Progressed Full Moon Phase

Progressed Full Moon PhaseI’m coming up on an interesting and rare astrological progression: my progressed Full Moon phase. I’m currently in the middle of writing a series on Lunar Progressions, in which I go into great depth on how your PR moon will affect you in each sign and house. But I haven’t talked about the PR moon phases. They are determined based on the relationship between your progressed Sun and Moon. For example, if your progressed sun is at 1º Virgo, and your progressed moon is at 1º Sagittarius, then they square one another and you are entering a 1st quarter phase which will last for the next several years. You will be experiencing themes of growth, crisis that clarifies what direction to pursue, etc. (I’ll write a future article that goes into more detail about the different phases, but this one focuses on my personal experience so far with the Full Moon phase.)

Just to clarify, progressions are entirely personal to you, unlike transits. They are calculated by speeding up your natal chart by one day for every year of your life. So if you are 40 years old, your progressed chart is the same as the sky 40 days after you were born. They are a predictive tool, and describe how you are currently using the potential of your natal chart. When your progressed planets (usually just the inner ones) change signs or houses, it’s a big deal because a) they move very slowly and b) they mark significant changes in your life.

Your sun, just like in your natal chart, is the most significant progressed planet, and represents your evolving identity and purpose. It changes signs only once every 30 years. The moon is also important, changing signs every 2.5 years, and describes your evolving needs and relationships as well as your general emotional “climate” for that time period. The relationship between the PR sun and moon is how you determine the phase you are in. The PR sun and moon join up once every 30 years, and this represents your “new moon” phase, or the start of a brand new 30-year cycle.

I am coming up on my Full Moon phase, because my PR sun is at 27º Taurus, and my PR moon is at 27º Scorpio (they will be exact on November 25th). This is a culmination, just like the regular Full Moon. It is a time where all your efforts – over the last 15 years – come together, and you can see great success and recognition, or significant loss and the crumbling of everything you’ve worked for. It begins about a 4-year period of picking up the pieces and starting in a new direction, either in the wake of success or the wake of failure. They say the “action” happens right at the beginning, and then the next few years are pretty smooth, because whatever happened happened and you can go from there. It’s kind of like Christmas: you’ve been anticipating it a while, then it’s finally here and you get to open your presents. After that, whether you got what you wanted and are satisfied, or you didn’t and are disappointed, at least it’s over and you are certain either way!

Progressed Full Moon Phase

As an astrologer, I’ve obviously known this was coming. But I have been terrified of it, because up until really the beginning of this month, I wasn’t sure which way my life would go: success or ruin. Over the last few years in my PR Scorpio moon phase, things have been particularly challenging. I really didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for a while, but I had to just hope and keep faith that everything would work out, even when it repeatedly looked like it wasn’t. But it looks (knock on wood) like I am going to be okay. I have a great new job that I love, I managed to maintain my home through a very difficult financial struggle, and I am still alive!

I think it’s so interesting that the U.S. election has coincided with my own personal culmination. There was such anticipation and emotional investment nationwide (worldwide, actually), and now that we all know the outcome, we have to pick up the pieces and move on from here. At least we know…right? The Taurus Full Moon today (a supermoon!) has been extremely emotionally taxing, and I didn’t realize it, but it falls close to my PR Ascendant and sextile my natal Ascendant. I think I was too tied up in the events of my nation, and now I have to go back to minding my own business!

On an interesting note, the element of surprise in this election is also clearly present in my own chart; my PR moon at 27º Scorpio is conjunct Uranus (see my progressed chart above). Surprise, surprise, indeed! In addition, transiting Uranus is conjunct my natal Sun in Aries. I don’t particularly enjoy having my life and emotions so tied up in what is going on globally, but I do enjoy a bit of the unexpected to keep life fresh and interesting. It’s also strange that as my life takes a turn for the better on a personal level, it seems like everything else is crumbling. I hope that’s not the case, but at the moment, my country seems to be in turmoil.

In a few months, my PR moon will move into Sagittarius, and then my natal 9th house. I am looking forward to the change, expansion, hopefulness, and adventure of that phase, which will also resonate very well with all my natal Aries planets and Leo moon. After the storm is indeed the calm, and even though this is obvious in my chart, I think that can be said for anyone who is going through their progressed Lunar Full Moon phase.


Progressed Moon in Taurus or 2nd House

Progressed Moon in Taurus or 2nd HouseThe Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When you experience a PR Moon sign or house transition, your needs evolve accordingly, and the shift from Aries to Taurus or 1st house to 2nd house is a stabilizing one, when you crave security. You are entering a time of relative steadiness (about 2.5 years for the Taurus progression, 1-4 years for the natal 2nd house progression typically, depending on its size). This is a time to work on whatever you started during the previous PR Moon phase.

Taurus is the second Zodiac sign, and is represented by the toddler, who has grown out of the newborn urgency of Aries (the infant), having survived the first stage of life. It no longer needs to scream and cry when it feels hungry or tired, because the toddler knows that nap time follows meal time, and play time follows nap time, etc. Taurus desires consistency, and when your PR Moon leaves Aries or H1 and enters Taurus/H2, you settle into a routine and enjoy the security that comes with it. The toddler also experiences the world using five senses – touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight – and tangibles are important during this progression.

In a way, Aries and Taurus are diametric opposites, because the first is ruled by warring Mars and the second is ruled by peace-loving Venus. After the aggression, competition, and challenge-driven experience of PR Moon in Aries, serenity is what you crave. When your PR Moon is in Taurus, you’ll seek out people who are more constant and predictable in their behavior and demeanor. You, too, will be more reliable, calm, and slow to anger. You want everything in your world to be unshakeable – nothing to rock the boat – so the trigger-happy temper you may have had during PR Moon in Aries will calm waaayy down. Anyone in your life that is a hot-head will no longer be welcome!

The major theme of PR Moon in Taurus, and especially PR Moon in the natal 2nd house, is money. There is nothing more important for stability in this world than secure finances, and only money can buy you all the material things you want to surround yourself with during this time. Taurus is an Earth sign, meaning it is practical, material-based, and business-oriented. So you are more apt to want to work hard, make real dollars, and use common sense. During the H2 progression, you may become interested in real estate or even invest in a home purchase. Taurus likes to build slowly (it does everything slowly), so there will be no get-rich-quick schemes for you during this progression.

Taurus is a Fixed sign (and H2 a “Succedent” house), meaning you won’t want to start a lot of things like you did during your Aries/1st house progressions. You want to stick with things, jobs, people, places you already know, and sustain them. Now is a great time for working on long-term projects, especially home repairs. Gardening is a wonderful practice, because you can see your results slowly come to fruition, and you may be drawn to the kitchen and cooking.

When PR Moon is in Taurus, be cautious over overindulgence, weight gain, and overspending on material things. One way to make sure you don’t go overboard in spending/eating is to make sure all your needs are being met, including sex (people don’t often equate the Bull with sexiness, but it’s the most sensual sign). You are also more prone to being stubborn and getting stuck in a rut, just for the sake of not wanting change.

The Taurus lunar progression is easiest for people with natal Moon in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Fixed sign (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). The 2nd house progression is a time of stability for everyone, with a special emphasis on finances and self worth.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Mercury Retrograde in TaurusOn Thursday, April 28th, Mercury in Taurus stations retrograde. This is the third planet this month to station Rx (along with Mars in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn). Mercury will retrograde from 23º – 14º Taurus, and station direct on Sunday, May 22nd. Until then, we have to remember that patience is key during Mercury retrograde in Taurus! 🙂

I’ve spoken about Mercury Rx before as a notorious period when communication and short distance travel gets squirrelly. Even people who don’t follow astrology dread hearing that “Mercury is retrograde.” It’s a way of explaining why computer systems are down, traffic jams occur with no apparent cause, texts get sent to the wrong person, and alarm clocks don’t go off at the right time. All of these can indeed happen, but in Taurus, Mercury Rx has its own special flavor. This is the sign of business and finance, so these areas in particular will be subject to mistakes, errors, and paperwork or contractual problems.

In general, one should avoid signing paperwork during Mercury Rx, or at least go over it with a fine-tooth comb. This is especially true for any finance-related agreements. Be conscientious of how you spend your money and any investments made, including real estate ventures. Remember that Taurus is the expression of Venus that represents self-worth: your assets, personal resources, and in general how you get the tangible things you want. I wouldn’t be surprised if people misplace their possessions a lot during this retrograde, especially ones they use to communicate (hold onto your cell phone!).

Whenever a retrograde is occurring, the best activities to perform all start with “re-“… review, re-assess, reorganize, etc. So during Mercury retrograde in Taurus, it would be a good idea to review your finances, bank account ledger, business expenses, budget, and anything that details the value of possessions you already own. You could have your home reappraised, or reassess the value of your stuff to make sure insurance coverage is adequate. If you purchase new items or start new business/financial ventures during the retrograde, don’t be surprised if their value changes significantly once Mercury stations direct.

People may be thinking and speaking a little – well, slow – during this Rx, because Taurus is already a deliberate and steady communicator. Add any confusion, and the Bull slows down to a snail’s pace! So have patience with yourself and others, and try to laugh it off when things get too heavy or you feel yourself becoming a stick in the mud. It will be over in three weeks!

Mercury enters Taurus

Mercury enters TaurusOn April 5th, Mercury enters Taurus (just hours after Venus enters Aries). This is a big change, as the planet of communication has to slow its role considerably, when leaving Aries. If you’ve noticed people being a bit more selfish, argumentative, and quick to make decisions while Mercury has been in Mars-ruled Aries (since March 21st), all that will soon change. In Venus-ruled Taurus, Mercury expresses itself more slowly and rationally, yet retains authenticity.

Mercury represents how we process information and interact with our immediate world. It rules over rational thought processes, learning, communication (verbal, written, typed, etc.), and traveling within the community. While it transits Taurus, we tend to think and speak at a slower, more deliberate pace. This is a Fixed Earth sign, so people’s reasoning become stubborn, resolute, and focused on reality (rather than possibilities or theories). Like Aries, Taurus is one of the early zodiac sign, so it is candid but tends to be self-centered in nature.

Mercury stations retrograde later this month (April 28th) in Taurus, which I will write more about as we get closer to that date. For now, be aware that Taurus represents the material side of Venus, which is money. When Mercury turns around it will move backward between 23º – 14º Taurus, and issues with business and finances will experience breakdowns. It helps to start paying attention to these areas now (especially from April 14th on, when Mercury enters the retrograde shadow zone), particularly any paperwork and contracts involved.

Mercury will be in Taurus until June 12th, when it enters Gemini.