Saturn in Sagittarius – 12th House Transit

The 12th house represents your subconscious and hidden behaviors (sometimes called your undoing). It is also a house of endings. Saturn in Sagittarius transiting this house will likely coincided with the gradual end of something in your life, although it may be hard to predict because this house is your blind spot. There could be victim or martyr behavior you must give up, or something that needs to be released by way of a personal sacrifice.

If you have Saturn in your 12th house currently, you likely have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the cusp. Scorpio-cuspers are extra private, and may not enjoy looking at their own dark side. You access your subconscious via psychology, astrology or occult means. Saturn’s presence may bring especially painful experiences to you, because you want full control of your shadow side, which ironically slips through your fingers. You may not consciously realize what is ending in your life, except in dreams, but can get a clearer understanding via a tarot or oracle card reading, or talking with a psychic or medium. This will make you feel more powerful.

Sagittarius-cuspers are more light-hearted and carefree about unconscious behaviors. You can benefit from a walking-meditation or yoga; anything physical that lets your mind become free to wander. You may even be great at astral travel. Saturn’s presence can reveal a major blind spot, however, that you will never see coming due to your faith. It may stem from over-enthusiasm, or being too preachy about your beliefs; someone may not be on your level and walk out of your life, and it completely catches you off guard. Your biggest lesson may be that some people don’t want to hear your “truth” because it isn’t their own.

For either of you, this transit can be a confusing time, because the 12th house is hard to grasp. New relationships are not likely to blossom during this time; you are in fact cutting off excess in your life and may end superfluous relationships, or ones that aren’t in alignment with your beliefs. Relocation to a far away place is quite possible, as are changes in study, religion, philosophy, and spiritual beliefs.


Saturn in Sagittarius – 11th House Transit

The 11th house represents friends, groups, and your personal hopes and wishes. Saturn in Sagittarius transiting this house challenges your network of friends, and whether they support you. It can also force you to question whether groups you belong to are in line with your beliefs.

If you have Saturn in your 11th house currently, you likely have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the cusp. Scorpio-cuspers are private about their hopes and wishes, and very loyal when it comes to friends. You’re a friend for life, but once someone betrays you, it’s over for good. Saturn’s presence may cause just an incident to happen, with one or more friends; you can discover that they aren’t as supportive as you thought, or that they have changed. However, new options should become available, in both the friends and the wishes department, if you can focus on realistic options.

Sagittarius-cuspers are popular, have a variety of friends, are generous and fun, and especially love foreign contacts. Saturn’s presence can reveal that your network is thin, perhaps with flaky, unreliable friends that you’ve attracted with your carefree attitude. Or their beliefs are drastically different from your own, and getting on your soapbox gets you kicked out of a group, for example. The challenge is to redefine your own concept of friendship (and personal wishes), and act accordingly to attract people that reflect the new “you.”

For either of you, this transit may see a small-to-drastic change in your network of friends, groups you belong to, and any humanitarian causes you are about. But it can also see a crystallization of some of your highest aspirations into feasible realities. Those that are pipe dreams will dissolve, and those that are possible will begin to develop.

Saturn in Sagittarius – 10th House Transit

Saturn is at home in the 10th house, which rules profession, public image, reputation, and social status. The cusp of H10 is the angle called the Midheaven (MC), which represents one of your parents (traditionally the mother, in modern astrology the father). Saturn in Sagittarius transiting the MC can coincide with a crisis for one of your parents. Its transit through your H10 brings up challenges involving your career and image.

If you have Saturn in your 10th house currently, you have a Scorpio or Sagittarius midheaven. Scorpio midheavens are secretive and controlling about their profession and image, and have a magnetic quality, but may be manipulative. Saturn’s presence can force you to re-evaluate your approach; perhaps you are a control-freak when it comes to your social media image, preventing you from being seen by the right network of people, or maybe former manipulative behavior has damaged your professional reputation.

Sagittarius midheavens are happy-go-lucky in their image, and competitive in their profession, even if it’s all a game. If you have this MC you may have multiple possibilities for your career, and enjoy foreign travel as part of your profession. Saturn’s presence may alert you to how your public image online has damaged your professional life (too many party pictures, for example), or maybe you haven’t taken your career seriously enough and must make some realistic decisions.

Saturn transiting H10 will require both of you to decide if your current profession and your reputation (including social media image) are in-line with your beliefs, but also if your career provides you with opportunities for growth and expansion. If not, changes may have to be made.

Saturn in Sagittarius – 9th House Transit

The 9th house rules over faith, spirituality/religion, higher education, and experience with foreign cultures. It is where you seek expansion and opportunities for growth. Saturn in Sagittarius transiting this house will challenge your personal philosophies and spiritual ideals, and may also bring up issues regarding college/higher education, and long-distance travel.

If you have Saturn in your 9th house currently, you have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the cusp. Scorpio-cuspers are private and intense, regarding faith/expansion issues. Spirituality is very personal and deep for you, and you could be very devoted to a religion. Saturn’s presence may shake you up quite a lot, if it has you questioning your faith. You could make some big changes during this transit, once you let go of your tenacious grip on current beliefs.

Sagittarius on the cusp of H9 will make you very inquisitive about education, faith, and foreign cultures. I have this placement, and I have been back to college a multitude of times. Foreign languages and people from other countries fascinate you, and you may change religious practices. Saturn’s presence here could challenge your current spirituality, course of higher study, or ability to travel if you’ve planned to go abroad.

As a society/planet, we will have to deal with changes in faith, scientific study, higher education, etc. If you are experiencing Saturn transit in your 9th house, it’s likely that these universal issues affect you on a personal level. In addition, though you may feel your opportunities are limited at the start of this transit, they will ultimately open up to the realistic avenues of expansion for you.

Saturn in Sagittarius – 8th House Transit

Equated with the sign Scorpio, the 8th house covers a lot of ground: sex, death, intimacy, shared resources (partner funds, taxes, debts), inheritances, occult matters/astrology, and who you attract. When Saturn enters H8, you may suffer a crisis or loss in any of these areas. Debt issues that have been building come to a head, or you could find out you contracted an STD, for example. Saturn crises aren’t out of the blue, rather the result of something you’ve been sweeping under the rug.

Saturn in Sagittarius is the crystallization of options: Sag likes to expand, and Saturn focuses how to do it in a realistic manner. This transit will focus society on spirituality, religion, education, science, and how our beliefs about the universe may be incorrect/require broadening our minds as a culture. For you personally, these themes may be brought up via a near-death experience, education costs requiring loans, ending a restrictive intimate relationship to liberate yourself, etc.

If Saturn is passing through your 8th house, you either have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the cusp. A Scorpio-cusper (like myself) will intensely research, and attempt to gain control over, all the aforementioned H8 areas. We are also rather private and secretive about these items, and can attempt to mastermind in an effort to retain power. Because of the fixed nature we have around H8 themes, a Saturn transit can be tough because they put us in survival-mode. But Saturn in Sagittarius lightens the mood, and allows us to embrace change more easily.

A Sag-cusper feels open, light-hearted, adventurous, and possibly even exhibitionist about H8 matters, and may prefer intimacy with those from foreign cultures. These are the type to see sex as “no big deal,” perhaps as something to play at rather than take seriously, and therefore may break a few hearts in their inability to commit to one person! A Saturn transit for you may force you to choose one or two realistic options, rather than flit around in your normal fashion. You may also have to deal with paying back educational loans and other debts you’ve put off, at this time.

Saturn in Sagittarius – 7th House Transit

The 7th house rules committed partnerships, both personal and business. The cusp, the descendant, defines how you see others, and the type of partner to whom you are attracted. This sign also depicts how you act within relationships, and what you project onto partners. When Saturn crosses your descendant, your spouse may have a crisis, as this angle represents that person. For you, Saturn in Sagittarius transiting H7 will require you to re-evaluate your beliefs about partnership, balance, and identity within your relationships.

If you currently have Saturn transiting your 7th house, you have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the descendant. Scorpio descendants seek out a private, intense, magnetic partner, but project their own controlling behavior in a relationship onto that partner. Saturn transiting H7 will make your dysfunctional behavior in partnerships apparent, but be cautious you don’t project your issues onto the other person; own it before you take steps towards personal transformation.

Sagittarius descendants seek out adventurous, positive, easy-going partners who are philosophical (possibly religious), but you may project your own flaky behavior and oscillating opinions onto those partners. Saturn transiting H7 can bring up issues like infidelity or lack of commitment, which you may be tempted to blame on your partner, but it’s important you take credit for your part in the equation.

Saturn transits through the 7th either solidify a marriage or business partnership, or they end it to make room for someone who is more aligned with your true beliefs and values.


Saturn in Sagittarius – 6th House Transit

The 6th house rules health, work, personal habits, and daily routines. It shows how we act in service to others. Saturn in Sagittarius transiting H6 can reveal how ineffective our routines are, or any detrimental personal habits. It can also reveal a health condition, or work issues (perhaps anxiety issues due to the stress of a work situation, for example).

If Saturn is currently transiting your 6th house, then you have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the cusp. Scorpio-cuspers are secretive about their health and work issues, and resistant to change. You may fear losing control by making any adjustments, but Saturn’s presence makes it clear (perhaps through a serious health issue) that changes need to be made. Fortunately, you are naturally good at transformation.

If you have Sagittarius on the 6th house cusp, you seek change naturally, and may frequently switch jobs, or have multiple ones that spread you too thin. You are easy going about your health and may over-indulge in the spirit of fun. Saturn makes it apparent that you need to clean up your personal habits and put in place a routine.

For both of you, this transit is an opportunity to make necessary changes in your work and health routines, including diet, exercise, and stress management. It could possibly lead to a change in vocation, but that’s up to you. You will have to re-define what your beliefs and philosophies are in these areas, and choose realistic options in which to practice them.