Rahu in Libra, Ketu in Aries

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


Rahu in Libra is obsessed with relationships. Also peace and diplomacy, and we’ll get into that later. The primary desire of Libra is to be in (a perfect) union with another, and because Rahu is where we chase obsessively, this is someone who chases the ideal relationship depending on the house placement (3rd house is sibling relationships, 5th house is children, 7th house is marriage/business partners, etc.). Of course, continuously chasing something means we never have it, so these individuals never have “good enough” relationships even when they find the perfect partner.

Ketu in Aries means this person was a soldier in a past incarnation, and in this lifetime he or she is letting go of competition and aggression. If you have this placement, you are quite good at being direct, dealing with conflict, and winning, but you don’t WANT to (unless there are harsh aspects from Mars). You want to chill out! You prefer love, not war, and co-creation, not competition. But because this is your area of expertise, you naturally attract situations where you must lead, or use your considerable physical prowess to overcome odds. If you must, you must, and you are like a fish in water in these situations.

Rahu is the siren call for you, however. All you want is peace, diplomacy, beauty, art, and love. Relationships become an obsession as previously discussed, but the thing is, Libra is an idealist and often superficial because it is all about aesthetics. So you may wind up chasing the perfect, ideal partner, only to become disillusioned when that person turns out to be an actual human with flaws and other gross things Libra doesn’t want to look at. Then you’re off chasing someone else. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a player, or get married 5 times, but you may simply judge the hell out of the very person you idolized once you actually get to know them as a human being. Not so nice now, are you?

The key to balancing this Rahu/Ketu axis is to accept what Ketu brings and work with it, which will end up closing the gap between reality and your Rahu ideals. Ketu is our saving grace and our true route to heaven on earth, so to speak. Rahu is the illusion we use to escape reality, essentially.

So in the case of Libra/Aries, the key is to accept the Aries Ketu situations that keep coming up – the call to action, competition, assertion, leadership – and to do so gracefully rather than unwillingly. Don’t make a fuss, just deal with them because you are wonderful at immediate and embodied action with no deliberation. You are well practiced at following your instincts. The thing that prevents you from just DOING it is that you have this idealistic need for everyone to like and accept you (that’s the illusion of Rahu in Libra) which is not only not possible, but ironically everyone will only like you once you do what must be done!

Once you stop trying to wheedle your way out of the situations you don’t want to take action in, you will naturally create situations that are peaceful, co-creative, and harmonious! This is what you always wanted in the first place, what you chase. Peace, harmony, diplomacy. You can be a tactful and honest lawyer, a wonderful diplomat, an amazing mediator… if you accept that action and leadership must be taken on when required, and you must risk some people not “liking” you. Gotta break a few eggs to make a cake.

When it comes to relationships, your intense need for idealism is destroying things because you wind up becoming extremely codependent in your need for a perfect partner (or child, sibling, whatever the house placement indicates) to reflect back to you the perfect YOU. That’s quite a burden to place on anyone. No wonder no one is cutting it. You can’t make the mirror smile while you are frowning! They are also likely getting put off by your refusal to take action, lead, and be independent because that’s the Ketu you resist so strongly. Stand up and be your own person the way you know how, and the ideal relationships will follow!


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