Progressed Moon in Virgo or 6th House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When your PR Moon sign or house changes, your needs evolve. During the shift from Leo to Virgo, or 5th to 6th housework and health become your greatest priorities, and your daily life goes under the microscope. You are entering a detail-oriented phase (about 2.5 years for the Virgo progression and 1-4 years for H6). During this time, practical considerations are under focus, and you can become a bit of a perfectionist! You also become more analytical and pragmatic.

Virgo is a very different sign than its predecessor, Leo. PR Moon in Leo or H5 was a relatively fun and selfish time. Your Virgo or H6 lunar progression is another animal! You’ll experience the need to focus on the daily necessities of life: your job, school, paying bills, chores and housework, and your health. During the Leo/H5 you could afford to be self-oriented and set in your ways, but no more. Right off the bat, a major change can occur that shakes up your schedule, like a new job, school, a health issue, or a different routine. You may have to start taking care of someone else, for example, and figure out how to adjust your life around that person.

Virgo is the studious and efficient young adult of the Zodiac; managing education, a job, and the details of life outside Mom and Dad’s house! Virgo is an Earth sign, and is practical and pragmatic: its motto is do what you can, when you can. Virgo likes to be busy in service to others, so prepare to do so! You’ll be more focused on practicalities: budgeting, paying bills, and savings plans. Health is a major focus for Virgo (the body is our vehicle), so this is a great time to develop a fitness routine, improved diet, get your checkups, or take vitamins. Virgo is very detail-oriented, so watch out for becoming health or work obsessed. A failing of this sign is it can’t see the forest for the trees, and can lose sight of the bigger picture. Remember to step back now and then!

Virgo is the organizer of the Zodiac, and is ruled by Mercury, planet of information. Virgo analyzes information, applies it, learns by trial and error, and then re-adjusts. While your PR Moon is in Virgo or H6, you may be taking in a lot of practical information, perhaps through your job or a college program, then required to actually use it. Because Virgo is so detail-obsessed, you will likely need to be more organized about your activities…consider keeping a planner. You will be able to retain more information at this time because your brain works better to categorize everything, and you are more critical about what you learn. You may begin to read a lot more!

Virgo is a Mutable sign (and H6 a “Cadent” house), representing the transition from Summer to Fall, and you will become much more adaptable and selfless. During my last PR Lunar transition from Leo/H5 to Virgo/H6 – they are aligned in my chart – I went from easy work and having fun with my then-boyfriend, to a management job and accelerated college program for Organizational Leadership. I also developed a health issue ultimately caused by the newfound stress. Incidentally, the link between work and health is so important during this lunar progression, and psychosomatic symptoms will occur if you don’t manage stress levels in a healthy way (exercise, meditation, yoga, etc.). Virgo can juggle too many activities and spread itself way too thin.

During PR Moon in Virgo/H6, you may drop the more dramatic people in your circle, in favor of those who are studious, hardworking, and practical. The switch from Leo to Virgo will allow you to loosen up your grip and move on from people and situations, because you won’t have time for emotional drama: you’ve got practical concerns. Co-workers and fellow students become close friends during this time. If you are care-taking for someone or providing them with a service, they will be very important in your life. Virgo doesn’t mind being subservient and enjoys the relationship of servant-master; you may become close to your managers or teachers. Pets also become a great source of happiness for you, and you are more occupied with their issues.

The Virgo lunar progression is easiest for people with natal Moon in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Mutable sign (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces). For both Virgo/H6 lunar progressions, it’s a good time for organizing anything in your life, including your schedule, surroundings, and closets! Watch your stress levels; illness, psychosomatic symptoms, and dietary issues are more likely. Becoming overly perfectionist or obsessed with details is also problematic, as is being too critical of yourself and others.


Jupiter’s March Aspects

In March, Jupiter makes three outer-planet aspects from Virgo. This is a big deal! Jupiter expands what it touches, and aspects to slower planets mean changes on a large scale. Jupiter is currently retrograde, so all three will occur again after it has stationed direct (May 9th). You can feel these building from the beginning of March:

On March 6th, Jupiter inconjuncts Uranus (at 18º Aries). Uranus in Aries represents personal freedom, independence, and originality, but it’s unpredictable and can even be violent. The inconjunct is uncomfortable and requires adjustment; this transit may bring awkward feelings or situations. For example, you may not be able to control sudden urges to express your independence at work, which doesn’t fly with your boss or co-workers. This aspect will occur again on August 13th.

On March 16th, Jupiter trines Pluto (at 17º Capricorn). Pluto in Capricorn represents long term evolution of career, business, and traditional structures in your life. The trine is a harmonious aspect, and both planets help each other: Pluto can help Jupiter by giving you self-control in your current diet or exercise regime, or attract powerful people to aid your work. Jupiter helps Pluto by making concrete steps towards long-term goals. Trines are easy but they can pass you by if you don’t take advantage, so put in a little effort. This aspect will occur again on June 26th.

On March 23rd, Jupiter squares Saturn (at 16º Sagittarius). Saturn in Sagittarius represents obstacles and lessons in travel, higher education, legal matters, and your beliefs. Squares mean tension and crisis: you should feel it weeks in advance. A present Saturn-related issue may become even bigger this month, or a serious health issue or work obstacle could crop up. The last time Jupiter squared Saturn was last year on August 3rd (in different signs), so the current crisis may be related to what was going on then. This aspect will occur again on May 26th.

Full Moon in Virgo

February 22 is the Full Moon in Virgo (at 3º). This phase represents a culmination where it occurs in your chart, but you can also ask yourself what you have been working on since the New Moon in Aquarius (Feb 8). Health and work are Virgo’s territory, and a stressful situation or growing health issue may come to a head at the Full Moon. Virgo scrutinizes, identifying what needs adjustment in a situation. This is your opportunity to clean up and organize.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun is at 3º Pisces, loosely conjunct Neptune and Ceres (both at 9º). Neptune adds emotion/illusion. While Full Moons tend to be peak emotional times, Virgo is a practical Earth sign that channels emotion into work (or hyper criticism and subsequent illness). Neptune is an idealist, and if Virgo cannot get the precise details right, it will give up. If you feel your faith wavering, instead of throwing in the towel, let yourself be inspired by the bigger picture. Virgo often can’t see the forest for the trees, and can benefit from some imagination.

Ceres is an asteroid representing nurturing, loss, and the birth-death cycle. It can bring up mother issues or past abandonment. Opposing the Virgo Full Moon, you may become aware of a personal habit that no longer serves you. The bad news is extra anxiety (watch for stomach/digestive tract irritation). The good news is if you work on it now, you have an opportunity to heal.

Neptune and Ceres together can be emotionally overwhelming, so remember to stay in the present and just do what you can. For some, this Full Moon will accompany recognition for hard work/attention to detail. Enjoy it!

Those with natal planets or angles from 2º – 9º of the mutable signs will feel this Full Moon strongest, but anyone can tap into the productivity and efficiency of Virgo at this time, especially for self-improvement.

Jupiter Opposite Chiron: Rewrite the Past

Chiron represents wounds, and is traveling through the ultimate martyr, Pisces. Where Chiron goes, it brings up old pain and vulnerability, and Pisces can mean victimization. Another planet opposing Chiron in the sky can activate pain (via a confrontation with someone else, for example), but Jupiter is optimistic. He may magnify self-criticism in Virgo, but also bring an opportunity to see your past experiences in a new light. If you can let joy in, you can rewrite your story.

On Tuesday, February 23, Jupiter at 20º Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces. These are slow-moving bodies, so this energy is building for a few weeks. Jupiter is retrograde at the moment, and Chiron is in direct motion. The two opposed each other back on Nov 3, 2015 (when Jupiter was direct and Chiron was Rx), so there may be something that requires revisiting from that time. They will oppose each other a third time on Aug 12, 2016 when Jupiter is direct and Chiron is Rx. That will be your final opportunity to put the subject to rest and move on.

Jupiter Rx in Virgo is about reflecting on what could be enhanced in your life (like health and work habits). This step is introspective. Go easy on the self-criticism at this time, because there’s a sore spot you could hit. To get a sense of what issues may be brought up, look to the houses in your chart that contain 20º Virgo/Pisces. Also, think about what was brought up at the first opposition in November.

Why not use this major transit to see past trauma in a new light? Some people think the past is etched in stone, but if you look at it as a pencil drawing, you can erase the parts you don’t like and etch in something better. Take responsibility for what you attracted to you before, and move on.

Those with planets or angles from 19º – 24º of the mutable signs will feel this transit strongest.

Scorpio Sun Sextile North Node

Photo by Jill Wellington

The week before Thanksgiving, Mercury and the Sun do a little dance with the Lunar North Node (at 29º Virgo). You’re presented with an opportunity to expand.

On November 20th, Mercury (at 29º Scorpio) sextiles the Lunar North Node – presenting an opportunity to propel you forward – and then enters Sagittarius. The Sun follows suit next day, forming the sextile on November 21st.

A sextile is an advantage. Mercury presents information: an uncovered truth or revelation. The Sun lets you use the information to make an adjustment. This slight, practical shift can make a monumental difference, over time; that’s North Node in Virgo’s way. Think of this transit as a chance to plug an energy drain.

Because Venus/Mars began a focus on relationship give-and-take on November 2, this piece may be the revelation you need to finally let go of a dysfunctional relationship. Perhaps you’ve been giving too much to a partner who is slow to commit, only to find out he or she is seeing someone else.

This is an opportunity to free up your life, for more personal enjoyment and expansion. Virgo North Node is pushing you forward. This is probably just a confirmation of something you suspected, but weren’t quite sure of, anyway.

Jupiter Square Saturn

Jupiter square Saturn has been building for weeks, and will perfect on August 3rd, at 28º Leo/Scorpio.

Jupiter and Saturn are opposites; Jupiter presents opportunity and Saturn limits them. Jupiter grows and Saturn prunes it back. Both planets will be in direct motion, for this transit. Jupiter is near the end of Leo (entering Virgo on August 11th), and Saturn is wrapping up in Scorpio for good.

So what? Jupiter is still offering options, growth, opportunity. It’s being tailed by a few inner planets (namely, Mercury and the Sun), and confused Venus Rx headed its way (they will meet on the 4th). Jupiter is still a heavy presence in Leo, magnifying the smaller planets, encouraging you to flaunt what you’ve got in the area Leo rules in your chart: create, play, be generous.

Saturn in Scorpio has taught you something about the dark side of life. The lesson has been absorbed, and Saturn is soon to move forward into fun-loving Sag (Jupiter’s fav sign). When it squares Jupiter, it wants to set limits on your choices. The square is a jarring aspect, so these limits are set in a way that may feel restricting to you, rather than clarifying.

Maybe it’s not as pretty a picture as the King of the Gods and Father Time swinging each other around like Maria in The Sound of Music, but it’s still not a bad deal: so you have to choose an option that you can make into a reality.  Is that so bad?