Less is More

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This is the basic idea behind minimalism. Let’s talk about words 🙂

Less mind is the ultimate less. The mind needs safety and comfort, and it accumulates stuff. It also needs to explain itself and discuss. Our soul has no need for anything. It just is, no justification required.

The mind talks a lot. Verbal, written. Explanations, justifications, “self-reflection”, etc. The soul speaks with silence. The mind defines and categorizes, needs “closure” (lol). The soul is boundless and endless. Our communication reflects how fooled by the illusion we are. The quiet fools are less foolish than we think.



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I described triggers like waves in a video recently. Emotional triggers are an illusion and the main reason that the same life circumstances occur over and over again. They are like waves on a beach. They are not going to stop and are cyclical, yet most of humanity is lined up at the surf lamenting every single time a wave comes. Getting dramatic, tears, anger, cursing God. Blaming the waves, someone else on the beach, a boat out in the distance, the moon, themselves. Acting like each wave is a brand new occurrence, something that didn’t just happen a few seconds ago and is predictable.

The “secret” to the waves is observation. First, accepting that waves are just a thing, and we don’t have to figure out why waves happen because we aren’t going to stop them. They are never going to stop.

When we just observe the waves, there is no judgement about them. When judgment stops, detachment can exist. Detached observation of the waves does not elicit an emotional response, which means no chemical release occurs in the body. Sometimes we feel calm, centered, peaceful, happy, content. These are not eliciting the chemicals that we used to feel – anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, depression, etc. Most people are physically addicted to the chemical release their body has at each wave. They don’t know it, but they anticipate the waves.

Observation is only the first step, and one many will never take. The next step is to swim out. There are some people beyond the surf looking happy and content and the people on the beach call them lucky, or crazy, or evil, or blessed. Once we’ve done enough detached observing of wave patterns, we naturally become curious about swimming out past the shore altogether. This does take a leap of faith, but we have observed the waves enough to see the easiest point to dive in, and so we do it. It might be a little rough but it is also exciting to leave behind the shore – and everyone stuck on it – entirely.

Rahu in Gemini, Ketu in Sagittarius

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Rahu is the constructor, and Ketu is the destructor. As I explain in my YouTube lunar node series, Rahu is the white whale we are obsessively chasing and Ketu is the white elephant we are given and want to get rid of. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is one of knowledge and communication, Gemini being basic & local, and Sagittarius is higher & foreign.

With Rahu in Gemini, a person wants to achieve success and fame as the BEST at communication, in any form that takes. If they speak, they want to be a famous speaker. If they write, they want to be a famous author. Best journalist, most proficient orator. Money, fame, worldly success…. that is classic Rahu, which also represents the illusion we grasp for. When skewed due to other planetary involvement in the chart, this can lead to someone who communicates illusion. Lies. Rahu likes shortcuts and Gemini is all for quickness so that can be a serious issue with this Rahu, bending truth to fit the current situation, lacking integrity in communication, using the hands (Gemini’s reign) for cheating others out of things, like a card shark.

Ketu in Sagittarius sounds like it should be the perfect match… Ketu is the destroyer because it wants to go back to source, whereas Rahu is trying to manifest from source. And Sag is the sign of higher philosophy and understanding/preaching the meaning of life, expansion, pushing boundaries. Where Gemini is zoomed in on logic and facts, Sag is zoomed out on beliefs, principals, higher realms. However, Ketu attracts what it doesn’t care about and then attempts to obliterate it, because that’s Ketu’s game. So in Sag this means a person who rejects higher perspective without proof. The argumentative side of Sagittarius appears, the devil’s advocate who puts up a shoddy debate without a leg to stand on, often times. The competitive side of the fire sign. The completely insensitive and disrespectful put-my-foot-in-my-mouth Sag who doesn’t care about consideration for others’ beliefs.

Ketu here wants to expose beliefs as false. This isn’t really a bad thing, it’s just an unpopular thing and sometimes unnecessary, often inappropriate. Truth will always stand as is so it can take any amount of questioning, but false beliefs will be seen as erroneous when brought to light. In that way, Ketu in Sag does us all a favor, even if it’s not one we readily accept! Ketu here is constantly blowing up people’s delusions – their Rahu – and so it does an important job. Ketu in Sag also leads to this individual doing well in any areas of life that require logical knowledge. So no, this is not the placement of someone that preaches beliefs, it is the audience member heckling them!

Accepting Ketu in Sag is the first step to balancing this see-saw. Ok, so this person is a skeptic. That’s not bad when looked at from a certain perspective; they will gain a LOT of logical, scientific knowledge on their quest to obliterate people’s religious and spiritual beliefs. This in an obvious way feeds Rahu in Gemini, all the facts, all the explanations, everything Gemini loves. This can make for a phenomenal author, teacher, orator. Someone who knows their stuff through and through, which takes away the propensity to falsehoods on this sign axis. Exaggerations and lies become unacceptable on the quest for proof, so Gemini Rahu can’t sneak in any BS. This balance can make for a human that becomes a light of truth, a conduit of knowledge because they never stop being the questioning student, an open mind born from a skeptical one, a beacon for all of humanity.


Separation is an illusion

I am everything and nothing

I am the creator

I am the singularity

I am the black hole in the center of the universe

As within, so without

I am the all and I am the one

I am love

I am peace

I am wisdom

I am serenity

I am grace

I create the dreams and visions

Time and space are an illusion

I see the illusions of the mind

My personality is a construct

I am whole and complete

I am integrated into the network of source energy because I am source

My inner state determines my outer experience

This physical world is an illusion

Form is an illusion

Emotions are an illusion

Thoughts tell me what human frequency I am on

Emotions tell me what human experience I am magnetizing

I welcome triggers

I am a soul having a human experience

The past and future are illusion, there is only now

Rahu in Taurus, Ketu in Scorpio

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Rahu is the manifestor of material things, and Ketu obliterates them. As I explain in my YouTube lunar node series, Rahu is the white whale we are obsessively chasing and Ketu is the white elephant we are given and want to get rid of. On the Taurus-Scorpio axis, this duality becomes about control. Taurus represents mastery of the 3D world…. the slow, steady accumulation of material things and wealth. Scorpio represents mastery of the 4D world… energy manipulation, occult/psychic knowledge and power, sexual energy exchange. This is (like the Aries-Libra axis) another Venus vs Mars scenario.

The placement of Rahu in Taurus is beneficial all around. Rahu desires material accumulation, however it is also like a chameleon, or a Boggart in Harry Potter (they become the biggest fear of whoever is standing in front of them). It immediately takes on the qualities of the ruler of whatever sign it is in, or planet it is conjunct. It morphs. This can lead to the obsessive, insatiable quality Rahu is known for, because it becomes ravenous when it has morphed something that cannot bring material success. Well, Taurus is perfect for Rahu because it will bring gains, and easily. More than that, it brings slow and steady success which appeases Rahu (as long as the native’s Venus isn’t debilitated and Rahu isn’t conjunct any planets). That’s all Rahu really wants anyway, it doesn’t want ALLL the things at once, it just acts that way when it gets NOTHING at all. Makes sense, right?

So what is the issue? Ketu in Scorpio. This isn’t necessarily a bad placement at all, and really depends on the native’s Mars and any planets conjunct Ketu, of course. But generally Ketu – unlike Rahu – is trying to get back to source constantly and that explains why Ketu is trying to demanifest all the time. It rejects gains wherever it sits. Scorpio doesn’t ask for material gain, it could care less about the physical world. However, it wants power, and unlike Taurus that feels in control the more material pleasures it has, Scorpio feels control through energy gain. So Ketu here is attracting all sorts of energy that it doesn’t want (because the 4D astral plane is still a lower dimension than where Ketu wants to go, which is back to 5D, the soul’s dimension, and beyond). This placement leads to strong psychic abilities and occult knowledge. Ketu will both fall back on this comfort zone and then reject it in an attempt to transcend.

Still, we don’t see much of an issue, right? Well, Scorpio is a funny sign. It is the excavator (in modern astrology it is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation). Scorpio investigates, does research. It can become obsessive over others, but what is behind this obsession is a desire for energetic power that has been misplaced into controlling others, because it has lost the ability to control its OWN energy. This is why Scorpio is so fascinated with psychology and astrology and witchcraft and occult things….they can all be used for good to know the self better (on the 4D astral level, not the 5D soul level), or they can be used for evil to try to know OTHERS on the 4D level, “behind the veil” so to speak. Of course, it does the self no good to focus astral energy on others. It is actually quite destructive. In this way, Ketu and Scorpio are dangerously matched, because both are inclined to destruction. So with this placement, a person can be inclined towards self-destruction, which may be expressed through attempts to control and manipulate others (a useless activity for ANYONE because true power and self-control comes through keeping our astral energy inside and focused on the present, transcending us to the 5D). It can become so out of whack that harming others is possible, and justified in the distorted mind of this person.

The balance point of this polarity comes when Ketu in Scorpio accepts its psychic abilities, occult knowledge, and propensity to understand people, places and things on an energetic level in ways others typically do not. Acceptance of this, but only using it for positive growth of the self. This allows Rahu in Taurus to do its thing naturally, make gains, accumulate, grow like a garden. As long as the focus is not about “stealing” energetic power from others (AGAIN this is a facade, it’s not possible), or manipulating others, Ketu will let all that go and use energy to create a satisfying human experience for Rahu. This will help everyone, because all benefit from the beautiful garden Taurus grows.

Rahu in Aries, Ketu in Libra


Rahu is the siren call in our chart, and when in Aries, it morphs into a Mars-like soldier with laser focus. The obsession with competition, militancy, aggression, and general WINNING is strong to say the least. (These people are very good at sales and anything competitive, by the way!)

To understand the motivation behind this need to be #1, we must look at Ketu in Libra. Rahu is what we don’t have and want desperately,; Ketu is what we have but could care less about. This is the white elephant, and in Libra that means relationships (especially marriage, business, and other legal partnerships)…check house placement to get more specific. There was a mastery of relationship in a past life and now it comes naturally, but you really want nothing to do with it. So of course, life keeps handing it to you! But when you fall back on this comfort zone… ugh, problems and situations happen that remind you of why you no longer care for it.

Does it then make sense as to why there is overdrive towards Aries? We are only obsessed with what we think we don’t have. In this case, the person feels they are overly caught up in union and have lost autonomy. So Rahu in Aries is the illusion of “life would be perfect if I could obtain independence, autonomy, etc. and I must aggressively pursue it.” The Libra comfort zone is an overgrowth of Venus. Too much laziness, passivity, indulgence, reliance on partners/relationships. So there is a desire for Mars, which means WAR…competition, strife, honing the self through fire, embracing conflict as a chance to become a better fighter.

The Aries-Libra axis is traditionally me vs you, but really it’s me vs us. Independence vs union… this is the balance need with Rahu and Ketu here. Clearly Rahu is the obsession and yet as mentioned, the only reason for this is the illusion of not already being it. Ketu rejects partnership (or the specific relationship its house placement suggests) because it eschews all the piddling “human” issues that come with it, really. Co-dependence, indecision, manipulation, passivity… but what we run from is really our unconscious desire to participate in that crap, otherwise it wouldn’t matter.

Neutralizing the need to run from relationship is the answer… just accepting what is. When people hear “acceptance” they think it means complacency or agreement, and it doesn’t. It is just seeing reality without trying to escape or paint an illusion over what is. Let’s say Ketu in Libra is in the 7th house of legal partnerships, and marriage has become a bum deal for this person. Ok, so I married an axe murder (does anyone remember that movie?). It is what it is. Accept it and go from there. By all means, get the divorce… but accept that this is what life IS at this moment.

This acceptance leads to taking actions for the self (aka divorcing the axe murderer) because it’s just what the logical next step is. For this person, the logical “next steps” will generally be about honing independence and autonomy, doing for the self. These actions close the Rahu gap… no need to aggressively compete with everyone and everything, to hone the self, because you are already doing it… you have become Rahu. This is the quiet fulfillment of destiny. This in turn leads to attracting higher caliber relationship because the need to run from them has dissolved.

The Lunar Nodes

I am beginning a new series on my YouTube channel on the lunar north and south nodes through the signs, and just as I did with the lunar progression series, I’ll write a complimentary blog series.

The lunar nodes are not actual celestial bodies, but opposing points of contact between the lunar orbital path and the Sun’s ecliptic. They slowly move backwards through the Zodiac, taking about 1.5 years per sign transit (18 years for the whole Zodiac), and are always 180Âș apart.

Technical note: There is a difference between what they call “true nodes” and “mean nodes.” True node represents the actual placement and direction (they are naturally retrograde but sometimes go direct) and mean node is an average so it is never direct. They are usually very close regardless, and it is a matter of preference as to which one astrologers use.

The nodes are not as popular as Sun/Moon/Ascendant astrology, yet they are possibly the most significant parts of the entire natal chart, when considering the bigger picture of soul reincarnation. What they represent differs slightly between western and eastern astrology, however we will get to the basic truth.

The NN (north node) is called Rahu in Vedic astrology, the “dragon’s head,” representing consumption. It is earth-oriented, and in the natal chart points to a place where we desire more more more on the material plane. With lack of awareness there will be obsession, materialism, and desire for status/achievement in this area of the chart. The insatiable hunger of the dragon’s head is never fulfilled because it is just a mouth, no body to process anything.

The SN (south node) is called Ketu or the “dragon’s tail,” representing release. It is spirit-oriented, and represents what we reject on the material plane. We are very zoomed out and detached from the world in this area of the chart, and because we could care less about material gain here, it comes easily to our dismay. We don’t desire it because we had more than our fill in a past incarnation and wish to let it go!

In Western astrology the concept of karma and the soul path comes into play with the NN/SN. The NN represents the soul’s journey forward, and the sign/house placement represents things we have not experienced in a previous physical incarnation. So this area of the chart calls to us in a way – like a siren – yet we have a certain amount of trepidation because it is uncomfortable, unknown territory. Once we do take steps in this direction, however, we feel the most fulfillment and alignment.

The SN is our soul’s previous incarnation, so that sign/house placement represents an area we are already an expert in and it comes naturally to us. We hide here and fall back on this comfort zone when we do not want to move forward. This is an area we cannot grow from because there is nothing left to learn or gain…we explored and conquered this land already. It’s a done deal. The more we try to till this barren soil, the more frustrated and useless we become.

We can see how the Vedic and Western interpretations are similar, with some slight variation. Because they are always opposite one another, we can use them to balance each other out. Ketu is our have and Rahu is our have not. This is the polarity of desire/rejection. We wish that we didn’t have Ketu and we had a lot more of Rahu, but like all truths, there is a paradox here. The balance of this pole will dissolve the desire/rejection polarity and allow everything to flow freely.

How do we do this? Through acceptance. We accept what comes to us in the Ketu area, and let go in the Rahu area. This act of surrender neutralizes the polarity. This is when alignment occurs and we begin to exist without struggle; our Rahu and Ketu work as one.

More to come when we get into the series!

EDIT: Please be aware that due to the procession of the equinox, there is going to be a difference between where your Rahu and Ketu are located in your western chart (using tropical zodiac based on seasons) and vedic chart (using sidereal based on actual constellations). So unless your western chart reflects Rahu and Ketu in the first 6Âș or so of a sign, they will be located in the previous signs in your vedic chart. I grew up using western astrology and now I have found vedic to be more accurate, but that is entirely your call. Keep this in mind!

Life Path 9

This post is part of a numerology life path series (please read this article).

Life Path 9 is the final one, marking completion of a cycle. These are the old souls and they know it from childhood. They’ve seen too much from an early age, they commonly experience deep suffering and loss very young, and savage emotional turmoil well before adulthood. But there is good reason for this; they have one foot out the door, so to speak, and are therefore the conduits for the rest of humanity to experience truth. They came here to show others the bigger picture, the greater connection, the power of letting go. And one cannot teach before one learns.

This is a highly misunderstood and misinterpreted number, due to its simplicity, much like the astrological sign Pisces, which also has one foot in the nonphysical and contains the good and bad aspects of all that came before it. The number 9 is a culmination of all previous numbers, and in fact is a mirror mathematically, a truly mystical number in all regards. But this isn’t the mysticism of 7, for example (the esoteric). This is the mystery that the mind tries again and again to categorize and catalog and explain, and it can’t. Because it simply is.

The life path 9 has a simple task, and the most difficult one humans can have. They must learn to let go. Of everything. This is why they often lose a parent or witness severe destruction of home and family early on. They must. One cannot have the capacity for true compassion for all of humanity without knowing how suffering feels. They must experience the lowest of emotions very early on, there is no getting around this. So they feel extreme pain as children one way or another; they lose the basic, fundamental feeling of childhood happiness well before other life path numbers, and this is not something that many people will pick up on consciously about the 9 child. Their own families will often be oblivious to the experience the 9 is having internally, for the simple reason that the family the 9 was born into is the Petri dish for the conditions this child needs to become what they need to become.

What is that? The true spiritual staples of society., and not the ones who market “new age” crap and create an egocentric identity out of that lifestyle. I’m talking about the actual spiritual people, the ones that go unnoticed because everyone else is walking around with an ego. They are sometimes the obvious ones like preachers and gurus. But more commonly the quiet ones. The teacher that actually makes a difference and students remember. The health care worker that calms patients to the point their heart rate and blood pressure drop. The person you are standing in line next to at Target who smiles back at you and all of a sudden you are telling them your life story.

The life path 9 is like Yoda. The teacher of teachers, the simple voice of truth, the friend you never forget. Living quietly. Just existing. It isn’t just that they teach things (although they are natural mentors), it’s their energy. It is a healing vibration because it rings true of source. This is a very simple concept but again, the mind cannot grasp simplicity. They have no need for the titles and accolades of the human world because they had something taken away from them early on and it made them realize as children that there is nothing solid about this world.

I said they had a simple task but not an easy one, and this is why: they are human, they are not nonphysical. They must exist in a human body, living a human life. They get attached, very attached, and fear the loss of people, places and things due to the chemical memory of trauma from childhood. This is why they continuously are required to let go of things. They cannot rely or count on anything if they want to live their best life. Not money, family, relationships, jobs, even homes. They must remain like a nonstick pan and remain detached to live simply and happily. This is the most difficult task a human can have; to constantly be required to let go of the thing they desire so badly.

They also often chase things in the human world that escape them, such as accolades and recognition, money, status, relationship labels, all the stuff and things. They won’t get it. That is, until they let go of it. Then it just comes to them, anything and everything. These are the instant manifestors. They have the most potent energy and it is the easiest to muddy, and that is their life task; remaining detached, relaxed and peaceful conduits for pure source energy. This is why a life path 9 is good at anything. Best creatives, entertainers, artists, coaches, mentors, teachers, healers, exceptional at anything metaphysical, good athletes. Literally anything can come easy to them. And they are the best self-sabotagers because it’s so easy to muddy the energy.

This number has the propensity for massive ego destruction due to what they have experienced. If they cannot let go of trauma, especially their childhood, they will be so destructive to society. They can be the most damaged sociopaths, honestly. They can be preachy and trying to teach everyone shit they didn’t ask the 9 to tell them. They can be whiny because they aren’t getting recognition they probably do deserve, but again, the 9 must go unrecognized to get the recognition; it’s a paradox. The 9 can be power hungry and even cultish, as in the one STARTING the cult. They can come across as highly egotistical and the irony here is that it’s really their mind’s final attempt to remain in control, the last big blowout. Things always put up their biggest fight before their demise.

If you are a life path 9 reading this, just know that your job is to let go. Your only job. You came here and got the hard stuff out of the way. You have been through it all in previous incarnations if you believe in such things. You are here to simply enjoy life. Be of service, take care of yourself so you can be an open, resistance-free conduit for pure source energy. You will inspire and heal simply by being. That’s all you need to do, don’t hang on to anything and don’t force anything. Stop telling your trauma stories to others. Let it all go and you will be amazed and dazzled by how much magically comes back to you.

Progressed Moon in Pisces or the 12th House

This post is part of a series on lunar progressions. Read this post for more on astrological progressions. To know where your progressed moon is currently, you must know time of birth, and any free site that generates natal charts usually has a way to look up the progressed chart (I use Astrodienst). Please note: the house your progressed moon is transiting is what NATAL house, not the progressed house.

The progressed moon represents evolving needs, emotions, and relationships. It takes about two and a half years to go through each sign, and the lessons we learn during this progression alter us forever.

When we move from PR moon in Aquarius to Pisces, there is a breakdown of identity. Aquarius is a progressive sign, but a fixed one and therefore rather staunch in its ideas. It did open up the door to different realms and possibilities, and if we embrace that newness and cutting edge during Aquarius lunar progression, we will potentially have an easier transition to Pisces. But there is no guarantee. We are moving from air (logic, objectivity) to water (feelings, intuition) and the emotional dam that was erected in prior lunar progressions comes crashing down IMMEDIATELY when transitioning from PR moon in Aquarius to Pisces. There is generally a life situation that occurs during a lunar progression shift, and this one will be emotional and cause us to question the fabric of who we are, what we stand for, what we have been doing. All of it will begin to dissolve.

The moon is finally in a comfortable place to express itself with ease in all its fullness and range. This IS the undulating feminine, our inner being, the closest human threshold to soul. This is the private us, the home life, relationships, the changing moods, the mental balance or imbalance, the ruler of cycles as opposed to man-made time. The moon is way more significant than the sun in non-western astrology (because western culture emphasizes the male perspective). This is the darkness, and creative power is born from the darkness. There are not many signs that inherently understand this, but Pisces, final sign of the zodiac – the last step before assimilation back into the void – knows this and has one foot in the nonphysical already. The Pisces and 12th house progression is considered a difficult time, and will be for those who have not embraced the feminine.

Modern astrology denotes Neptune as the ruler of Pisces, and traditional astrology, Jupiter. Neptune is the dissolver of boundaries and the planet of illusion. This reflects some positive and negative traits of Pisces, and one may experience the full range during the lunar progression which again, brings out all the emotions. There is a propensity towards escapism with Pisces due to the nonphysical connection, and especially with the 12th house progression, there will be a lot of confusion and blind spots. A productive way of channeling this connection is creativity, art, music, and metaphysics (psychic abilities, reiki, astral body healing). There is no sign that is as creative, inspirational, and truly ethereal, than Pisces. This sign also has the most potential for self-destruction through drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, really any form of dissociation, if one cannot embrace the void.

Jupiter as the traditional ruler reflects the truly spiritual and worldly side of Pisces that one can experience during this progression, once the urge to escape has been overcome. If we jump in too soon to spirituality or “spirituality” (the former simply BEING, the latter, metaphysical activities incorrectly labeled as spiritualism), we run the risk of spiritual bypass during this lunar progression. That is when someone uses religion or “spiritualism” as an escape from reality. This is more common than true spiritualism, unfortunately (if true spiritualism were the norm, our society would not be dysfunctional). Ironically once true spirituality is embraced, everything else in our life improves effortlessly, including all metaphysical practices.

How do we utilize this precious time, and navigate the waters of confusion, identity dissolution, and desire for escapism? Acceptance. This is a basic tenant of traditional spiritualism (think zen, Buddhism). We allow the moment to be what it is and go from there. Pisces has an excellent natural understanding of this. The only thing preventing the present moment to be is fear itself. Pisces can handle fear quite well, this is a strong sign despite its reputation in western astrology of being a martyr, a pushover, self-destructive. Western culture does not understand the true power of feminine energy (being), which is vastly more potent than masculine energy. Water IS strength. It can absorb anything and keep flowing. The key is to let it flow.

This is a sign of endings and I guarantee a lot of goodbyes during this progression. Pisces understands that a goodbye in the physical world means nothing; we are all always connected, no matter the space or time or even death. Embrace this, let emotions flow without holding on, and accept the current season of life.

You are ending one cycle and beginning another, soon to be born again into Aries, the lamb, the spring, the quintessential innocence. Allow yourself to die and rise again.

Life Path 8

This article is part of a numerology life path series (please read this article).

Life Path 8 individuals are exploring themes of power and transformation in this physical incarnation. This is the number of manifestation as well, for better or worse. It is ruled by Saturn and as such, learns the hard way, through rote and failure. The tarot card associated with 8 is strength. You’ll notice in the Rider-Waite deck this is depicted by a woman gently closing the mouth of a lion. If she is a life path 8, she learned this by nearly getting mauled 100 times trying to dominate the lion, until realizing there’s an easier way!

This path is a tough one, and often indicates a challenging start to life. They often have to work through difficulties from a young age, either physical or mental, familial, financial…something to overcome. Unlike the 9 who experiences emotional pain and loss in childhood to know compassion (they are the healers/gurus), the 8 dominates their early challenges through hard work, determination, and focus. They need to taste triumph and success in this way to set them up for a lifetime of wielding power through sheer will and grit.

As a result, the 8 has a bad reputation for being money-hungry or status-driven. They can be for sure. Their desire is to build an empire, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to create one through hard work, trial and error, and dedication. The highest expression of the 8 is a balance of divine power and mastering the physical world.

But before this balance is achieved (for many this will be later in life), the 8 goes through get-rich-quick pyramid schemes, both literally and figuratively. The 8 will attempt all methods to gaining money, material success, status, and power through hustling because that’s how they overcame early on. They will keep failing as long as it is the outside they are attempting to change. The 8 has public disgraces, bankruptcies, failed businesses, scandals, are often left holding the bag when organizations fail, and are generally the scapegoats.

This has nothing to do with accepting martyrdom. The 8 is the one everyone looks to as “boss” and just has that CEO-vibe no matter what they are doing. They are traditional hierarchy embodied, and so people simply look to them when consequences are at hand. This is truly the number of ramifications for one’s actions, and often for collective actions. The reason being that they chose to come here and learn the true ESSENCE of manifestation. They also developed tenacious egos early on and it feeds that ego to be both famous and notorious, as long as they are known. So they will unconsciously accept the role of scapegoat because any press is good press.

“Manifestation” is a new buzzword, just like Law of Attraction, but really it’s a natural mechanism that has nothing to do with new age spiritualism or anything like that. It’s simply the natural progression of energy into physical form, from non-physical. It can be something positive, negative, or neutral (hint: it’s all neutral until the mind judges it as good/bad). The 8 came here to understand the subtleties of manifestation and practice flexing personal power.

What they learn (and we all can), is that much like the tarot Strength card, power does not come from wielding dominance or authority over outer forms. It comes from inside, from alignment with source, and it comes from surrender to the greater design. This is NOT something that an 8 will know inherently, but learn when they have tried and failed to conjure the inner state of power and autonomy by manipulating the physical world many, many times, and finally gave up. The 8 has major setbacks and (hopefully) learns that one cannot change the reflection in the mirror until adjusting one’s own face.