Progressed Full Moon Phase

I’m coming up on a very rare event: my progressed full moon phase (read what natal progressions are here). Just like the sun and moon in the sky, your progressed sun and moon go through phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon, etc.

As explained in more detail in this article, the progressed moon is the fastest moving progression at a speed of two and a half years spent in each zodiac sign. So it takes about 30 years for your progressed moon to move all the way around your chart. The progressed sun takes 30 years in each sign! So when they make connections with one another, it’s really significant and the energy lasts a few years. The progressed sun represents your evolving ego identity and life purpose. The progressed moon represents your evolving needs and relationships.

My PR sun is at 27º Taurus, and my PR moon is at 27º Scorpio (exact November 25th). This is a personal culmination, just like the Full Moon is in general. All my efforts over the last 15 years (since my progressed new moon phase) are coming together, and supposedly I will either see great success and recognition, or significant loss and the crumbling of everything I’ve worked for. No pressure!

This progression phase for anyone begins a 4-year period of picking up the pieces and starting in a new direction, either in the wake of success or the wake of failure. The action happens at the beginning of the phase, and then the following few years are pretty smooth, because whatever happened is over and you can go from there. It seems kind of like Christmas, to me: you anticipate it for a while, then it happens and you get to open your presents. The aftermath is either being satisfied you got what you want, or dealing with disappointment, but either way you know for sure.

This is what my progressed chart looks like right now. You can see the Sun and Moon glyphs in opposition from one another (with the bold red line between them), in Taurus and Scorpio, respectively. You can also see that my progressed moon is conjunct Uranus, which I will talk about in a minute:

Progressed Full Moon Phase

I’ve known this phase was coming for a while, just being an astrologer who looks all this stuff up way in advance. But I have been terrified of it! Because up until the beginning of this month I literally didn’t which way my life would go. Over the last few years during my progressed Scorpio moon phase things have been really shitty, to be perfectly frank with you. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.. But it looks like I am going to be okay…I have a new job, I managed to keep my home through a financial struggle, and of course I’m still alive (the ultimate win!).

On a side note, it’s interesting that the U.S. election has coincided with my own personal culmination, in a weird synchronicity. There was such anticipation and emotional investment nationwide (worldwide, actually), and now that we all know the outcome, we have to pick up the pieces and move on from here. At least we know…right? The Taurus Full Moon today (a supermoon) has been emotionally taxing for everyone, and on a personal level it falls on my progressed Ascendant and sextiles my natal Ascendant. Bottom line…I was very emotionally tied up in the events of my nation.

Another weird coincidence is the element of surprise in this election is also clearly present in my own progressed chart. My PR moon at 27º Scorpio is conjunct Uranus, which represents the unexpected. Also – because things are always mirrored multiple times in astrology – transiting Uranus in the sky is conjunct my natal Sun in Aries, right now. Hey, it keeps things interesting, right?


Uranus Rx 2015

Photo credit: Foundry Co

A day after Venus turns tail, Uranus – the Awakener – will follow suit and station retrograde, at 20º Aries. The Rx period: 7/26 – 12/25. Our sense of freedom, individualism, independence, and unique qualities are under review. Uranus Rx intensifies a need for liberation, and asks: What baggage can be cut? One can’t pioneer into fresh territory with dead weight. Uranus in Aries can be violet, sudden, unexpectedly aggressive. You may have to withdraw completely from someone or something in order to gain a sense of liberation.

This makes for a total of six planets retrograde (counting Chiron). Three of the five remaining direct planets are in Leo. What an odd juxtaposition! Leo is all about living in the moment, and Rx planets are taking stock of the past, reviewing. I think the key message here is to “do you” for a while, at least until more planets transit into Virgo (the sign that lives to serve):

Mercury enters Virgo 8/7
Jupiter enters Virgo 8/11
Sun enters Virgo 8/23
Mars enters Virgo 9/24
Venus re-enters Virgo (direct) 10/7

If all this retrograde internalized (and intensified) energy is dragging you inward, and backward at times, the purpose is so you can fully integrate the past into your present. This will later allow you to move forward with no holds barred (incidentally, after Christmas all planets will be direct again). Right now, Leo reminds us that we are wonderful, worthy, and deserve adoration as we are. This is an important self-esteem message to keep us happy in the moment, even as the Rx planets drag us backward.

Station Direct dates:
Saturn ~ 8/2
Venus ~ 9/6
Pluto ~ 9/25
Neptune ~ 11/18
Chiron ~ 11/28

An Erratic Teenager: Sun Square Uranus


This past week has been an interesting mix of tense and flowing aspects: Monday saw the Sun square Pluto: a face-off between personal power and external authority. Wednesday, Mercury entered Cancer.

Sunday, the Cancer Sun will square Uranus in Aries. This is like driving home to enjoy the comforts of family and a nice meal, and getting T-boned by an erratic teenager!

Hopefully that situation won’t actually happen to you, but it gives you an idea of what it’s like to clash with the planet of rebellion. Uranus in Aries is a lot like a teenager, refusing to obey rules of society, demanding to do his own thing. To sensitive (yet matriarchal) Sun in Cancer, it’s like a self-absorbed teenager who won’t listen! But you can’t do the smother-mother thing.

Squares are crises, but a transit like this can “spur” you into action, so if you look at it as an immediate opportunity to grow (rather than issues or people that foil your plans), it takes on new meaning. Squares involving the Sun and another planet can manifest in the form of a quarrel between you and someone else. It helps to recognize that the other person is just an outer projection of your own issues, in those cases!

The Lion, the Fish, and the Liberator

Photo credit: Christine Sponchia

There are some interesting aspects from June 29 – July 1st (leading up to the Capricorn Full Moon). Venus joins Jupiter in Leo, and they trine the Liberator Uranus, and inconjunct Chiron in Pisces. See what happens when the Lion, the Fish, and the Liberator come together:

(Venus + Jupiter) in Leo = Expanding friendships, magnanimous love, extravagant spending, emphasis on self-pride, going all out in appearance, extreme feelings of self-worth.

6/29 – Trine to Uranus in Aries = Flow with your desire for freedom, self-expression, and originality. Uranus adds the element of surprise.

6/30 – Inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces = Chiron just went retrograde, and this doesn’t jive with the Venus/Jupiter agenda: the fish and the lion don’t have much in common. Examining old hurts, and at the same time, want to have an extravagant celebration about yourself? The key is adjustment. Allow your sensitive side to keep your larger-than-life affections in check. Maybe Chiron is projected onto someone you’re attempting to charm, and it’s uncomfortable for that person!

Jupiter Trine Uranus

Photo credit: Bess Hamiti

Jupiter trines Uranus exact on June 22nd. This harmonious connection between the two slow-moving planets has been building for weeks, encouraging us to explore and expand in unchartered territory. This is the last of three times they trine (the first was September 25, 2014, the second March 3, 2015).

Jupiter entered Leo in July 2014, and has encouraged expansion of creativity, self-expression, the inner child, romance, generosity, pride, and drama. Jupiter magnifies the ego in Leo.

Uranus in Aries is a slow transit (2012-2018) that demands freedom via independence, pioneering, sudden changes, and doing-your-own-thing. Aries is impatient and Uranus tends to burn bridges in pursuit of liberation, via sudden upheavals. Aries is identity, and Uranus wants you to cut all that is old, stale, and conventional.

The two planets harmoniously trine each other at 20º Aries/Leo, creating positive expansion of originality and innovation. This aspect lacks tension, but there may still be growing pains: Jupiter inflates what it touches (good or bad) and Uranus violently shakes the dust off. But the two open new avenues, and encourage you to leave the past behind.

Trines can be taken for granted. If has been difficult to leave your old, comfy, safe way of life, remember that this is a chance to become liberated from what shackles you. Settling for less than you truly desire, all to meet status-quo or other’s expectations, is a self-imposed prison.

Will you stay in your cell, or step outside and face the unknown?

19º – 24º of the Fire signs will feel this strongest.