Progressed Full Moon Phase

I’m coming up on a very rare event: my progressed full moon phase (read what natal progressions are here). Just like the sun and moon in the sky, your progressed sun and moon go through phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon, etc.

As explained in more detail in this article, the progressed moon is the fastest moving progression at a speed of two and a half years spent in each zodiac sign. So it takes about 30 years for your progressed moon to move all the way around your chart. The progressed sun takes 30 years in each sign! So when they make connections with one another, it’s really significant and the energy lasts a few years. The progressed sun represents your evolving ego identity and life purpose. The progressed moon represents your evolving needs and relationships.

My PR sun is at 27º Taurus, and my PR moon is at 27º Scorpio (exact November 25th). This is a personal culmination, just like the Full Moon is in general. All my efforts over the last 15 years (since my progressed new moon phase) are coming together, and supposedly I will either see great success and recognition, or significant loss and the crumbling of everything I’ve worked for. No pressure!

This progression phase for anyone begins a 4-year period of picking up the pieces and starting in a new direction, either in the wake of success or the wake of failure. The action happens at the beginning of the phase, and then the following few years are pretty smooth, because whatever happened is over and you can go from there. It seems kind of like Christmas, to me: you anticipate it for a while, then it happens and you get to open your presents. The aftermath is either being satisfied you got what you want, or dealing with disappointment, but either way you know for sure.

This is what my progressed chart looks like right now. You can see the Sun and Moon glyphs in opposition from one another (with the bold red line between them), in Taurus and Scorpio, respectively. You can also see that my progressed moon is conjunct Uranus, which I will talk about in a minute:

Progressed Full Moon Phase

I’ve known this phase was coming for a while, just being an astrologer who looks all this stuff up way in advance. But I have been terrified of it! Because up until the beginning of this month I literally didn’t which way my life would go. Over the last few years during my progressed Scorpio moon phase things have been really shitty, to be perfectly frank with you. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.. But it looks like I am going to be okay…I have a new job, I managed to keep my home through a financial struggle, and of course I’m still alive (the ultimate win!).

On a side note, it’s interesting that the U.S. election has coincided with my own personal culmination, in a weird synchronicity. There was such anticipation and emotional investment nationwide (worldwide, actually), and now that we all know the outcome, we have to pick up the pieces and move on from here. At least we know…right? The Taurus Full Moon today (a supermoon) has been emotionally taxing for everyone, and on a personal level it falls on my progressed Ascendant and sextiles my natal Ascendant. Bottom line…I was very emotionally tied up in the events of my nation.

Another weird coincidence is the element of surprise in this election is also clearly present in my own progressed chart. My PR moon at 27º Scorpio is conjunct Uranus, which represents the unexpected. Also – because things are always mirrored multiple times in astrology – transiting Uranus in the sky is conjunct my natal Sun in Aries, right now. Hey, it keeps things interesting, right?


Scorpio Season

Scorpio SeasonThe Sun enters Scorpio today, and I am glad. There’s something so cozy about the middle of autumn, when darkness falls early, and there are more leaves on the ground than in the trees. Winter is coming, as the Starks on GoT would say!

The energy of Scorpio season is intense, dark, and private. This is a time to inwardly reflect on your life and relationships, and uncover the truth. Things can get very black and white during Scorpio season, and taboos may be spoken aloud (especially after Mercury enters Scorpio on October 24th).

Halloween is really the perfect Scorpio holiday. It is a celebration of death and connecting with the unseen world. I read that Halloween has deeper origins in the myth of Atlantis: The civilization had reached its decline, and people were resorting to debauchery and perversions (it sounds a lot like the Capital in The Hunger Games, actually). But, being more advanced than us, they were able to end their civilization by collectively manifesting a meteor. The meteor was set to collide with Earth on November 1st, so on October 31st, they had one final night of celebration. This story is also the origin of the phrase, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we shall die.”

Whether or not it’s true, I love this story for a few reasons. Firstly, if you believe in reincarnation, we are the current embodiment of old Atlantis (you can easily see why if you’ve been watching the debauchery and perversion of the current U.S. Presidential election!). Secondly, I’ve had a reoccurring dream about Halloween my whole life and now I realize it’s probably because I died in Atlantis. Thirdly, this story is a great depiction of my favorite Scorpio symbol, the Phoenix, which dies and rises from its own ashes, reborn.

This time of year is not great for those who shy away from intensity. But if you don’t mind some emotional excavating, then this is the season for you!

Aries Sun Aspects

From April 4th – 9th
, the Aries Sun aspects many outer planets, and joins the Moon for the new Lunar cycle. The hot spot is 15º – 20º Aries. If you have anything natal/progressed between these degrees of the Cardinal signs (or any signs mentioned below), big changes may be in store. Because the slow planets are in close range of one another, each Sun transit (including the New Moon) re-activates aspects between them. We have a big week ahead!

April 4th: Sun inconjunct Jupiter Rx in Virgo (15º). Jupiter is expanding and magnifying details of new projects and endeavors. This aspect asks hasty Aries Sun to slow down and get the small stuff perfect. Being an initiator who leaves the details to someone else, Aries Sun in uncomfortable with this process, yet somewhat enthusiastic once it has begun. Because Jupiter is retrograde, whatever’s under the magnifying glass may involve your past.

April 5th: Sun trine Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (16º). When Saturn and Sun work in tandem, you benefit from elders’ wisdom, and receive aid from traditional structures. It could involve the law, an educational institution, or someone foreign. You receive recognition for achievements, and gladly take on new responsibilities. Because Saturn is currently retrograde, you benefit from mentors from your past, or receive attention for old accomplishments.

Jupiter is in range of a square with Saturn, so the two aspects above can hit upon issues with work/health. You can take new action (Aries) towards them.

April 6th: Sun square Pluto in Capricorn (17º). Pluto represents the powers that be, and a square is a clash. Your personal objectives and ego needs (Sun in Aries) are at odds with authority figures in control (Pluto in Capricorn). Even if there isn’t any specific person suppressing you, such as your boss or a bureaucracy, you can find yourself up against a threatening situation. The ultimate goal is to take power back. This energy influences the April 7th New Moon, below.

April 7th: New Moon in Aries (18º). When Sun meets Moon, it represents a fresh start, because it’s the beginning of a new Lunar cycle. Aries is especially significant because the Ram is associated with conception, initiative, and inspired action. This is the first New Moon after the March eclipses, during which time we cleared out our energetic closets and released what has been stored in our subconscious over the last six months. This Aries New Moon is a time to think about yourself and your own, personal needs, and may involve sudden action (see aspect below).

April 9th: Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries (20º). Uranus adds originality and independence, two things the Ram already loves. When these two meet up, Aries creativity borders on genius, but its impulsivity and anger become unpredictable, as well. A conjunction is unified energy, so your conscious will takes on Uranian qualities; you are the eccentric, unstable factor. You can act on selfish needs suddenly, and break from the group or change your course in a single decisive moment.

Aries Season Begins!

March 20th, Aries season begins with the first day of spring. Mercury follows the next day, entering the sign of the ram on March 21st, and adding more initiative to the Sun’s energy. This is truly the fresh start we need to get going!

The Sun loves Aries. It’s like being at his best friend’s house, where he gets to eat junk food and stay up later than at home (Leo). This is because the Sun represents the ego and creative energy, and Aries the Ram is no-holds-barred. Quick to action, quick to anger, quick to move on and start something new. Aries is also quick to lust, and therefore an appropriate sign for this time of year, which always reminds me of this poem by E. E. Cummings. There’s a reason reproduction begins in spring! Mars-ruled Aries is rooted in animal instincts, and really, aren’t we all just animals?

Add Mercury to the equation. In Aries, the planet of intellect and communication is instinctual and immediate. Answers come fast, ideas come like gangbusters, and learning is done at a competitive rate. This is a battle-sign, so verbal confrontation is also more likely, because Aries is bold. Naive, absolutely, even gullible sometimes, but brave. It literally goes where no one has gone before, but mostly because it hasn’t thought of the potential dangers! This is an independent, pioneering sign, and creativity is instant (like a high-speed download from the universe).

You’ll do your best if you don’t overthink it. This Cardinal energy is just what we need to put some oomph and backbone into the mix; there’s been an imbalance of Mutable signs in the sky lately, making it hard to take the initiative. It may feel strange after swimming in a hazy Pisces fog, to get the sudden inspiration that you want to do something, and you must do it now. A little practice is all it takes, however. Aries loses its gusto if things take too long, so take advantage of this fresh spring energy and just do it!

March Solar Eclipse

March 8th there is a solar eclipse, at 18º Pisces. This is a supercharged New Moon. You have the opportunity to begin something, but may lack the clarity to define it. This is one transit you’ll do best trusting your gut, because Pisces is jam-packed right now, and operates best on the intuitive level. Have faith in your vision.

Chiron, Ceres, and the Lunar South Node are close to the eclipse. Chiron activates vulnerability, and Ceres represents feelings of loss. The South Node is that which you are moving away from, so ironically, this New Moon may accompany an ending of some sort, like giving up an old addiction, or ending a dysfunctional relationship. You have to say goodbye to start the new, and quit the victim/martyr behavior.

Optimistic Jupiter Rx opposes the eclipse from 18º Virgo, magnifies it, and ups your desire to crystalize boundaries you can’t quite define. Jupiter is with the Lunar North Node, so you may feel that the faster you can clarify details, the sooner you can take the next substantial step on your journey. You’d be right. But first, Pisces requires a sacrifice: it’s the release of the old thing that will propel you forward.

Saturn squares the eclipse from 16º Sagittarius. This is a somber influence; Saturn lists the obstacles to your dream, and it asks for a concrete outline. Your faith may waiver when you can’t provide one just yet. But Saturn also provides some much-needed structure to Pisces, closing doors that aren’t viable options, leading it to realistic choices.

This eclipse is a powerful one, but it won’t be tangible until you give in to the current. Once you trust the tide, you’ll find your feet on the sand. The eclipse is strongest for those with natal planets/angles from 16º – 22º of the Mutable (or Water) signs.

Scorpio Sun Sextile North Node

Photo by Jill Wellington

The week before Thanksgiving, Mercury and the Sun do a little dance with the Lunar North Node (at 29º Virgo). You’re presented with an opportunity to expand.

On November 20th, Mercury (at 29º Scorpio) sextiles the Lunar North Node – presenting an opportunity to propel you forward – and then enters Sagittarius. The Sun follows suit next day, forming the sextile on November 21st.

A sextile is an advantage. Mercury presents information: an uncovered truth or revelation. The Sun lets you use the information to make an adjustment. This slight, practical shift can make a monumental difference, over time; that’s North Node in Virgo’s way. Think of this transit as a chance to plug an energy drain.

Because Venus/Mars began a focus on relationship give-and-take on November 2, this piece may be the revelation you need to finally let go of a dysfunctional relationship. Perhaps you’ve been giving too much to a partner who is slow to commit, only to find out he or she is seeing someone else.

This is an opportunity to free up your life, for more personal enjoyment and expansion. Virgo North Node is pushing you forward. This is probably just a confirmation of something you suspected, but weren’t quite sure of, anyway.

Blessed Mabon

It’s officially Fall!  “Mabon” is the traditional Pagan celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. I had to look it up (got the next one down: Halloween is called Samhain). It’s officially time to purchase a completely unnecessary hay bale for the porch, and some gourds and pumpkins. I really look forward to Fall, and not just for the pumpkin carve-o-rama that ensues. I love every minute of it, the leaves, the brisk weather, the baking…

Today is the start of Libra season, and Mercury retrograde in Libra is causing some miscommunication in one-on-one relationships and excessive waffling on decisions. Bipolar Libra in full effect! In addition, Sun is sextile Saturn at 0º Sagittarius. This is a beneficial relationship between the two, where time, wisdom, and experience assist in the achievement of personal goals.

Tomorrow Mars enters Virgo, accompanied by two transits. The first is Sun conjunct North Node at 1º Libra: personal goals are in line with your forward path. The second is Mercury square Pluto: communication is challenged by authority. These two only last the day.

Happy Fall!