do with home and family. You may buy and settle into a new home during this time, or start a family. Because your relationships change with your PR Moon, you will likely seek out deeper, more nurturing relationships than you had in the Gemini/H3 progressions. If you had lots of acquaintances, you may let the more superficial ones fall away and give your attention to a few close friends and family. You’ll want to spend time with people who are in line with your current needs: nurturing, intuitive, caring, and family-oriented.

During the Cancer Moon progression, you can become overly sensitive and crabby (Cancer’s animal is the crab!). This is a moody sign because it is naturally ruled by the Moon, which fluctuates the tides. You, too, have your own cyclical ups and downs. If people hurt you – even unintentionally – you crawl back into your shell rather than address it directly. The crab moves side-to-side, and you will scuttle around issues rather than deal with them head on. This is one of the most passive aggressive signs, more comfortable communicating in an unspoken way with innuendos and the silent treatment!

The Cancer lunar progression is easiest for people with natal Moon in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Cardinal sign (Aries, Libra, Capricorn). The 4th house progression is a time of focus on home and family, as well as exploring your past, including ancestry, and your own inherited traits/behaviors. This is a house of endings, so it can be a hard time as you deal with family issues and your own unconscious behaviors you learned from them, and then let these things go so you can move on.


Progressed Moon in Gemini or 3rd House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When your PR Moon sign or house changes, your needs evolve, and the shift from Taurus to Gemini or 2nd house to 3rd house shakes you up. You have new curiosity about your immediate environment. You switch from needing security to needing information. You are entering a period of communication (about 2.5 years for the Gemini progression, 1-4 years for the natal 3rd house progression, depending on its size).

Gemini is the third Zodiac sign, the school child who has left the security of home to learn. As an Air sign, Gemini needs social interaction, and when your PR Moon leaves Taurus or H2 and enters Gemini or H3, you become fascinated with the world. Gemini excels at reading, writing, and speaking, and this progression is a great time to take courses on information technology, English, foreign language, creative writing, poetry, social media, computer science, etc. Gemini is very dextrous, so now is a great time to learn things involving your hands: knitting, pottery, calligraphy, musical instruments, etc.

Taurus and Gemini are different energies. Taurus is ruled by Venus, focused on material things. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of information and communication. Taurus is subjective, Gemini is objective. During this progression, you’ll seek out people who are talkative and flexible. Gemini is a Mutable sign (and H3 a “Cadent house”) representing the change from Spring to Summer, so you become more adaptable and comfortable with change. You’ll want to get out of the house, talk to the neighbors, see what’s going on in your community, and take more short trips.

When PR Moon is in Gemini/H3, you can become too superficial. Gemini, like all Air signs, can lack emotion and empathy. Your need for light conversation can lead to gossip, which hurts people more sensitive than yourself. Gemini has a cruel streak, including mockery and mimic just for a few laughs, and has issues telling the truth, which is an abstract concept. Once you’re caught in a few lies, people don’t trust you, no matter how harmlessly they were meant. You’ll also need to be aware of developing attention deficit, mental illness, and nervous issues.

The Gemini lunar progression is easiest for people with natal Moon in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Mutable sign (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). The 3rd house progression is a time of wanting to communicate, with a special emphasis on sibling/neighborhood relationships, writing, and entering into written contracts.

Progressed Moon in Taurus or 2nd House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When you experience a PR Moon sign or house transition, your needs evolve accordingly, and the shift from Aries to Taurus or 1st house to 2nd house is a stabilizing one, when you crave security. You are entering a time of relative steadiness (about 2.5 years for the Taurus progression, 1-4 years for the natal 2nd house progression typically, depending on its size). This is a time to work on whatever you started during the previous PR Moon phase.

Taurus is the second Zodiac sign, and is represented by the toddler, who has grown out of the newborn urgency of Aries (the infant), having survived the first stage of life. It no longer needs to scream and cry when it feels hungry or tired, because the toddler knows that nap time follows meal time, and play time follows nap time, etc. Taurus desires consistency, and when your PR Moon leaves Aries or H1 and enters Taurus/H2, you settle into a routine and enjoy the security that comes with it. The toddler also experiences the world using five senses – touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight – and tangibles are important during this progression.

In a way, Aries and Taurus are diametric opposites, because the first is ruled by warring Mars and the second is ruled by peace-loving Venus. After the aggression, competition, and challenge-driven experience of PR Moon in Aries, serenity is what you crave. When your PR Moon is in Taurus, you’ll seek out people who are more constant and predictable in their behavior and demeanor. You, too, will be more reliable, calm, and slow to anger. You want everything in your world to be unshakeable – nothing to rock the boat – so the trigger-happy temper you may have had during PR Moon in Aries will calm waaayy down. Anyone in your life that is a hot-head will no longer be welcome!

The major theme of PR Moon in Taurus, and especially PR Moon in the natal 2nd house, is money. There is nothing more important for stability in this world than secure finances, and only money can buy you all the material things you want to surround yourself with during this time. Taurus is an Earth sign, meaning it is practical, material-based, and business-oriented. So you are more apt to want to work hard, make real dollars, and use common sense. During the H2 progression, you may become interested in real estate or even invest in a home purchase. Taurus likes to build slowly (it does everything slowly), so there will be no get-rich-quick schemes for you during this progression.

Taurus is a Fixed sign (and H2 a “Succedent” house), meaning you won’t want to start a lot of things like you did during your Aries/1st house progressions. You want to stick with things, jobs, people, places you already know, and sustain them. Now is a great time for working on long-term projects, especially home repairs. Gardening is a wonderful practice, because you can see your results slowly come to fruition, and you may be drawn to the kitchen and cooking.

When PR Moon is in Taurus, be cautious over overindulgence, weight gain, and overspending on material things. One way to make sure you don’t go overboard in spending/eating is to make sure all your needs are being met, including sex (people don’t often equate the Bull with sexiness, but it’s the most sensual sign). You are also more prone to being stubborn and getting stuck in a rut, just for the sake of not wanting change.

The Taurus lunar progression is easiest for people with natal Moon in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Fixed sign (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). The 2nd house progression is a time of stability for everyone, with a special emphasis on finances and self worth.

Progressed Moon in Aries or 1st House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When you experience a PR Moon sign or house transition, your needs evolve accordingly, and the shift from Pisces to Aries or 12th house to 1st house is a major one – the most significant in the Zodiac – because you’re ending a long cycle, going back to the start. In a sense, you are reborn. Pisces to Aries ushers in a new dawn of self-confidence and independence, and 12H to 1H (over the Ascendant) triggers a time of change and emotional honesty.

Aries is the first Zodiac sign, and like a new infant, it is entirely self-oriented. This isn’t a bad thing, after the confusion and self-destruction of Pisces. For example, you may have been drinking a lot, or participating in really unhealthy relationships when your progressed Moon was in Pisces. When it shifts to Aries, you no longer feel the need to escape. You realize it’s better to be alone than with people who take advantage of you, and end all bad relationships. Whatever your situation was before, you feel fresh and new, and you want to explore who you are.

Aries and the 1st house are ruled by Mars (planet of action) so you have more drive, impatience, and impulsivity. Mars is also the planet of war, so you’re more assertive about your needs and aggressive with others during this time frame (2.5 years for the Aries phase, 1-4 years for 1st house depending on its size). It helps to participate in healthy competition, such as sports or debate, so you’re less likely to start fights due to pent up energy. Mars also rules over raw sexuality, so your sex drive will increase, and you could have new partners or even one night stands.

Aries is a Fire sign meaning your creativity, optimism, confidence, and passion all blossom during these phases. There is a daring to the Ram that makes you rush in where others fear to go! Fire signs lack tact, however, so be prepared to accidentally say and do things that hurt others. Speaking of accidents, be especially careful during the Aries phase, because the Ram is accident-prone, and head injuries/issues are common. Fire signs are leaders, so your independence will be tested; Aries especially likes getting ahead of the pack. Honesty is important, and you’ll abruptly end shady relationships (or at least be more blunt and direct) and become drawn to people with Aries qualities during this time.

Aries is a Cardinal sign (and 1H is an Angular house) meaning this is a time of initiation and taking charge. You’ll be more autonomous, make decisions, and start many things: new relationships, hobbies, careers, and body/appearance related stuff (especially in 1H). You may not realize it, but the things you begin now are themes you’ll work on for the next 30-year cycle. I entered my first serious relationship during this phase, turned 18, and went away to college to start my freshman year. Because of the way my natal chart is set up, I had progressed Moon in Aries and 1st house at the same time. It was a whirlwind of changes and beginnings!

As your Moon progresses, you advance in your independence, autonomy, and honest self-expression. The Aries phase feels easiest for those with natal Moon in a Fire sign, and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Cardinal sign (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra). The 1st house phase is pretty great for everyone, although be cautious of weight gain.

Natal Moon Progressions

I’m beginning a blog series on natal Moon progressions. They can really help you get a grasp on what you are feeling for any 2-3 year period, and your relationships during that time. The progressed chart is simply your natal chart advanced one day for every year of your life. Progressions represent how you currently express the potential of your natal chart. To calculate your own progressed chart, you can create a free account at It’s great and you can look up all your friends’ charts too! 🙂

The Moon is the fastest progression, changing signs approximately every 2.5 years. Your natal Moon represents your needs and feelings, but your progressed Moon reflects your evolving needs, relationships, and your overall emotional state. When it moves into a new sign or house, the changes in your life can be very dramatic!

Ever go through a selfish and impatient period, when things were all about you? Your PR Moon was probably in Aries, or moving through your natal 1st house. Was there a time you catered to everyone else, but suffered from personal anxiety/illness? Likely, PR Moon was in Virgo or your 6th house. Some progressed Moon signs and houses are harder than others, like PR Moon in Scorpio/8th house (unless you have either placement natally), which everyone seems to dislike!

Sometimes if you are going through a hard time, knowing what your PR Moon is doing can really help. Do your loved ones suddenly seem like they’re holding you back, and you want to break free? Could be your PR Moon just entered Aquarius, and you can’t stand the security you enjoyed back when PR Moon was in Capricorn. Knowing this can allow you to seek healthy ways of expressing your feelings, like making some weird friends or getting a tattoo, rather than up and leaving your spouse and kids!

We’ll go through more scenarios as I write about each progressed Moon sign and house. Understanding your own evolving needs is what is behind everything having to do with the progressed Moon, so you don’t really need to know the astrology, but it helps a bunch if you are lost and confused. (Which you would be, if your PR Moon is in Pisces.) 😎

Progressed Moon in Scorpio

Today, I thought I’d share a personal story. Presently, my progressed Moon is in Scorpio AND natal 8th house. Either of those is a difficult time period of around 2.5 years (for Scorpio), and anywhere from 1-5 years (for 8th house). I’m about halfway through.

Scorpio transforms things by burning away that which is false or excessive, and then rising anew from the ashes. That’s a difficult process for the Moon, which represents how you feel secure. In Scorpio that security is going to go through crises, until you’re only relying on that which can’t be burnt away.

My PR Moon entered Scorpio in summer of 2014, and entered my 8th house in winter of 2015. I experienced a tough transition. I bought a home that came a lot of debt (Scorpio/H8 rules debts). About the same time, I was the victim of slander by work colleagues/management (Scorpio power issues), and subsequently my boyfriend ended our relationship. I then had to take a temporary leave from work due to extreme anxiety (Scorpio intensifies everything).

When PR Moon entered my 8th house in the new year, things did not improve. In February, I had a burst pipe destroy much of my home, and found out my cat had cancer. She died just two weeks later. In April, I was fired from my job of eight years due to a Facebook post that was misunderstood by Human Resources.

I wasn’t sorry to leave that particular company, but I was sad to lose friends who were co-workers, because apparently that friendship didn’t extend outside the office. But there’s a silver lining in everything: I was embarrassed at that blotch on my work experience, so instead of going out and interviewing for new jobs in the same unsatisfying field, I made a hobby into a self-employed business. And instead of explaining myself to people that weren’t supportive, I decided to let them think whatever they want and move on with my life.

Scorpio can be brutal after an easygoing Libra transit, because it scours your life until all that remains is the essentials. I wasn’t happy with several facets of my life (deep down under that PR Libra Moon facade), so when Scorpio Moon took over, it got rid of everything false I was clinging to: my relationship, co-worker friendships, and career. Now, I do something I love every day, I rely on myself for support which is empowering, and I care much less than I used to about others’ opinions.

It wasn’t all bad stuff: I started this blog and my YouTube channel when things were tough, as a way to cope. Both were good creative outlets I could exercise control over, when everything else seemed spiraling out of control. In the end, they have lasted when other stuff fell away. That’s the beauty of Scorpio: the phoenix that is reborn again and again.

What Progressed Moon stories do you have to tell?

Natal Chart Progressions

A progression is the natal chart moved forward by one day per year. So, if you are turning 30 years old, your progressed chart is identical to a snapshot of the sky 30 days after your birth. Progressions reveal how natal potential is currently being expressed. They are also useful when predicting timing, based on transits to the progressed planets.

Typically only the faster-moving inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and the angles make significant changes during your lifetime. However, it’s important to note if an outer planet or Lunar Node changes sign, house, or direction, because this marks a significant life event. The progressed planets have the same energetic meanings as natal planets, however, the sign/house changes reflect your growing consciousness of this energy.

The fastest mover in the progressed chart is the Moon: it changes every 2.5 years or so. The PR Moon describes your evolving needs. Because your inner emotional state is reflected in the nature of your relationships, the progressed Moon often indicates how these change as well. For example, when your PR Moon moves from Virgo to Libra, you go from focusing on work, health, and routines, to preferring harmonious relationships. Your needs have moved from practical to social, and you are more likely to compromise and focus on graciousness/attractiveness.

The progressed Moon also moves through natal houses (not to be confused with the Progressed houses), and your general emotional state is self-expressive/optimistic when in houses 1, 5, and 9materialistic/practical in houses 2, 6, and 10, intellectual/social in houses 3, 7, and 11, and emotional/intuitive in houses 4, 8, and 12.

Progression changes can be quite dramatic. You can feel instantly different about things you were hell-bent on when your Moon changes from a fixed sign to a mutable one, for example. Likewise, when a PR planet makes an aspect to a natal one, this can indicate timing of events, such as the beginning of a relationship, the end of a career, etc. For this reason, the progressed chart is a great predictive tool.

The progressed chart has its own angles and houses; this is because the Ascendant progresses, therefore slowly shifting all angles/house cusps. So your PR Moon may be moving through your natal 8th house, but in your progressed 6th house. This adds another layer to the complexity of your evolving needs. For example, the person above may be focused on intimacy within relationships (8H), specifically with co-workers (PR 6H). Or they may be learning more about the psychology behind people’s motivations (H8) as a requirement for their daily job (PR 6H).