Upcoming Transits and the U.S. Presidential Election

Upcoming Transits and the U.S. Presidential ElectionThere are three ingresses this week, leading up to the Full Moon next Monday (Nov 14th). All these planets will be changing signs within a four-day period, starting the day after the U.S. presidential election…which is quite the energy shift!

Mars enters Aquarius on Wednesday, Nov 9th (EST). This is an innovative and go-against-the-grain energy for Mars, planet of initiation and action. But it’s more about concepts than doing, so there’s that. Aquarius is emotionally detached and objective, so it may be easier to think before you make a rash decision. I said maybe: Aquarius is known for its unpredictability and rule-breaking. Mars enters Pisces on Dec 19th.

Venus enters Capricorn on Friday, Nov 11th. This puts the focus for love and friendship on practical, achievable goals, and new connections that double as resources. Sounds a little cold and calculated, but Capricorn is actually a warm earth sign, just the most ambitious one. Venus also rules material things, and Capricorn loves status, so you may be drawn to name-brands (and quality over quantity). Venus enters Aquarius on Dec 7th.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday, Nov 12th. This opens up communication and puts emphasis on the bigger picture (with much potential for flaws in the details!). Sag is all about ideas and beliefs, so this can also be a time for arguments, all of which will have holes. An excellent time to learn anything new and exciting, or peruse faith and spirituality texts. Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec 2nd.

With the U.S. presidential election in two days, this week ushers in a time of change! I’ve been trying to do the astrology of Clinton and Trump, and unfortunately there’s a lot of argument over Hillary’s birth time, which throws houses and angles out the window. But at poll closing time, the sky favors a female energy; the sun and moon are in Scorpio and Pisces, both water signs. In fact, they are in Hillary’s natal sun and moon signs, which bodes well for her…and the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus is conjunct her Lunar North Node, which represents her destiny.

Donald also has some transits happening, specifically planets entering his natal and progressed 4th house (assuming his birth time is correct)…this indicates a renewed focus on home and family. He also has Jupiter conjunct Chiron, which represents a major flare up of an old emotional pain, and he will soon have his Jupiter return which is the start of a new 12-year cycle. That could be the start of his presidency, or it could indicate he’s packing it in and headed for something new. I guess we’ll see!

I checked the U.S.’s progressed chart, and our country’s ascendant just entered Virgo, a feminine sign. Could we actually see the first female president of the United States get elected this week? What a long-awaited historical moment that will be!


Progressed Moon in Sagittarius or 9th House

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius or 9th HouseNatal chart progressions are your natal planets advanced a day for each year you have been alive (aka very slowly). They represent how you have evolved, and the current expression of your natal planets.

The progressed moon represents your evolving needs, and takes about 2.5 years to go through each sign. This sign describes your general emotional climate, and the relationships you will have, for that time frame. The natal house your progressed moon is in describes the area of life that is most significant to you, right now.

When you go from PR moon in Scorpio to Sagittarius, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I am about to go through this transition in a few months, and I absolutely can’t wait because PR Scorpio moon is the most difficult! It’s all about survival, living on bare bones, and is often very solitary because you can’t tolerate “fake” relationships during this lunar progression. It’s a sort of all-or-nothing time in your life. But moving on to Sagittarius is when the world opens up again. This is a sign about freedom, adventure, optimism, and fun.

Sag is ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion. It is often thought of as a benevolent planet, especially in traditional astrology. The depiction of Jupiter is kind of like the ghost of Christmas present, an enormous man surrounded by a cornucopia of food and drinks and happy people. Sagittarius has this same energy…party, excess, and a lightness of being that can’t be weighed down. Sooo different from the darkness and despair of Scorpio! But Jupiter hates being fenced in, so you can get a bit restless or discontent with day-to-day life during PR moon in Sagittarius, especially if you’re not growing.

So when your PR moon switches to Sag, the famine turns to feast. Although very private, Scorpio is an extremely emotional sign, and it’s also very obsessive. So it goes to a dark place and it stays there, or becomes fixated on one thing only. Sagittarius is a fire sign so it’s still emotional, but in a passionate, creative way. You are more open about your feelings and way more likely to laugh off the blues, during this lunar progression. When you were in Scorpio PR moon, you got quiet if something bothered you, maybe plotted your revenge…but now, you will be immediately argumentative if you feel like you have to defend your beliefs. Sag loves a debate, but there are so many holes in the argument!

Sag is also a mutable sign, meaning it goes with the flow. You will find it a lot easier to embrace change now, and even be spontaneous again. Wanderlust is common with this progression! You will feel curious about people from different walks of life, especially different cultures, and want to have easy friendships with fun people. But higher education will also be important so you may be drawn to experienced types, or even pursue a higher degree yourself during this progression…there’s something about college campuses and learning that Sag is drawn to like a moth to a flame! Travel is also something to plan/expect. Opportunity to broaden your horizons just comes about, during this phase, and also to be creative and express yourself.

If your PR moon is transitioning from your natal 8th to 9th house, you’ll experience similar changes, especially more opportunities for growth/higher learning/travel/publishing, because those are the H9 areas. When your PR moon was in H8, you probably had to deal with issues concerning shared resources – your partner’s funds, debts you owe, tax issues, an inheritance after a loved one dies – and generally un-fun things similar to what I described about the Scorpio lunar progression. H8 represents things that aren’t entirely in your control, and where you give up some of your power to someone else. Obviously shared money falls into that category, but also death (loss of a loved one, perhaps), and intimacy with your partner/loved ones, is included.

I had the (unfortunate) experience of having my Scorpio lunar progression AND my 8th house lunar progression at the same time, because they are lined up in my chart. Just before my PR moon went into Scorpio/8th house, I bought a home, and got a new mortgage, the biggest debt I’d ever been responsible for! Then a slew of crappy things happened as soon as it entered Scorpio (still in H7), including being bullied at work, my unsupportive boyfriend broke up with me, and then I had a nervous breakdown and was out of work for two months. Just when things started looking up, PR moon entered my 8th house, and I promptly had a beloved pet die, a pipe burst and destroyed part of my home, and then I got fired from my job. I had other tense things going on in my chart/transits making things worse, but still.

I think the main thing about the transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius, or 8th house to 9th, is this feeling that you survived. You did it, you went through the dark tunnel and came out on the other side, and you’re just so happy about it! That’s why there’s a renewed sense of faith…you realize that there must be a higher power helping you out, because it looked like it was the end, for a while there. So you abandon the dark cubby hole you’ve been living in and come out into the world, because you’re genuinely curious about what’s new out there. Sag tends to be a popular sign because people can’t help but be drawn to your laid back, “it’s all good” attitude. Only someone who has been through hell can come out and not sweat the small stuff, and now that’s you.

Things to know about this new progression: you are being challenged to expand yourself, learn, travel, have adventures, open yourself up to different cultures/perspectives, publish (if applicable), and potentially debate in a legal setting (especially with the H9 progression). Be honest but know you may be too blunt or in people’s faces during this progression. Explore your faith and beliefs but realize you may try to force them down other people’s throats, and it’s really none of your business what other people’s “truths” are. Give into your wanderlust and thirst for fun, but realize you may be seen as increasingly unreliable or immature by those in authority (your boss, parents, teachers, etc.) if you go too far! Experience new things but be cautious of excess in all areas. More is not necessarily better!

This progression is easy for everyone, but most enjoyable for those with natal moon in another fire sign (Aries, Leo). It will be the most challenging for those with natal moon in another mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces), but again, the “challenges” of this lunar progression are negligible compared to other phases. You may become disenfranchised with your daily life, like your job for example, or take a lot of risks you regret. Or you might say things too bluntly that hurt others, and regret putting your foot in your mouth. But your likelihood of payoff and popularity is generally higher during this progression.

Personal One Month

Personal One MonthI love a fresh start! November brings a new numerological personal month, and for me it’s a 1 month…the start of a new cycle. It’s so apt, because I start at new job next week 🙂 I don’t know why it is, but all my personal 8 years seem to be full of struggle until the fall, and then everything finally falls into place (no pun intended).

The first 8 year I can remember, I turned 17, and I think it was a pretty good year actually but the fall was the best. I got a cool part time job at the local bookstore, and I was receiving recognition for running a great cross-country season (it took a lot of grueling training though!). In my mid-twenties, I quit my job and went back to school full time to earn an Associate’s degree in 8 months, then got a better job at the company I’d be with for another 8 years (all these 8s!). I was so broke up until then, though.

This year has been especially tough because it was also my Scorpio/8th house Moon Progression. But that’s almost over – thank God – I just have one last hurdle to get through, and that’s my progressed Full Moon phase, which is when your PR Sun and PR Moon oppose each other (only happens every 30 years). It’s a big culmination and the start of a new phase of life, and for me that happens on November 25th.

Next year should be amazeballs: a personal 9 year and progressed moon in Sagittarius/9th house. I hope great things are ahead!

My Halloween Dream

My Halloween DreamHappy Halloween!

This is my probably my favorite holiday (but I think that about every holiday when it comes around!). The thing I love about Halloween is that death is celebrated, and all the scary stuff is talked about openly and enjoyed. I really loved being spooked when I was a kid, and I grew up in the 80’s with movies like Poltergeist, Nightmare on Elm Street, and the Shining…so it wasn’t too hard to be terrified. But I’ve also always had a strange affinity for everything Halloween: witches, ghosts, black cats, pumpkins, fall, and especially candy! I also love that this is originally a pagan holiday, and that the veil between this world and the nonphysical is the thinnest, tonight.

I have always felt – having natal Sun opposite Pluto – that I have a foot in each world. One in light, one in darkness. (A major factor is that I grew up with one parent alive and one dead, but that’s a story for another day.) I was born on the 13th, and they say a person born on that day inherently understands death. It always made me feel a bit weird growing up, but Halloween was the one time of year that it was alright to bring out the weird! I also have unaspected Uranus in 8th house Scorpio, so I embrace weirdness involving the dark side.

But there’s another reason I feel connected to Halloween: I’ve had this reoccurring dream since childhood and I don’t know what it means (although I have this theory that I died in Atlantis). The dream always begins the same: it’s the morning of October 31st, and I’m caught unawares that Halloween is here. I am excited, and get busy because there’s lots to do. When I was little, the dream used to be that my mom hadn’t yet finished my costume and I was worried. Then I got older, and it became about making plans with friends. As an adult, the dream often takes place in Salem (I’ve been there many times. They hold a month-long Halloween celebration called Haunted Happenings, and yes I also think I was hanged for witchcraft in a past life).

Morning becomes afternoon, and the dream changes. I start to panic, because whatever I’m doing is taking much longer than planned. The sun slowly sinks in the sky, and instead of making progress more things are put on my plate. Then night descends. I often run around seeing other people in their costumes, having fun, trick-or-treating, enjoying the party. Everything is beautiful, decorations are pretty, people are celebrating, and I like what I see around me but there is something holding me back from it – I am searching for a friend, or I forgot something and have to find it – so I can’t participate yet.

The dream sometimes ends here, but it often goes to this next horrible phase. It’s the “post-Halloween” late night, that time when as a kid you were at home sorting your candy, because people had turned their lights off and stopped giving out treats. I wander around alone in the cold, never having found that friend or costume. The streets are now empty, houses are dark, lights are off and the candles in jack-o-lanterns have been blown out. It’s too late, I missed Halloween. Whatever I was trying to do, I failed. Everyone had their fun and went home, and I am still out wandering in the darkness.

(Then I wake up.)

I hope your Halloween is much more enjoyable than that! 🎃👻🍭

A Skipped Step

A Skipped StepI have a new beginning on the horizon that I’m really excited about, so I’ve been pondering how the New Moon in Scorpio (October 30th) applies to me. While the timing is significant, I don’t have any planets in the hotspot (from 6 to 9 degrees of the Fixed or Water signs). Then I looked at my chart again, and realized the new moon exactly squares my Lunar Nodes.

The Lunar Nodes represent your path forward (North Node) and behind (South Node), and are not actually celestial bodies, but opposing points of the moon’s orbit. The North Node (NN) is unexplored territory through which you can find happiness. The South Node (SN) is karmically what you did in a past life, or what you tend to fall back on as a familiar habit in this life. They are always 180º apart.

My NN is at 7º Leo, in my 5th house. I’m here to embrace self-expression, creativity, joy, passion, and my “inner child”! But I find that hard, not only because it is unfamiliar to be in the spotlight, but because my SN is in 11th house Aquarius: I fear persecution and exile for being different. (I was probably burned at the stake in a past life!) So I often protect myself by choosing objectivity and emotional distance, over passion and intimacy, because that’s my Aquarian “comfort zone”. And I research everything rather than being spontaneous… it’s my soul’s defense mechanism!

When something in your natal chart squares your Nodal Axis, it’s called a “skipped step” in Evolutionary Astrology. That means that the squaring planet represents something you didn’t accomplish in your past life, and continue to stumble upon in this life. You have to get it right before you can leave the past behind and allow yourself to move forward. Sometimes people come into your life with personal planets that square your Nodes, and you must accomplish something together before you can move on. They are likely people you knew in a past life, and you have unfinished business!

I believe transits that square your Nodes also act like a skipped step…they bring up something you have to address in order to leave the past behind and embrace your happy future. In my current case, the new moon represents a fresh start that can propel me forward. I’m not entirely clear on the step I have to complete in order to move on yet, but it’s fitting that I’m at the end of my progressed moon in Scorpio phase, and very much looking forward to the end of that!

New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in ScorpioTonight is mischief night, and there’s a new moon in Scorpio (7º). New moons are new beginnings, and this one is a subtle, secretive one…yet determined. What you are starting to develop will be kept close to the chest, as Scorpio’s top priority is self-protection.

Mercury is close to the sun/moon at 9º Scorpio, so information is key right now. Perhaps a new insight will prompt your transformation process (Mercury in Scorpio probes into the deepest recesses of the human psyche!). This could be brought on by a conversation, or while doing research, but the “aha!” moment will involve your intuition. Meditation or using tarot/oracle cards can be helpful right now.

Neptune makes a harmonious trine from 9º Pisces, upping the psychic factor during this new moon. It also increases your powers of visualization and faith. Scorpio can dip into the underworld easily, given that its ruling planet is Pluto. But with Neptune’s aid, you are better able to remain positively focused! Trust whatever intel you receive at the emotional level, because not everything can be logically explained when Water signs are dominant.

Whatever steps you decide to take over the next week, know that they are moving you in the right direction. The Lunar Nodes are in the mix, at 11º Virgo (North Node) and Pisces (South Node). Their rulers Mercury and Neptune are part of this new moon as explained above, and they are trine one another. Use this new moon to release what needs to be let go, in order to move on (SN) and propel you into the future (NN)!

The natal house this new moon occurs in, and any aspects to natal planets/angles/nodes, will better explain what is beginning for you. In general, this moon will be felt strongest by those with anything from 6º – 9º of the Fixed or Water signs.

November’s full moon will occur on November 14th at 22º Taurus.

Scorpio Season

Scorpio SeasonThe Sun enters Scorpio today, and I am glad. There’s something so cozy about the middle of autumn, when darkness falls early, and there are more leaves on the ground than in the trees. Winter is coming, as Ned Stark would say!

The energy of Scorpio season is intense, dark, and private. This is a time to inwardly reflect on your life and relationships, and uncover the truth. Things can get very black and white during Scorpio season, and taboos may be spoken aloud (especially after Mercury enters Scorpio on October 24th).

Halloween is really the perfect Scorpio holiday. It is a celebration of death and connecting with the unseen world. I read that Halloween has deeper origins in the myth of Atlantis: The civilization had reached its decline, and people were resorting to debauchery and perversions (it sounds a lot like the Capital in The Hunger Games, actually). But, being more advanced than us, they were able to end their civilization by collectively manifesting a meteor. The meteor was set to collide with Earth on November 1st, so on October 31st, they had one final night of celebration. This story is also the origin of the phrase, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we shall die.”

Whether or not it’s true, I love this story for a few reasons. Firstly, if you believe in reincarnation, we are the current embodiment of old Atlantis (you can easily see why if you’ve been watching the debauchery and perversion of the current U.S. Presidential election!). Secondly, for a personal reason: I’ve frequently had the same strange dream about Halloween my entire life, and if I died in Atlantis it would make total sense! And thirdly, this story is a great depiction of my favorite Scorpio symbol, the Phoenix, which dies and rises from its own ashes, reborn.

This time of year is not great for those that can’t handle the truth, or shy away from intensity. But if you don’t mind some emotional excavating, then this is the season for you!