Numerology Life Path 6

This article is part of a numerology series about the Life Path number and what it represents.(the essence of who you are, and your purpose). To calculate your Life Path, add up the day, month, and year of your birth, then keep reducing until you get to one number. For example, if you were born on November 25th, 1992 (11-25-1992), you would add: (1+1) + (2+5) + (1+9+9+2). This reduces to 2 + 7 + 3 = 12. Twelve reduces as follows: 1 + 2 = 3. You would be a Life Path 3.


If you have a 6 Life Path, then congratulations, because you have the most attractive number! This is the number of love, and your purpose – and challenge – throughout your life will be opening your heart to give and receive love freely. You also have the most responsibility on your hands, and duties/obligations will be your biggest stress point throughout your life. The number 6 is centered around the family unit, and as a 6 you tend to be the matriarch. Even if you are a man, there is less of the stark traditional father figure in you and more of the loving (but forever worrying) family leader.

As a life path 6, you are constantly seeking justice/balance (think Libra) and are often thrown into positions of leadership, because you are naturally like a sheep dog, trying to herd others to safety. As a result, you can also be a bit overly controlling and condescending, because you think you know what’s best for everyone. I think of LP 6s like perpetual eldest children…they shoulder a lot of responsibility and have to worry about their younger siblings, have the most chores, but in a way enjoy being the one their parents rely on to make things run smoothly.

6’s find it hard to let go and let others live their lives, and as a result can get a bit too judgmental at times. They don’t seem to realize how much their good opinion affects others, and how words of criticism can tear down those who look up to them. If you are a 6 and you don’t have a family, you’ll make a family of your friends, or if you don’t have a spouse you’ll uber-focus on your kids. You can easily become a helicopter parent, or that person that is always trying to rescue or “fix” others. Careful, that’s not love! Get yourself a creative project to focus on because on top of being the most attractive number, you’re also good at art and music and anything aesthetic (because life is fair). The payment for your many gifts is, of course, that you’re a perfectionist and are just as critical of yourself as you are of others.

Life path 6s care a lot. When people don’t let your love in, however, you can get very annoying to be around. You have high expectations of yourself and others, and people just can’t live up to that. You also (like Libra) blow icy cold when you aren’t happy, which is just another form of trying to control the people around you. Try letting go instead of tightening your grip when you get disappointed or stressed out, and remember that the ones you love are only human! If you must control something, let it be your business or hobby, and watch it flourish. I like 6s (I’m a 9) but they can be some of the most smothering people.

I think there’s also something Neptunian in the 6 energy because of the idealism and creative energy. You can use this to be really compassionate to others and successful in creative endeavors, or like Neptune/Pisces, you can let yourself become disappointed over and over when reality doesn’t live up to your high ideals. Or, you don’t take any action at all – in typical Libra fashion – because circumstances aren’t perfect. When you embrace the messiness of life and realize that on a larger scale it is perfect that way, you’ll be able to let the love flow more easily.


Life Path 5

This article is part of a series on Numerology Life Path numbers. To calculate your Life Path number, just add up the day, month, and year of your birth, then reduce. For example, if you were born on November 25th, 1992, you would add: (1+1) + (2+5) + (1+9+9+2) = 2 + 7 + (2+1) = 2 + 7 + 3 = 12. Then reduce: 1 + 2 = 3. You are a Life Path 3!

If you have a numerology Life Path 5, your life purpose is freedom. The number 5 is that of humanity, and as such you are a sensitive, dynamic person, and people are naturally drawn to your exciting energy. Your challenge is to focus your creativity into something tangible, rather than wander through life scattered and spread too thin. Remember that you are here to show others how to live fearlessly by example! It may take some hurdles (like addiction) before you stop living like a firecracker, however. Once you have some experience under your belt, you’ll enjoy a slow burn and become less self-indulgent.

The energy of the 5 – right smack in the middle of the numerology cycle – is like a snow globe, because it shakes everything up. This is needed after the overly-structured 4 energy, and once the dust settles, you have a better sense of what to commit to going into the 6 energy. But those with a Life Path 5 live their lives in the snow globe! It can be intense and many 5s struggle with addictions early in life, and learn through consequence. But a 5 must do what a 5 must do, for better or worse. This is an energy that cannot be contained. Some of the most worrisome children to have are 5s, because you turn your back for a minute and they’ve disappeared (and that’s not addressing the teenage years!). Many 5s give their parents grey hairs early on 😛

But these are also the kids (and adults) that everyone is charmed by. You are fun to be around! A 5 is very persuasive and can sell ice to an eskimo, so it’s no surprise that the number 5 is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication. Yet many 5s struggle with insecurity in youth, often related to their ability to focus on one subject for too long, and their tendency to stir up unnecessary drama. It can take a while for 5s to find inner confidence, and they often learn lessons the hard way (through trial and error). As a 5, you are a very sensual being, and pursue all forms of pleasure to the point of harmful overindulgence until you realize how detrimental that can be. Addictions are a lifelong struggle, and escapism via any vice including drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, etc.

Something you will experience throughout your life, but may not be consciously aware of for quite a while, is set up situations from which you must break free. You are here to experience freedom, but in order to do so, sometimes you have to unconsciously put yourself in bondage. Others will probably see this about you when you can’t see it yourself! As in the above example, you may chain yourself to a substance or habit via an addiction, then go through the process of “freeing” yourself. When it comes to people, you can make friends with anyone, but often choose relationships that are stifling, ironically. You actually seek out people and situations that will restrict you so that you can extricate yourself from them. That’s fine because it’s good practice in finding your independence, but don’t complain about the chains you forged yourself!

Change is another lifelong 5 topic. You embrace it, sometimes too hard! Once you weather your first few decades of constant transition and over-stimulation, you’ll settle down a bit more. Marriage and career may be delayed for you, until you’ve sown your wild oats and had some experience in what not to do. Relationships, jobs, and everything else may be tumultuous in your youth, because like quicksilver Mercury, you change on a dime. Yes, you’ll have regrets, but that just comes with the territory. You’ll also have lots of adventures and that’s a life worth living!

So, what is a 5 to do in order to fulfill his or her purpose? Find a passion to commit to as soon as you can, in life. It may take some searching (hence all that experience in youth), but even a young 5 can start to focus energy into a productive avenue, especially using your natural skill of relating to people. You are pulled in many different directions because you are sensitive to stimuli, but once you develop self-discipline, you’ll be amazed at how everything else falls into place. The 5 energy used right is like the potion Felix Felicis in Harry Potter – if you aren’t familiar with it, it’s called “liquid luck” – where essentially, all you have to do is follow your gut instincts and everything works out in the end. Entrepreneurialism is especially good for the 5 who needs a certain amount of liberty in work, and tends to buck authority. Even if you work for someone else, you will likely always push boundaries and challenge your boss!

Something that may happen to every 5 at one point, usually the backlash of too much drama or pain, is withdrawal and isolation. This is ultimately unhealthy for you, but it may happen if you’ve created a situation (or several) that has become too difficult or unbearable. You are no shrinking violet and to be fearful is not natural for you, so this is a dark place. If you have developed an addiction that required rehab or medical intervention, for example, you may be chained by fear of succumbing to your own compulsions again. Or perhaps you destroyed a relationship with someone you loved through recklessness or cheating, and now live with the regret. Don’t let yourself become a recluse through depression. You have to get back out there and connect with people, and find a way to start over. Fearlessness, not fearfulness, is who you are.

Because your Life Path number is one of transition, you will struggle with the feeling of being caught in a riptide your whole life. But you also get to be the one enjoying the fast ride down the river, and others will be drawn to your sense of excitement and adventure. You must learn to paddle as soon as you can, through self-discipline in your chosen direction (and you have so many to choose from!) and through prioritizing. Yours is such a fast-moving energy that you can smash up against a rock and hurt yourself more severely than others just drifting down the river. You can also hurt others in the wake of your flailing, and will live to regret those who you took out on your way down! But know that you will always be dynamic and turn heads wherever you go. Try to do it purposefully through your dedication to something great, rather than via scandal!

Life Path 4

This post is part of a series on Numerology Life Path numbers. To calculate your Life Path number, just add up the day, month, and year of your birth, then reduce. For example, if you were born on November 26th, 1992, you would add: (1+1) + (2+6) + (1+9+9+2) = 2 + 8 + (2+1) = 2 + 8 + 3 = 13. Then reduce: 1 + 3 = 4. You are a Life Path 4!

If you have a Life Path 4, your life purpose is to create structure. The number 4 represents the home, and you will spend your life building stable foundations, and protecting your home and loved ones. You are all about organization, tradition, practicality, and tangible results! Your challenges arise from a place of being overly rigid, serious, stubborn, and unable to relax.

The number 4 is ruled by Uranus, which seems a little ironic because Uranus is the planet of chaos. However, 4’s often gain their need for structure from an unstable childhood. Likewise, Uranus and its sign Aquarius represent emotional detachment in the wake of trauma. Your challenge as a Life Path 4 is to “awaken” from the chains of the past (very Uranus) in order to fulfill your true potential, and until you do, you will be pulled back into old, dysfunctional patterns via bad habits and relationships. Uranus is also the higher octave of Mercury and represents information systems, which the Life Path 4 excels at establishing, and you are frequently a fountain of knowledge.

Not sounding like the most fun number, is it? 4 is not the life of the party like its predecessor, Life Path 3 (or its follower, Life Path 5). But without 4’s, there would be no structure or operating systems, no one to pass on knowledge from one generation to the next, and no one to tend to house and home. This is literally the number that “keeps it all together,” and does so from a place of needing to build things that last. You are the responsible ones who keep things organized and just so. You also fiercely protect the home and family unit, particularly the one you have created. This is a creative number; while 3’s create castles in the sky, the 4’s build a solid material foundation underneath them. This is a tangible number; orderly, cerebral, and deliberate.

But how does one go from happy-go-lucky 3 to serious, structured 4 on the number cycle? Too much chaos! A 4 often perceives the childhood home as unsafe or tumultuous, perhaps due to the early death of a parent or abuse as a result of alcoholism. There are often abandonment issues, dysfunctional relationships, or traumas that push the young 4 into developing a strong need for security. Even if home life wasn’t that dire, there was likely a sense that your parents could not provide emotional stability, perhaps because they were unreliable, bohemian types, or just had too many children! Whatever the case, order becomes paramount to the 4 at an early age, and you can be rather serious and even cynical when compared to your peers. You may seek relief via substances or other vices, but you’d do best developing a meditation or exercise routine (or both), and frequently getting out into nature.

Life Path 4’s often oscillate between two extremes: either holding onto things for dear life, or avoiding them at all costs! For example, a 4 is a naturally hard worker and builder, yet may avoid staying too long at one job because the responsibility they put on their own shoulders becomes overwhelming. However, I’ve known 4’s who are at the same company from age 18 until retirement, because once they feel a sense of stability somewhere, they’ll hold onto it come hell or high water! But a 4 is not the type to desire wealth or prestige; you are the worker bees who plod through and want nothing more than a routine and sense of accomplishment, however humble.

Similarly, 4’s will either get married and stay in the same committed relationship for life (they enjoy building a family and home structure), or avoid commitment. As stated before, the Life Path 4 will often experience dysfunctional habits or relationships in youth, and is very dismayed at their own pull towards the same dysfunction; they can have lifelong struggles with addition, or keep falling into the same type of (bad) relationship over and over. but they often have the wherewithal to not put down roots until they have broken the cycle. Commitment to anything is often the cure to many a 4’s woes, because you love hard work at heart, and settling down for the long haul! (It also heals a lot of childhood instability and abandonment issues.)

Another thing 4’s are great at is building a solid home, and parenting. Once they get over their own childhood issues, they know exactly what (and what not) to do to create a secure home for family, and how to give children a solid base. This is a rather selfless number – again, not concerned with typical “greatness” or personal prestige – and you will give yourself over fully to your children’s needs, especially towards security and a stable home life. 4’s tend to be traditional, responsible, and orderly enough to teach their children valuable lessons, and are highly protective. The one thing you may lack as a parent is a sense of spontaneity and fun (you are total planners!), and may be emotionally distant at times, or even pessimistic.

If you are a Life Path 4, your ultimate goal is to create your own set of rules to live by, and adhere to them on a daily basis. It may sound boring and lackluster to others, but you are truly the salt of the earth, and the bedrock on which others can rely. Plus, you are happiest creating your own solid and lasting legacy in your own little corner of the world! You will be challenged with a resistance to change, inflexible attitude at times, and negativity (especially when facing old fears). It helps when you realize that the past is over, and the chains around you are not tight; you can take them off at any time, and live your life right now in whatever way you choose. If you don’t like something, you have the creative power to build it better; it’s what you do best!

Life Path 3

To calculate your Life Path number, just add up the day, month, and year of your birth, then reduce. For example, if you were born on November 25th, 1992, you would add: (1+1) + (2+5) + (1+9+9+2) = 2 + 7 + (2+1) = 2 + 7 + 3 = 12. Then reduce: 1 + 2 = 3. You are a Life Path 3!

If you have a Life Path 3, your life purpose is self-expression, and embracing your many talents. 3 represents the child, and you will spend your life learning how to express joy and happiness without letting doubts or insecurities get in the way of your creativity. Your biggest gifts and challenges come from expressing your thoughts and feelings in an authentic and uninhibited way. Although you aren’t the first number, you can be immature, superficial, and aimless if you aren’t actively using your talents!

The number 3 is masculine, and is ruled by Jupiter. In astrology, Jupiter represents expansion and benevolence, which describes your personality well! 3’s have qualities of Jupiter’s Zodiac sign, Sagittarius: optimistic, inspiring, and fun, but can be flighty, restless, and directionless. You have some Cancer qualities (Jupiter’s exalted sign), in that you are highly emotional, sometimes moody, and able to read others’ feelings and needs. You have a bit of Gemini (communicative, intelligent) and Leo (creative, entertaining, natural in the spotlight), too!

This may seem like the number everyone wants to be, given that 3 comes with so much natural talent, intelligence, and inner happiness. (I know I’d like to be a 3!) But you have your own personal challenges, most of which are rooted in an inability to let your inner self shine through. You have a lot of self-doubt, and confidence issues, mostly because you assume that the things that come so easily to you are also easy for everyone else, so they are “no big deal.” This isn’t the case! In addition, you have trouble identifying your feelings, and emotions are the GPS for all creativity. You have so much to give, but if you can’t intuit how or what, you can get pretty frustrated!

It may take years for 3 Life Paths to identify their own feelings, and the stunted 3 (perhaps due to a childhood emotional scar) will wall up all emotional expression. This would be the most unfortunate thing in the world, because you really do have so much to give: inspiration, intelligence, creative talent, and above all else, joy! You truly are a people-person, because you want to lift others up. But sometimes people’s emotions can overwhelm you, because you are so highly tuned to them. You’ll often pick a “project” person whose life you want to make better, but when they don’t respond positively, it makes you depressed. Unlike Life Path 2’s, who come here to experience balance through relationships, your path doesn’t lie in other people. It lies in discovering your own emotions, happiness, and creativity, and lifting others by your amazing example!

The path of the 3 seems lovely from the outside. You are generally happy people, dripping with natural talents, great communicators, and often the life of the party…but you frustrate the hell out of those who know you, when you let your fruit rot on the tree! You can be manic depressive, swinging wildly between highs and lows, without seeming to realize it. You are brimming with potential, but often glide aimlessly through life, and can be superficial. This is partially because you don’t do well in a structured environment or with a schedule that has been dictated to you by someone else: you must be free to carve out your own niche and live by your instincts. If you do attempt to fit into a mold, it will only make your moodiness worse – and when you’re irked, you’re downright unbearable to everyone else!

The most important thing you can do for yourself and others is to use your talents, whatever they are. A Life Path 3 can be good at a variety of things, from the arts to writing to sports to any creative endeavor. Creativity comes in many forms! You can simply be good at lifting people up by pointing out their many fortunes, or encouraging children to play, or making sure everyone has a good time wherever you go. The important thing is to follow your creative instincts, and this involves identifying and expressing feelings. Although you may often feel confused about how you feel, when you do allow yourself to open up, you can accomplish more than most.

This may be the most difficult yet important lesson of your life: that you are here to openly communicate yourself to others. You will face challenges of “writer’s block” (in every form), paralyzing insecurity, and fall into the trap of over-analysis. You may tenaciously cling to your past relationships and mistakes, or become very negative at times. But your natural gifts are immeasurable – you are truly some of the luckiest people on earth – and only by using your talents and being honest will you find true happiness. So go express yourself! 😎

Life Path 2

To calculate your Life Path number, just add up the day, month, and year of your birth, then reduce. For example, if you were born on November 25th, 1992, you would add: (1+1) + (2+5) + (1+9+9+2) = 2 + 7 + (2+1) = 2 + 7 + 3 = 12. Then reduce: 1 + 2 = 3. You are a Life Path 3!

If you have a Life Path 2, you are learning the life lessons of balance, harmony, and patience. 2 represents the mother-figure, and you will spend your time learning how to achieve fulfillment primarily through relationships. Your biggest gifts and challenges come from serving the needs of people in your life, and by acting as a mediator. Although you aren’t the first number, you’re still pretty early on in the cycle of 9, and therefore must caution against being overly self-centered.

The number 2 is feminine, and ruled by the Moon. In astrology, the Moon represents emotions and the unconscious, and much of your life involves using your intuition and feelings. 2’s have qualities of the Moon’s Zodiac sign, Cancer: nurturing, sensitive, caring, but at times moody, co-dependent, and smothering. You have some Taurus qualities (the Moon’s exalted sign), in that you are peace-loving, and family oriented, but can be stubborn and self-absorbed. You have a bit of Libra thrown in for good measure: obsessed with fairness and balance, and seeking validation from others!

2’s have subtle lessons in life that may be underestimated by others, and therefore you can be overlooked…but you tend to not require a spotlight anyway. You have the messiest lessons to learn, because they deal with interpersonal relationships! As a 2, your biggest desire is to give and receive love. In fact, it’s such a huge part of your existence, you can go overboard easily. Your biggest life lessons and hurts will come from chasing after love from the wrong people, and from giving to others to the point that it becomes detrimental. You must learn to discriminate who you should and shouldn’t give love to, and establish emotional boundaries, or else you can become withdrawn and closed-off from others in an attempt to protect yourself from pain.

Unlike Life Path 1’s who come into this world without karma, you have some inherent empathy from your previous incarnation. Last lifetime, you spent your life developing your individuality, independence, self-confidence, and achievement. Now, you are born with the understanding that no man is an island. You want to develop working partnerships with others, to share life with, because you’ve done the autonomous thing. Now you want people, and to give and receive love with them! To you, individual achievement is nothing without having loved ones by your side; group goals are more important. You will make the best contributions by caring for and nurturing others.

Unfortunately, you can come across as very needy and selfish in your pursuit of love, and even smothering. This ironically drives people away, which is the last thing you want to do! You will often do more for others than they perhaps need or ask for, draining yourself in the process and becoming withdrawn and resentful. However, it is your responsibility to set boundaries! You may be accused of being manipulative in your moodiness, not necessarily because you intend to control people, but because you are rather non-confrontational and prefer to imply your needs rather than be direct about them. This is something you should work on!

In the first half of your life, you may experience a lot of relationship issues. Young 2’s are often looking for love in all the wrong places, because they are attracted to more independent and stoic types who don’t want what you’re offering. You want validation from these people, who either take too much, or run like hell from your smothering love! Co-dependency is an issue you may spend a lifetime mastering. In your desperate need for love and validation, you can make too many compromises in relationships, or refuse to let people go when the relationship is over.

As a Life Path 2, you are best when acting in service to others, and will gain self-fulfillment this way. You are expert at creating harmonious environments, and should hone your intuition and diplomacy skills. Remember that patience is a virtue: your life will require patience again and again, and faith that all will be okay! If you can learn self-validation and to give love to yourself, you’ll be in healthier relationships. And remember: you don’t have to do everything for everyone!

Life Path 1

To calculate your Life Path number, just add up the day, month, and year of your birth, then reduce. For example, if you were born on November 25th, 1992, you would add: (1+1) + (2+5) + (1+9+9+2) = 2 + 7 + (2+1) = 2 + 7 + 3 = 12. Then reduce: 1 + 2 = 3. You are a Life Path 3!

If you have a Life Path 1, you are a leader, yet ironically a baby because you are the first number. 1 represents the father-figure, and you will be put in tough positions that force you to lead whether you’re ready or not. Yet you often act like a big baby – there’s no other way to say it – because you can be naive and ignorant, at times! Your biggest lessons in life revolve around independence.

The number 1 is masculine, and ruled by the Sun. In astrology, the Sun represents the ego, and much of your life lessons involve strengthening or re-building your self-confidence. 1’s have qualities of the Sun’s Zodiac sign, Leo: confidence, pride, creativity, self-centeredness, bossiness, and childishness. You also have some Aries qualities (the Sun’s exalted sign), which represents the beginning: innovative and pioneering, courageous, good at starting things…but can be very, very dumb! (Seriously, and this is coming from an Aries.) You also have a bit of Capricorn thrown in for good measure: hard-working, stoic, and hard on yourself and others.

1’s really do have seem to have the toughest lessons, but this is because your hardships are often in front of an audience, or at least you think more people care about whether you succeed or fail than actually do! In a way, you set yourself up for that, because you talk a good game and others will stand back to see if you can really walk the walk. Some will want to see you fail, because you can be rather opinionated on subjects you have no real understanding! You are also naturally bossy, and so yes, there will be people out there who want to see you humiliated. It will help if you stop caring so much about what others think (and not judge them, in return).

Part of your ignorance comes from being born without the karmic understanding of life and humanity that the other numbers have (in increasing amount, until they reach the number 9, the “oldest souls”). You are the youngest soul, which is both a blessing and a curse. If you see someone else going through something, you aren’t able to really put yourself in their shoes without actually walking them (other numbers, such as 9’s, can). When you lack true empathy, you can’t learn from others’ mistakes and end up making them all yourself! However, you wind up with a lot of different personal experiences to draw from.

Unfortunately, people will enable you your whole life. Parents do more for their 1 child, siblings cater to their 1 brother or sister…there’s something about you that people want to protect and even coddle. You will go through life thinking you stand on your own two feet, only to realize too late that you were depending on someone else for a basic need. You often take people for granted, not realizing how much they do for you until they are gone. People leave you or you leave them, but either way, it’s a lesson in independence.

You attract 2’s, because they are the “mothers” of the universe, whose path requires learning balance and patience. There is nobody better to learn this with than you, because a 1 requires patience: you’re overly demanding, judgmental, and downright bossy individuals! But 2’s are not the type to stand up to you in a language you understand (direct assertion), because that is not their way. They are drawn to your natural strength and confidence, because they lack such qualities. In fact, you are more likely to leave them, thinking they are too weak or boring or needy…and boy, will you be in for a harsh lesson in taking people for granted!

You will be put in positions of authority often in your life, and tested. You shine out as a natural leader in a group of people, but often lack the actual skills required to lead. This is part of your independence lessons: you will be thrown in to sink-or-swim situations, and will have to rely on your own strong determination in order to succeed (because failure and humiliation are worse than death for you, with that ego!). You will have huge burdens to carry alone, without knowing how to handle them. You simply have to learn along the way, and to keep going in the face of adversity and failure.

You are like a young king on a throne, who has the authority but not the wisdom. You will often seem to have more daunting tasks than others do, but remember that theirs are no more difficult to bear. Remember to appreciate the people that help you, even with small things, and that everyone is on their own path in life, no matter how trivial or simple their burdens may appear. It will help you to stop passing judgment on others, and in turn, go easier on yourself.

Life Path Numbers

In numerology, your Life Path is the most important number (kind of like the Sun in astrology). It’s very easy to calculate: just add up your birth day, month, and year numbers, and reduce until you have a single number. That’s your Life Path!

Example: You were born on July 5, 2002. Your birthday is 7-5-2002. Add up the numbers: 7 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 16. Reduce by adding 1 + 6 = 7. You are a Life Path 7!

This number says a lot about your personality. For example, 6’s take on a lot of responsibility, and are very family-oriented. 8’s are serious and status/money oriented. There are common traits among all the Life Path numbers (1 through 9), and those with Master Numbers (11, 22, and 33), but we express them in different ways.

Your Life Path number can also guide you towards your life purpose. For example, I’m a Life Path 9, so my purpose is to teach others (good thing I’m writing this instructional blog!). When you do things involving your Life Path, you feel fulfilled, because you are taking steps on your journey towards self-actualization.

Often, your biggest challenges have to do with your Life Path. For example, 1s are the first number, and their purpose is to become self-sufficient. They often try to lean on others for support, and are left hanging; that’s life trying to get them to stand on their own two feet! 2s are meant to find harmony and patience, through partnerships. But they have some of the biggest relationship issues!