Numerology Life Path 6

This article is part of a numerology series about the Life Path number and what it represents.(the essence of who you are, and your purpose). To calculate your Life Path, add up the day, month, and year of your birth, then keep reducing until you get to one number. For example, if you were born on November 25th, 1992 (11-25-1992), you would add: (1+1) + (2+5) + (1+9+9+2). This reduces to 2 + 7 + 3 = 12. Twelve reduces as follows: 1 + 2 = 3. You would be a Life Path 3.


If you have a 6 Life Path, then congratulations, because you have the most attractive number! This is the number of love, and your purpose – and challenge – throughout your life will be opening your heart to give and receive love freely. You also have the most responsibility on your hands, and duties/obligations will be your biggest stress point throughout your life. The number 6 is centered around the family unit, and as a 6 you tend to be the matriarch. Even if you are a man, there is less of the stark traditional father figure in you and more of the loving (but forever worrying) family leader.

As a life path 6, you are constantly seeking justice/balance (think Libra) and are often thrown into positions of leadership, because you are naturally like a sheep dog, trying to herd others to safety. As a result, you can also be a bit overly controlling and condescending, because you think you know what’s best for everyone. I think of LP 6s like perpetual eldest children…they shoulder a lot of responsibility and have to worry about their younger siblings, have the most chores, but in a way enjoy being the one their parents rely on to make things run smoothly.

6’s find it hard to let go and let others live their lives, and as a result can get a bit too judgmental at times. They don’t seem to realize how much their good opinion affects others, and how words of criticism can tear down those who look up to them. If you are a 6 and you don’t have a family, you’ll make a family of your friends, or if you don’t have a spouse you’ll uber-focus on your kids. You can easily become a helicopter parent, or that person that is always trying to rescue or “fix” others. Careful, that’s not love! Get yourself a creative project to focus on because on top of being the most attractive number, you’re also good at art and music and anything aesthetic (because life is fair). The payment for your many gifts is, of course, that you’re a perfectionist and are just as critical of yourself as you are of others.

Life path 6s care a lot. When people don’t let your love in, however, you can get very annoying to be around. You have high expectations of yourself and others, and people just can’t live up to that. You also (like Libra) blow icy cold when you aren’t happy, which is just another form of trying to control the people around you. Try letting go instead of tightening your grip when you get disappointed or stressed out, and remember that the ones you love are only human! If you must control something, let it be your business or hobby, and watch it flourish. I like 6s (I’m a 9) but they can be some of the most smothering people.

I think there’s also something Neptunian in the 6 energy because of the idealism and creative energy. You can use this to be really compassionate to others and successful in creative endeavors, or like Neptune/Pisces, you can let yourself become disappointed over and over when reality doesn’t live up to your high ideals. Or, you don’t take any action at all – in typical Libra fashion – because circumstances aren’t perfect. When you embrace the messiness of life and realize that on a larger scale it is perfect that way, you’ll be able to let the love flow more easily.


Upcoming Transits and the U.S. Presidential Election

There are three ingresses this week, leading up to the Full Moon next Monday (Nov 14th). All these planets will be changing signs within a four-day period, starting the day after the U.S. presidential election…which is quite the energy shift!

Mars enters Aquarius on Wednesday, Nov 9th (EST). This is an innovative and go-against-the-grain energy for Mars, planet of initiation and action. But it’s more about concepts than doing, so there’s that. Aquarius is emotionally detached and objective, so it may be easier to think before you make a rash decision. I said maybe: Aquarius is known for its unpredictability and rule-breaking. Mars enters Pisces on Dec 19th.

Venus enters Capricorn on Friday, Nov 11th. This puts the focus for love and friendship on practical, achievable goals, and new connections that double as resources. Sounds a little cold and calculated, but Capricorn is actually a warm earth sign, just the most ambitious one. Venus also rules material things, and Capricorn loves status, so you may be drawn to name-brands (and quality over quantity). Venus enters Aquarius on Dec 7th.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday, Nov 12th. This opens up communication and puts emphasis on the bigger picture (with much potential for flaws in the details!). Sag is all about ideas and beliefs, so this can also be a time for arguments, all of which will have holes. An excellent time to learn anything new and exciting, or peruse faith and spirituality texts. Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec 2nd.

With the U.S. presidential election in two days, this week ushers in a time of change! I’ve been trying to do the astrology of Clinton and Trump, and unfortunately there’s a lot of argument over Hillary’s birth time, which throws houses and angles out the window. But at poll closing time, the sky favors a female energy; the sun and moon are in Scorpio and Pisces, both water signs. In fact, they are in Hillary’s natal sun and moon signs, which bodes well for her…and the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus is conjunct her Lunar North Node, which represents her destiny.

Donald also has some transits happening, specifically planets entering his natal and progressed 4th house (assuming his birth time is correct)…this indicates a renewed focus on home and family. He also has Jupiter conjunct Chiron, which represents a major flare up of an old emotional pain, and he will soon have his Jupiter return which is the start of a new 12-year cycle. That could be the start of his presidency, or it could indicate he’s packing it in and headed for something new. I guess we’ll see!

I checked the U.S.’s progressed chart, and our country’s ascendant just entered Virgo, a feminine sign. Could we actually see the first female president of the United States get elected this week? What a long-awaited historical moment that will be!

Venus enters Aries

On April 5th, Venus joins the Sun in Aries, and things get feisty and impulsive when it comes to relationships. This ingress is great for those looking to make a fresh start in love or finances, and adds an element of daring that was missing during the Pisces season. Now is the time to take charge, go out on a limb, and make the first move…when Venus enters Aries, excitement is in the air!

Transiting Venus represents how we feel about relationships at the moment, and that includes the one with ourselves. Venus expresses herself in two ways, represented by the two zodiac signs she rules: personal needs (Taurus) and relationships with others (Libra). Your personal needs represent the relationship you have with you; how much you value yourself, and therefore what you attract into your life, including material things like money. Relationships with others are actually a direct reflection of this internal self-worth, because they represent how you treat others and allow yourself to be treated.

Aries is not a traditionally great placement for Venus, but that’s ok – every planet/sign combo has its perks – and this transit brings out a lot of positive qualities in people, along with some challenges. Aries love and friendship is a bit rough, because Mars (planet/God of war) is the ram’s natural ruler. This Venus expression is the “I love you so much I want to squeeze you to death!” kind of affection. Not for everyone! But it’s also very forthcoming, exciting, and honest. Aries Venus gets its charm from its open demeanor, positive outlook, and direct approach. It’s also a very physical, passionate expression of Venus.

During this transit, you can take initiative when it comes to relationships. If there’s someone you’ve been scoping out, but were too shy to approach during Pisces season, you’ll feel that Aries assertiveness. You can also use this time to establish new friendships. Take charge in finances, and be aggressive (but careful with impulsive purchases!). Do something bold with your look. Be honest and open with others. Aries is courageous, but can suffer from brashness and an inability to pick up on social cues. If you rush in headfirst before thinking, act overly selfish, or start battling people you care about…cool your jets!

Venus will be in Aries until April 29th, when it enters Taurus.

Venus enters Pisces

March 12th, Venus enters Pisces, joining the throng of transits. Venus is particularly romantic and feminine here, and it infuses this area of your chart with charm and attraction all month. Pisces operates via intuition and divine inspiration; think about that while tending to personal finance matters, during this transit.

Venus in Pisces is dreamy, soft, and creative. This is an excellent transit for artists and musicians, because your imagination is off the charts right now. Pisces has a connection with the unseen, and operates by going with the flow. This is also a great time for idealistic romance, because you’re willing to give yourself completely.

Venus in Pisces is compassionate and empathetic, which on the upside means you can play therapist to your loved ones during this transit, but on the downside you may get pulled into other people’s drama too easily. There’s a lot of Mutable influence right now; great for flexibility, poor for setting boundaries. Swim on.

Venus will be in Pisces until April 5th.

Mercury and Venus in Aquarius

On Feb 13, transiting Mercury re-enters Aquarius. Mercury works well in this ingenious sign: clarity on issues comes suddenly and unexpectedly. (You may have had a taste of this when Mercury briefly entered Aquarius from Jan 1 – 8, before backing into Capricorn during its retrograde period last month.) Following suit, Venus will move into Aquarius on Feb 16, where it embraces diversity, originality in others, and gets a bit eccentric in romance!

Aquarius values novelty, because there’s nothing it hates more than tradition. Because Aquarius is an air sign, it’s highly intellectual/social. But unlike its fellow air signs, Aquarius doesn’t form personal connections. It’s concerns with humanity as a whole, especially those who are marginalized in society. Think of looking down at the world from a rocketship, and you’ll understand the Aquarius mentality. Think of lightning, and you’ll understand its sudden insights.

This is the cutting-edge sign, lonely on the fringe of society. Aquarius enjoys detachment because not only can it stand out as being a true individual this way (thumbing its nose at convention), it can also stay open to receiving those lightning-quick innovations. Aquarians are drawn to the latest technology (especially communication devices, which allow them to share from afar). The shadow side of Aquarius is embracing perversion just to provoke others, or alienating itself from society.

Mercury in this sign can give you answers, but you may need to embrace unorthodoxy in order to get them. What about you is different? Consider it, because once Venus enters Aquarius, it will really be time to let your freak flag fly! You may be a lone wolf while you seek out what makes you unique, but don’t be surprised if you’re drawn to those who are edgy or offbeat when Venus enters Aquarius. This sign appreciates diversity, and people who embrace their differences.

Mercury is in Aquarius until March 5, and Venus through March 12. During this time people may say shocking things (Mercury), make wild changes to their appearance (Venus), and focus on humanitarian issues, science, and technology. However, don’t forget that Aquarius is a fixed sign: staunch in ideas and opinions, and obstinate in its quest for individuality.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Venus Rx 2015

Photo credit: bertvthul

This Saturday, Venus stations retrograde at 0º Virgo. Venus will be retrograde from July 25 – September 6.

So what typically occurs during the (approximate) 40 days of Venus Rx?

  • Review of your relationship/financial issues
  • Old relationships rear their heads/old lovers come find you (yikes)
  • Revisiting self worth/love issues
  • Reconciling with old loves, or getting closure
  • Reconsidering your appearance and who/what you attract to yourself

There’s a lot of “re-s” in there, because planetary retrograde is: 1) an internalization of its energy, 2) an intensification of energy, and 3) a review of that planet’s issues. Venus represents how you give and receive love, your material things, your appearance, and what you are attracted to. Venus retrograde isn’t a good time for new relationships or drastic changes in appearance; you’re better off taking stock of what’s already in your life.

Venus entered Virgo on July 18th, where she began to doubt, scrutinize/analyze relationships and finances, and she got more practical and humble about displaying love and affection. If you paid attention to the questions that started popping into your head, you have an idea about what will require revisiting during her retrograde period. On Friday, July 31st, Venus will re-enter Leo and may lead you to the following questions:

  • What am I attracting/attracted to, and why?
  • What do others notice me for?  Is this what I want?
  • Are my relationships true, or are they just for show?
  • Am I using my finances/buying property for the right reasons (a.k.a. because it’s good for me and my family), or because I want to appear a certain way to others?
  • Do I get respect in my relationships with others?  If not, why?

As you can see, there are a lot of pride/image issues here, and that’s because of Leo’s inherent ego. Anything you have started or been working on in love, pride, appearance, relationships, and finances since June 21st will likely require another look, so keep that in mind.

Whatever you do, don’t fear the retrograde! A lot of bad publicity goes into them, and they needn’t be so bad, if you can trust your gut and express yourself with authenticity and self-respect. That’s what Leo is all about, and this is an opportunity to tell it like it is, should any old flames come a-knockin’!  But be prepared to learn the lesson, if you’ve been overly concerned with appearances:  All that is gold does not glitter.

The Lion, the Fish, and the Liberator

Photo credit: Christine Sponchia

There are some interesting aspects from June 29 – July 1st (leading up to the Capricorn Full Moon). Venus joins Jupiter in Leo, and they trine the Liberator Uranus, and inconjunct Chiron in Pisces. See what happens when the Lion, the Fish, and the Liberator come together:

(Venus + Jupiter) in Leo = Expanding friendships, magnanimous love, extravagant spending, emphasis on self-pride, going all out in appearance, extreme feelings of self-worth.

6/29 – Trine to Uranus in Aries = Flow with your desire for freedom, self-expression, and originality. Uranus adds the element of surprise.

6/30 – Inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces = Chiron just went retrograde, and this doesn’t jive with the Venus/Jupiter agenda: the fish and the lion don’t have much in common. Examining old hurts, and at the same time, want to have an extravagant celebration about yourself? The key is adjustment. Allow your sensitive side to keep your larger-than-life affections in check. Maybe Chiron is projected onto someone you’re attempting to charm, and it’s uncomfortable for that person!