I could really use some Venus tonight,
walking down Bell Rock Blvd these cars
tryna run me over. But all I see is Mars
staring at me, glaring low on the horizon.
Where are you, Orion? Pleiades?
What time of year is it anyways…
it’s not oven season, it’s not the rains so
I guess we’re in some in-between phase.
It all looks the same.
The cactuses bloom and rot, the
rocks stand still. I pad through
the night in the blackness staring up
at the milky way, startled hissing
in the bushes. I shrug and carry on.
Mars glares through the tall cypress (my friends)
…or whatever they’re called. I make up names.
I’ve no one to ask. I see the
humans are trying to kill Leroy, my 8-legged friend.
I don’t like it at all, watching the true ones go.
Mars simmers in the distance. I understand
you quite well. People want pretty and peace,
they want sweet and nice.
They don’t want what’s real.

Minimalism Online

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

I do see the irony of this post, being that it is an online blog, but want to address minimalism online. I am a little bit (A LOT) convinced that the internet is just an imaginary cure to all of our fear, that doesn’t really cure anything. Like, we have a fear so we take the online aspirin, but then it wears off and we need another one. Minimalism in any area is just stripping down the illusions we have created to see reality for what it is.

The reality is that we stare at screens most of the day, and when we are not staring at screens we are wanting to pick up our phone and stare at a screen. Sometimes we stare at a screen while watching another screen. This is (I think) what everyone is talking about with The Social Dilemma on Netflix which I did not see but from what I gather it’s specifically about the dangers of social media addiction. But we do this with other screens, internet in general and computers at work and phones and TV, video games, even Zoom is a screen, I mean we have become the humans in Wall-e (which I saw on a mighty screen).

I recently deactivated Facebook when I realized I checked it like 20 times a day, and I do feel calmer but also WAY more anxious now that I don’t have a reason to check my phone 20 times a day, to pretend I have a social life I do not actually have because I have been alone in the desert for a year. My social life, in reality, consists of a lot of lizards.

That has been difficult to accept, but easier when I realize… hey, at least I know where I stand. I check a hole in the driveway twice a day to see if my friend Leroy is out. Leroy is a tarantula.

What I was doing before was way worse than talking to lizards and tarantulas, getting emotionally hooked into stuff on a screen. Tears, anger, FOMO, paranoia, frustration over racism and politics, fake relationships and debates I wasn’t even participating in. Holy stromboli, that is a problem. I’d rather cry because I have PMS or something, and get angry because you know, a car almost hit me walking up Bell Rock Blvd. Not over a comment someone left on my YouTube channel, or a novel-sized DM (don’t actually read those, not into ego bukkake).

I still find myself wanting to check something that isn’t there. It’s like a ghost limb. Sometimes I try replacing it with IG or YouTube or Snapchat, but then I’m like….No. Go out and talk to the lizards. Maybe some day I’ll be back in the human race for real, but today, I am not and I’m not going to cover that up with an internet aspirin.

The Dream

Image by Игорь Левченко from Pixabay

We are souls having a brief human experience. When we go to sleep at night we wake.

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. It does not do to dismiss these human avatars, to bypass the body. If we think we succeeded, we failed.

Many humans are identified with the mind…. numb from the neck down. That is the real dream.

To be in the body is to feel sensation without judgement. Warm, cold, comfort, discomfort. Pain or pleasure, no good or bad, just is.

That is how to wake from the dream without sleeping.

Rahu in Virgo, Ketu in Pisces

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Rahu tends to do well in earth signs because it can achieve material success in this element. In the logical sign of Virgo, it can do this in a methodical, intelligent and practical way. However, Rahu enjoys taking shortcuts at every turn, and Virgo is not a shortcut kind of sign. It is a sign of perfectionism. So this can be quite a frustrating placement, and the individual will fall back on Ketu in Pisces (intuition, creativity, spirituality).

Virgo crosses T’s and dots i’s. And then it checks 29842 times to make sure it did so, properly, if anything could be revised in the crossing of that T, perhaps it should dot that i again, it was a little crooked, it could be improved. Rahu is not happy with this zoomed-in approach to literally EVERYTHING, being a natural consumer, not a problem solver. This position is kind of like a tech guy stuck in a sales position. A potential customer comes in and he winds up talking to her for an hour about how to improve her internet connection and sells nothing. Then he’s frustrated with himself for not doing his actual job, his boss isn’t happy, and the customer goes to a different store!

Rahu wants to get that bread, always. In Virgo he is exceptionally smart, and has the potential to be criminally intelligent because Virgo understands systems and has no ethics about how to use them. This can be an unscrupulous combo! But Rahu can get impatient with all the Virgo OCD tendencies and painstaking perfectionism, and can become argumentative and hyper critical of others here, then give up and fall back on Ketu in Pisces. It can also be genius when it comes to health/medical things (Virgo’s realm).

Ketu in Pisces is the person who was at the end of a spiritual cycle, last incarnation. The meditating guru on the mountaintop, the creative artist, the intuitive psychic. It’s a bit of a redundancy: letting go of… the sign that represents letting go? Yes, because now this person must learn how to go from the macro to the micro. In this life Ketu is pushing the meditating guru off the mountaintop, and Rahu is calling him into the marketplace to become immersed in common folk life. No more sitting and thinking about the divine! No more creating art! No more relying on your intuition! Time to use that brain! Solve human problems like budgets and diet! Organize!

But the guru gets frustrated trying to count money and use his brain to figure out all this human bullshit and wanders back up the mountain, wanting to just blend into the universe and stop thinking. Then he gets lost in the bushes and can’t remember the way, and then realizes how to solve that human problem he was working on back in the marketplace, so he goes back down to finish it. This is the little game that this Rahu/Ketu person plays.

Ketu in Pisces must accept that intuition and spirituality will no longer do, and that success will come only with logic, pragmatism and intelligence. To serve mankind in this life, immersion in human life must occur. But remembering the connection with all that is helps to keep this person honest and heart-centered, when Virgo threatens to take over and criticize everything to death.


Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

If you begin a minimalism journey and not just with things, prepare to become invisible. It starts with owning less, and progresses to less in all areas – less time online, less trying, less socializing, less drama – if we allow natural momentum.

This is a shrinking of the ego. Sure, we may start with less possessions, but generally that leads to questioning everything we have or do in excess. We may trade in the big house and impressive career for a part time job and a tiny home, just because owning and doing things for show becomes strange. The need to impress dissolves. We aren’t living for Instagram. We end up talking less, explaining ourselves less, and relationships start to dissolve.

Most people engage through ego. They try to control. That’s most of human behavior, whatever it looks like. It’s a giant game of some people chasing to exert dominance and some people running to play victim.

We become invisible to many, when we stop playing. We are sitting on the bench watching without judgement, just observing, and they forget about us. Some put labels on us as not being a “team player” or when they trip and fall and get pushed over by another player sometimes they take it out on us, as we are a sitting target. That can happen. People will sit by us and ask us to tell them how to not play and when they don’t like how we explain, or the manner in which we said it, or the intonation of our voice, they walk away and even tell others not to sit next to us. That happens too.

But mostly, we are ignored. We can play if we want, there’s always the option, but the high disappears. If this sounds terrible, good news… you’ve just identified ego! To be invisible is to be free, to embrace life, and accept others unconditionally (that’s real relationship), to be open to new experiences, to have adventures, to be of real service to others, and to BE love!


Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

We often spend our whole lives in an illusion of what we think our life is, vs what it really is.

Example: a person wakes up, brushes teeth, makes some coffee and scrolls IG until it’s time to get in the shower. Then they get dressed, turn on the news while eating breakfast, talk with their spouse about dinner, and then drive to work. That sounds pretty mundane, right? And we could make healthier choices: switching coffee for water, meditating instead of IG, skipping TV during breakfast. These would be massive game changers. But that won’t happen. This is why.

“Oh I hit snooze twice this morning, I am so bad, I really need to stop hitting snooze but we were up late watching Netflix. Ugh I’m so tired. I shouldn’t have had that second glass of Shiraz. I really need to go to bed earlier. We should cancel Netflix anyway, after that controversy. It’s all over Twitter. Maybe we can switch to HBO Max, at least try it out, Krista said it’s so good. I wonder how she’s doing this morning, she seems really down based on that Facebook post, yikes. I feel bad for all these people getting divorces with kids involved. We don’t have kids so that’s less of a strain, we still have a good marriage. Ugh, why does he keep leaving the seat up? I’ve asked him like 5 times this week. I would like some kids soon though. I wonder if we are starting too late. Am I ready to have a baby? I still have career goals I haven’t reached. I want to be able to work from home so we have enough income. I don’t even like kids, honestly. I don’t want my body to change either. Oh dammit, forgot to buy more toothpaste. I’ll have to pick some up at the store after work. Oh shoot, we have that office thing for Sarah’s birthday tonight, maybe Brad can go to the store. I have to remember to bring her gift so I can go straight to the restaurant. I guess I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.”

This is the first 5 minutes of the day. Thinking about people who aren’t there, things that do not exist, the past and the future. And it will be the same thing the next day, and next month, and next year. That’s a life. There will be small changes in environment that appear big, also an illusion. New houses, jobs, marriages, kids.

This is a delusion we collectively live in. We stare at screens for hours every day and call it socializing. We neglect hydration, nutrition, sleep, exercise, being in nature. We are worried about bills that do not need to be paid this moment, futures, conflicts that aren’t real. We keep having the same relationship with faces changing: our fathers become our husbands, our mothers become our wives, we become our parents with our children. We live the same drama over and over again and never know it. So we never change.

Rahu in Leo, Ketu in Aquarius

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Rahu’s placement in the natal chart is our white whale, and in Leo he chases royalty. Leo is King, ego, career, pride. Rahu here wants to shine. In modern society our royalty = celebrities, so Leo today is expressed via performance, and emotional expression. Drama. Rahu in Leo craves attention, whether that be applause or notoriety. The ruler of Leo is the sun, the center of the solar system. Literally the star. Stars shine only when there is darkness around them. Celebrities are our earthly representation of stars, and the darkness is everyone else. We MAKE celebrities special in our attention to every detail of their lives, praising every tissue they blow their nose into, just as we did with royalty for thousands of years. This is a creation we collectively construct and breathe life into, like Frankenstein’s monster… and then we become the mob that destroys it! Leo is a physical manifestation of the collective.

Ketu in Aquarius means the past life was one of being part of the mob. This is an individual that has not yet experienced any sense of being special, they have never stood out or been in the center of things. No one gave a rat’s ass about their used tissues. They have plenty of experience thinking about how to help the collective, however. Aquarius is the sign of genius, cutting edge science and technological advances, the future, as well as humanitarianism. Sorry if you are reading this and want to be a celebrity (or are one), but the future does not include traditional pyramid hierarchy of paupers at the bottom and royalty at the top. The future of humanity is invariably a flat structure where ego has been replaced with heart-centered service. Nobody will care about what goes into anyone’s tissues, so long as those tissues are biodegradable.

So this Ketu is often misunderstood when working with others. This is a person who knows exactly how to advance society, wayyyy before others do, and is considered a mad scientist. People are more inclined to laugh at this person and reject their ideas than appreciate them (until years later, of course). Ketu is our white elephant, what we get but don’t want, so this individual is pulled into thinking about the collective and working in groups and networks, but things always go awry. They are rejected for their contributions and therefore pushed towards Rahu in Leo – shining alone, as an individual. The thing about this Leo-Aquarius axis is that it has to do with emotional vs intellectual expression. Aquarius Ketu has done the intellectual thing to death, and now must embrace emotional expression and step into the limelight while doing so.

Rahu in Leo, barring other planetary conjunctions and certain house placements, is wonderful at performance but is rather shy due to the Aquarius comfort zone. Aquarius is the sign of shyness and feeling totally awkward in the limelight. Aquarius is the anti-ego. But to incarnate as a human, we must eventually have all human experiences and this time around, this individual is here to experience being in the spotlight. It’s uncomfortable, they get anxiety when they are called to it, and yet they have the gift. And if they try to fall back on that Aquarius help-humanity-together stuff and try to remain a wallflower, they will be ousted anyway.

The key to balancing this axis is to perform. That’s it. Just get accustomed to it, practice it, do it. Be in the spotlight. Accept everyone projecting their love – and hate – onto you. Do whatever it is you’re good at, whether it be acting or music or sports or expressing new ideas, whatever you shine at. Embrace emotional expression, the crowd demands it. People WILL project their own stuff onto you, good and bad. Use your Aquarius Ketu to not take it personally and realize you are helping the collective by doing what you’re great at, and being an example of not allowing the ego to be fed by other’s opinions (if you live for their praise you’ll die from their criticism). It’s counter intuitive because Leo is literally the ego, but it works for you. You must experience what it is like to be the token figure that people want to be and simultaneously despise. This is the whole reason celebrities exist, because most of humanity looks in the mirror and cannot see their own shadow. Leo is the token figure that – even if just for a fleeting performance – unites everyone in a satisfying emotional release.


Image by 9883074 from Pixabay

I grew up near Sleepy Hollow in NY where Halloween is rather creepy, and winter is gross. Here in the desert the temps are still over 90ºF daily! It doesn’t feel like fall at all. The season changes are a funny thing.

I am feeling autumn urges to get fat and prepare for hibernation. I am trying to remind myself I am not a bear. It took a lot of willpower to not go buy brownies last night!

It occurred to me that celebrating the passage of time is not good. We look forward to special occasions but in doing so, the ordinary day is overlooked. Weekends, holidays, birthdays, day trips, vacations. New moons, new years, new months.

Could you imagine never celebrating a single holiday or birthday, weekend, vacation, numerology change… it would be so liberating. There’s nothing to wait for, there is only now. There will be no acceptable time of year to act gluttonous, selfish, vain, wasteful, destructive to the environment. We wouldn’t have the luxury of ignoring basic needs like sleep, nutrition, water, exercise, because there would be no weekend to catch up on all that. No vacation to go crazy on, no holiday to stuff our faces. No moon cycles to wait for to start a good habit or quit a bad one.

Only now.


Image by Peter H from Pixabay

This train does not go backwards. Sometimes it feels like it. Sometimes we feel separation acutely on this journey. In a moment of fear we take up old, self-destructive habits and in days all our progress seems to be gone. But in reality, there is no regressing, there is only being in or out of alignment.

Alignment is to accept the present. It’s also called surrender. “It is what it is.” This is always an option at every moment, dropping the illusion of separation and just being.

The sooner we recognize resistance to whatever is the less momentum it has, that’s true. It’s easier to quit drinking coffee after one sip than if we’re up to three cups a day. But the decision to no longer engage in coffee drinking is the same. It’s just accepting what the situation is and going from there.

If we engage in thoughts, emotions, communications, or actions acknowledging separation then we are out of alignment. But at any point we can let go of this illusion. You can put a video game down any time. Nothing is going to happen, even after playing all day. All it means is you stared at a screen for a whole day and are probably in need of some water, food and fresh air!

The worst thing to do after falling off the wagon is to start judging it. There’s no need, it’s a waste of time and energy. It’s the separation continuing to perpetuate itself. Let it go and come back to the present and go from there. Keep doing that. That’s it. The truth is we get better and better, we never regress.


Image by Antonio López from Pixabay

Less matter means a lighter existence, and enlightenment = freedom. This applies to all areas of life. Try it and see what happens! Own less, weigh less, talk less. Try it as an experiment!

I can’t really tell you what will happen because that’s your treasure to find. If there’s an abundance of something in your life and it doesn’t light you up then it is weighing you down. Make your new fun hobby to go through different areas of life and see what could be let go of… anything you please, DVDs, emails, photos, old files, your Facebook friends list. No pressure, stop whenever.

Please note that if you have an abundance of something and it thrills you, there is no need to let go of it! If your collection of Rick & Morty Pops, geodes, hoop earrings, shoes, Indian spices, or whatever gives you a swell of love and joy each time you see it then by all means, keep it, use it, display it!

What happens when we de-accumulate is a bit unexpected. First of all, we feel fresh. That feeling of waking up the day after a closet has been organized. It’s also satisfying to donate and give things to others. It’s creative to repurpose. It’s nice to make some money from selling items.

We also become more considerate about what we purchase/bring into our lives in many areas. We become more aware of our patterns, such as the tendency to take 100 photos of the dog and forget to sort through. Or buy hoards of pens and only use one. We learn about who we are. This awareness becomes a pattern-breaker. We question why we do everything: “Why do I always drive to the supermarket on the far side of town?” “Why do I wear pants when I like dresses?”

We start questioning more significant areas than the closet or the junk drawer, like relationships, the work we do, our hobbies, diet and exercise regimes, spending habits… all patterns. The reason for this is because there are no more distractions!

We become aware of where we focus energy and what our intentions are. We start to make more space for activities we actually enjoy, and less space for what no longer serves us. Yes, sometimes this leads to changes (or rejuvenation) in career, relationships, home, location. When there are no more little distractions, the big things are staring us in the face. But the beauty of all this is we begin to really live. We start doing the things we love, not just say we will some day while actually doing things we don’t love all day. We create our life intentionally rather than letting life drag us through until death.