Happy Sagittarius Season!

Happy Sagittarius Season!The Sun has entered Sag! I absolutely love this season. Maybe it’s because I’m an Aries and Sag is a fellow Fire sign? But everyone seems so much happier during Sag season, and full of hope. People think less about their problems and lighten up, this time of year.

The Sun entered Sagittarius on November 21st this year, and it will leave on December 21st. So it starts with a gluttonous feast (Thanksgiving) which is appropriate, and leads up to the first day of Winter. I have a theory that most people don’t start worrying about Christmas until the Sun moves into Capricorn a few days beforehand, and that’s why there is such a ridiculous rush on the malls and such, to do all the last-minute shopping. Capricorn means worrying and spending money, so there you go!

But leading up to that, December is all about parties, having fun, decorations and lights, and eating nice things. That basically sums up Sag in a nutshell! The number one depiction of the Sagittarius spirit though, is Santa Claus, in my opinion. The only way the magic works is through¬†belief, which is a major Sag/Jupiter theme. That belief can control a child’s behavior the entire month. Just think about what organized religion has done to control the mass population for millenniums! But seriously, remember when you were a kid (if you celebrated Christmas), and how magical this time of year truly was? Yes, you had to try to be good or Santa wouldn’t bring you any presents (which never happened), but it was just the belief that someone was out there waiting to be nice to you, and everyone you knew.

That’s the real magic, is the faith that something is out there that loves you and everyone else. We could really use some of that magic right now. It’s time to enjoy the lights and decorations and good food and realize that nearly every religion is celebrating something this season, so do we really have to argue semantics? We are all celebrating the same miracle in different costumes. Don’t let Sag’s downside (argument and competition over the “truth”) get you on a soap box this season. Let’s just all sit down at one big cornucopia and pass each other the food, and laugh at each other’s jokes. Yes, I am a rosy-eyed Pisces rising, deal with it. ūüėé


Upcoming Transits and the U.S. Presidential Election

Upcoming Transits and the U.S. Presidential ElectionThere are three¬†ingresses¬†this week, leading up to the Full Moon next Monday (Nov 14th). All these¬†planets will be changing signs within a four-day period, starting the day after the U.S. presidential election…which is quite the¬†energy shift!

Mars enters Aquarius¬†on Wednesday, Nov 9th (EST). This is¬†an innovative¬†and go-against-the-grain energy for Mars, planet of initiation and action. But it’s more about concepts¬†than¬†doing, so there’s that. Aquarius is emotionally detached and objective, so it may be easier to think before you make a rash decision. I said maybe: Aquarius is known for its unpredictability and rule-breaking.¬†Mars enters Pisces on Dec 19th.

Venus enters Capricorn on Friday, Nov 11th. This puts the focus for love and friendship on practical, achievable goals, and new connections that double as resources. Sounds a little cold and calculated, but Capricorn is actually a warm earth sign, just the most ambitious one. Venus also rules material things, and Capricorn loves status, so you may be drawn to name-brands (and quality over quantity). Venus enters Aquarius on Dec 7th.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday, Nov 12th. This opens up communication and puts emphasis on the bigger picture (with much potential for flaws in the details!). Sag is all about ideas and beliefs, so this can also be a time for arguments, all of which will have holes. An excellent time to learn anything new and exciting, or peruse faith and spirituality texts. Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec 2nd.

With the U.S. presidential election in two days, this week ushers in a time of change! I’ve been trying to do the astrology of Clinton and Trump, and unfortunately there’s a lot of argument over Hillary’s birth time, which throws houses and angles out the window. But at poll closing time, the sky favors a female energy; the sun and moon are in Scorpio and Pisces, both water signs. In fact, they are in Hillary’s natal sun and moon signs, which bodes well for her…and the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus is conjunct her Lunar North Node, which represents her destiny.

Donald also has some transits happening, specifically planets entering his natal and progressed 4th house (assuming his birth time is correct)…this indicates a¬†renewed focus on¬†home and family. He also has Jupiter conjunct Chiron, which represents a major flare up of¬†an old emotional pain, and he will soon have¬†his¬†Jupiter return which is the start of a new 12-year cycle. That could be the start of his presidency, or it could indicate he’s packing it in and headed for something new. I guess we’ll see!

I¬†checked the U.S.’s progressed chart, and our country’s ascendant just entered Virgo, a feminine sign. Could we actually see the first female president of the United States get elected this week? What a long-awaited historical moment that will¬†be!

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius or 9th House

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius or 9th HouseNatal chart progressions are your natal planets advanced a day for each year you have been alive (aka very slowly). They represent how you have evolved, and the current expression of your natal planets.

The progressed moon represents your evolving needs, and takes about 2.5 years to go through each sign. This sign describes your general emotional climate, and the relationships you will have, for that time frame. The natal house your progressed moon is in describes the area of life that is most significant to you, right now.

When you go from PR moon in Scorpio to Sagittarius, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I am about to go through this transition in a few months, and I absolutely can’t wait because PR Scorpio moon is the most difficult! It’s all about survival, living on bare bones, and is often very solitary because you can’t tolerate¬†“fake” relationships during this lunar progression. It’s a sort of all-or-nothing time in your life. But moving on to Sagittarius is when the world opens up again. This is a sign about freedom, adventure, optimism, and fun.

Sag is ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion. It is often thought of as a benevolent planet, especially in traditional astrology. The depiction of Jupiter is kind of like the ghost of Christmas present, an enormous man surrounded by a cornucopia of food and drinks and happy people. Sagittarius has this same energy…party, excess, and a lightness of being that can’t be weighed down. Sooo different from the darkness and despair of Scorpio! But Jupiter hates¬†being fenced in, so you can get a bit restless or discontent with day-to-day life during PR moon in Sagittarius, especially if you’re not growing.

So when your PR moon switches to Sag, the famine turns to feast. Although very private, Scorpio is an extremely emotional sign, and it’s also very obsessive. So it goes to a dark place and it¬†stays there, or becomes fixated on one thing only. Sagittarius is a¬†fire sign so it’s still emotional, but in a passionate, creative way. You are more open about your feelings and way more likely to laugh off the blues, during this lunar progression. When you were in Scorpio PR moon, you got quiet if something bothered you, maybe plotted your revenge…but now, you will be immediately argumentative if you feel like you have to defend your beliefs. Sag loves a debate, but there are so many holes in the argument!

Sag is also a¬†mutable sign, meaning it goes with the flow. You will find it a lot easier to embrace change now, and even be spontaneous again. Wanderlust is common with this progression! You will feel curious about people from different walks of life, especially different cultures, and want to have easy friendships with fun people. But higher education will also be important so you may be drawn to experienced types, or even pursue a higher degree yourself during this progression…there’s something about college campuses and learning that Sag is drawn to like a moth to a flame! Travel is also something to plan/expect. Opportunity to broaden your horizons just comes about, during this phase, and also to be creative and express yourself.

If your PR moon is transitioning from your natal¬†8th to 9th house, you’ll experience similar changes, especially more opportunities for growth/higher learning/travel/publishing, because¬†those are the H9 areas. When your PR moon was in H8, you probably¬†had to deal with issues concerning shared resources – your partner’s funds, debts you owe, tax issues, an inheritance after a loved one dies – and generally un-fun things similar to what I described about the Scorpio lunar progression. H8 represents things that aren’t entirely in your control, and where you give up some of your power to someone else. Obviously shared money falls into that category, but also death (loss of a loved one, perhaps), and intimacy with your partner/loved ones, is included.

I had the (unfortunate) experience of having my Scorpio lunar progression AND my 8th house lunar progression at the same time, because they are lined up in my chart. Just before¬†my PR moon went into Scorpio/8th house, I bought a home, and got a new mortgage, the biggest debt I’d ever been responsible for! Then a slew of crappy things happened as soon as it¬†entered Scorpio (still in H7), including being¬†bullied at work, my unsupportive boyfriend broke up with me, and then I had a nervous breakdown and was out of work for two months. Just when things started looking up, PR moon entered my 8th house, and I promptly had a beloved pet die, a pipe burst and destroyed part of my home, and then I got fired from my job. I had other tense things going on in my chart/transits making things worse, but¬†still.

I think the main thing about the transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius, or 8th house to 9th, is this feeling that you¬†survived. You did it, you went through the dark tunnel and came out on the other side, and you’re just so¬†happy about it! That’s why there’s a renewed sense of faith…you realize that there must be a higher power helping you out, because it looked like it was the end, for a while there. So you abandon the dark cubby hole you’ve been living in and come out into the world, because you’re genuinely curious about what’s new out there. Sag tends to be a popular sign because people can’t help but be drawn to your laid back, “it’s all good” attitude. Only someone who has been through hell can come out and not sweat the small stuff, and now that’s you.

Things to know about this new progression: you are being challenged to expand yourself, learn, travel,¬†have¬†adventures, open yourself up to different cultures/perspectives, publish (if applicable), and potentially debate in a legal setting (especially with the H9 progression). Be honest but know you may be too blunt or in people’s faces during this progression. Explore your faith and beliefs but realize you may try to force them down other people’s throats, and it’s really none of your business what other people’s “truths” are. Give into your wanderlust and thirst for fun, but realize you may be seen as increasingly unreliable or immature by those in authority (your boss, parents, teachers, etc.) if you go too far! Experience new things but be cautious of excess in all areas. More is not necessarily better!

This progression is easy for everyone, but most enjoyable¬†for those with natal moon in another fire sign (Aries, Leo). It will be the most challenging for those with natal moon in another mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces), but again, the “challenges” of this lunar progression are negligible compared to other phases. You may become disenfranchised with your daily life, like your job for example, or take a lot of risks you regret. Or you might say things too bluntly that hurt others, and regret putting your foot in your mouth. But your¬†likelihood of payoff and popularity is generally higher during this progression.

At Long Last, Mars Stations Direct

At Long Last, Mars Stations DirectI’ve written a fair few posts about Mars retrograde, but finally on¬†Wednesday, June 29th, Mars will station direct at 23¬ļ Scorpio. The planet of action stationed retrograde back on¬†April 17th at 8¬ļ Sagittarius, and it’s been a wild ride (for some of us). Because the backwards movement began in the sign of the Archer, this reflective period was primarily to identify¬†whether you are moving in the right direction. Hopefully, you’ve gained some clarity and can move forward with any adjustments necessary!

When Mars dipped back into Scorpio (on May 27th), actions/directions¬†you had already begun¬†to question went to a deeper place. Scorpio is the excavator, and digs right down into your psyche, your emotional base. If Mars Rx in Sag had you asking, “Am I¬†moving in the wrong direction,” then Mars Rx in Scorpio asked,¬†“Why?” Scorpio wants to know the psychological reasons behind everything. You may have even turned to astrology (hello there!) for answers!

A retrograde is a private, personal re-assessment, but it’s also¬†an intensification of energy, which can turn to obsession in Scorpio. That sounds like an oxymoron: how can you get more intense about something if you are backing away to question it? Well, even if you’re questioning something, your energy is intense about it because you are focused on the subject.¬†For¬†this particular retrograde, it seems like the first part (Mars Rx in Sag) was a time to try and push the envelope, but end up stumbling. If you’re on the wrong path, you’ll encounter obstacles, because that’s the universe saying¬†turn back! Wrong way! If you then try harder, you’ll encounter even more obstacles.¬†The second part (Mars Rx in Scorpio) was the obsessive¬†portion of this journey:¬†If I’m on the wrong path, then what’s the right one? How’d I even get on this¬†trajectory?

Hopefully, you’ve gotten your answers. Now comes the good part: retracing your steps and getting back on track. From¬†June 29th – August 22nd Mars will be traveling for the final time through 23¬ļ Scorpio to 8¬ļ Sagittarius. This is your second chance to get it right, make a new choice, and gain clarity. One word of warning: if you started (or re-started) anything during the retrograde, such as a new or refurbished relationship/job/activity/etc., expect things to alter when Mars stations direct. It may not have to dry up entirely, but the course it takes will be a different one than when it began.

After August 22nd? It’s smooth sailing into the future.

Another Sag Full Moon

Another Sag Full MoonThe Sun enters Cancer tomorrow evening (Monday, June 20th), but about 12 hours prior, a Full Moon will occur at 29¬ļ Sagittarius. This is the second Sag Full Moon¬†this Gemini season, and will finish out some¬†stuff¬†begun last month. Ultimately, this is a positive¬†Full Moon¬†that¬†will help you move into summer on the right path. ūüėé

When something occurs at 29¬ļ of a sign, there is a frantic energy about it, because this degree represents¬†finishing up the themes of that sign. There is a distinct change of energy when a planet transitions¬†from 29¬ļ of a sign to 0¬ļ of the next one. During the few hours leading up to this Full Moon, both Gemini Sun and Sag Moon will be reaching the end of their respective signs, and the “wrap-it-up” vibe is strong with these two in Mutable signs. Once they switch to Cancer and Capricorn, the energy becomes about¬†initiating new things…the next chapter begins.

So, what is it you need to finish up? The clue may lie in Sag’s and Gemini’s rulers, Jupiter and Mercury. Same¬†day as the Full Moon,¬†Jupiter joins Lunar North Node in Virgo. The NN represents the path forward in our individual journeys, and Jupiter is expansion/good fortune. So, you can¬†be released from your¬†issues this past¬†month (or longer) through clarity on¬†what your next ideal step should be, and a little luck in hopping onto that path.

Mercury in Gemini, which represents communication,¬†makes two aspects (to Saturn and Neptune). A bit of information can come your way to prompt¬†you onto the right¬†path mentioned above. They¬†are challenging aspects (an opposition and square), so that prompt might be a shove onto the pavement…or a stumble out of the bushes…but at least you’ll wind up where you need to be!

Saturn squares Neptune

Saturn squares NeptuneThis Friday (June 17th), transiting *Saturn at 12¬ļ Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. This is a¬†“big deal” transit, because these two planets are slow movers, and it takes a long time for them to get where they’re going.¬†In fact, you may have started to feel¬†this influence a¬†month ago!

*The last time Saturn squared Neptune was November 26th, 2015 Рthe first of three squares, and the last will be in September 2016 Рso this square is a continuation of issues from last November.

Saturn is the planet of restrictions, and it has been in the sign of possibilities РSagittarius Рsince 2014. Your potentials are being pared down to only realistic ones. But what happens when Saturn butts heads with the planet of illusion, Neptune? What you thought was a viable option may have been smoke and mirrors. OR, what you thought was clear-cut has many shades of grey. OR, your vision is being tested. Because both of these planets will be retrograde on June 17th, this is an inner faith crisis.

Neptune in Pisces is a double-dose of rosy fog, because she’s¬†in her natural home. But her¬†bad qualities (brought out by the tense square) are exaggerated,¬†too:¬†escapism, disillusionment, and sacrifice. All three Saturn-Neptune squares are asking you,¬†are you truly dedicated to your dream? Is this dream even a possibility?¬†This particular one (the second square) is the¬†internal part of the journey: your inner skeptic is questioning a long-standing dream, and asking if it’s even worth pursuing anymore.

So, who wins in Saturn vs Neptune? Outer planets usually trump ones closer to the Sun. How does the dreamer beat the realist? Faith, acceptance, and unwavering belief in her own vision. Neptune, and its natural sign Pisces, are not often thought of for their “strength.” But this is the strength of water, and water erodes everything over time (see: Grand Canyon).

Remember how water wins over rock: it absorbs a stone thrown into it, and continues flowing. It doesn’t resist or fight back, but it still triumphs. It allows itself to change form, at least temporarily, and in nature if you cannot bend then you break. So allow your dreams to shift and alter needed¬†in the face of limitations, but don’t just give up on them. ūüėé


A Mars Retrograde Rant

A Mars Retrograde RantThis blog entry is a bit off from what I normally write, because it’s about my personal views, not just what’s going on in the sky. But what’s the point of a blog if you don’t include your own feelings, now and then?

I don’t know if it’s Mars retrograde in Sag¬†(traveling backwards in my 9th house of broadening horizons), but lately I’ve noticed¬†that many¬†people have lofty dreams¬†in life that I personally can’t get excited about: the typical things like marriage, and kids, and money. (Wait, I like money!) I used to want¬†to accomplish everything¬†from¬†writing a young adult dystopic¬†novel,¬†to¬†buying a shower with a TV, but not anymore.¬†Where did these aspirations go? What happens to a dream deferred? (That poem is actually about racial oppression, but it’s still great¬†and you should read it¬†now.)

Yet, I can’t help but think:¬†does it really matter? Maybe a dream is just something to get us going¬†that day,¬†and every one doesn’t need to actualize. Plus, what good is it to keep at something (or someone) you no longer care¬†about, just to stave away feelings of failure? You can always come back to it later. This may be¬†a¬†Pisces rising thing – or a Mutable rising sign thing – because we function better going with the flow. (Fixed rising signs like Aquarius and Scorpio have to stay the course, or they get bent out of shape…¬†and don’t get me started on Taurus.) ūüôā

Anyways, that’s my little rant. Man, Mars Rx¬†is killing me!